I had a cortisone shot yesterday & today I feel really sickly, is this normal?

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18 May 2010

Could be due to some side effect, would recommend to contact your doc./pharmacist for help & advice, hope this helps, best of luck.

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18 May 2010

I had eight seperate shots a few months ago all in my lower back, right hip. A day or two later I woke up not feeling so well. While driving my kids to school I broke out in a massive sweat and my stomach felt terrible. This lasted for a few days. I asked the dr. about it and he said it is impossible to get sick from the shots... my fiance also came home a couple weeks ago telling me he heard of this happening to someone wife he was talking to !! I would call your dr. and see what he/she says. I had no luck and they also want to schedule a facet block for my lower back/hip area. I am quite skeptical (sp?) to follow through with this due to my reaction. I have also experienced this with epidurals in my back. Even if your dr. says it can't make you sick I totally disagree because it most certainly can and has to me and other people. You'll feel better in a few days but in the meantime take it easy and rest. I hope this helps you to know it is possible to make you sick. Hope you feel better soon.

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breaches lane 18 May 2010

thank you for your info, this was in my wrist due to osteoarthritis, but i have deterioation in my facet joints & osteoporosis, so your input was all good, it's 2.30 now & i feel a little better, but couldn't believe how much this knocked me about, like you i also had the sweats!!! all night long but have not physically vomited but my stomach is churning non stop, i phoned my drs & was told it's "probably a bug".
thank you again

19 May 2010

I too had the same effect when I had Cortisone for my back and my knees on seperate days. You may be sensitive to it, my doctor told me when it happened to me that he would have to use a little less on me because of my reaction. It also could be a reaction if it is mixing with other meds. I would definately talk to your doctor about this and see if that is what is happening to you. Good luck and hope you feel better soon.

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breaches lane 19 May 2010

thank you, it is a possibility that it is interacting with other meds, i am taking alendronic acid which is quite harsh & calcium supplements, but thank you for your response, i do feel a little better today so hopefully it is subsiding.

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