How long does percocet stay in your system for a urine drug test?

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30 May 2011

Depending on use, dose, sensitivity of the test, and metabolic rate of the person, between 3 and 8 days.

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kambiny 16 Aug 2011

Its actually only 12-24 hours for percacet other opiates can take 24-72 hours

Anonymous 17 Aug 2011

Some tests are so sensitive they will pick them up for 3 to 8 days, have had it happen myself, the only reason I say this larger time frame is for those who will have to have their tests sent to a lab, or are at a pain management dr and his tests are sensitive and may pick up meds the person took when they ran out of their prescription. I would hate to see an otherwise good employee lose their job because they took a friend's percocet for a bad headache, or a pain management patient who ran out or lost theirs and took something else and will get dropped from their dr.

15 Mar 2012

This is a great question. I was 48 hours from date of refill, was rashoning because I was told by my doctor that if I needed too, I could take an additional half. I did so when I attended Physical Therapy for my back. I take 10-325 4 times a day. My prescription is a one month prescription. I called into the doctors office on a Monday to let them know I had one tablet left and needed to have a refill. Wednesday would be 30 days. Told to come in first to sign document in order to get refill. Took half tablet Monday, and other half Tuesday morning. Had a ride take me Wednesday to sign doc since can't drive with back disability. Surprise urine test first time in 9 months. Friday was told my urine was clean and that the doctor was dropping me as patient. I was stunned. After further inquirery, they said if I took it Tuesday it should be in my urine Wednesday. I explained it was only half tab taken last 2 days... they were told I was down to last one.


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Gabberz 18 May 2012

I had the same problem, my pain doctors just didn't give me enough pain medicine to get me through the month then I would be in agony till my next appointment when I ran out. It's very hard I understand the doctors issues but if it wasn't for these druggies wanting to score medication they wouldn't make it so difficult for us in chronic pain. I took my meds on Wednesday and had an appt first thing Friday morning and it was still already out of my system.

7 Sep 2012

2 weeks

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