Good & bad food while taking methotrexate?

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10 Jan 2010

You can pretty much eat whatever as long as you avoid foods with citric acid, hot foods, and rough foods.

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11 Jan 2010

There are no known interactions with foods with the tablet form of therapy. Highly seasoned foods may increase the chances of stomach irritation. This medication may be taken with milk. Avoid alcohol completely as methotrexate and alcohol can cause irreversible damage to the liver leading to cirrhosis. Hope this helps! Good luck to you!

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11 Jan 2010

Yes be careful with hot spicey foods,also salty foods and acidy foods.I take Leucovorin Calcium Tablets 8 hours after taking methotrexate do to learning the hard way.Not knowing about the foods the whole inside of mouth had ulcers and took quite a few weeks to clear them up.Had to stop the methorexate for that period.Mongainchrist

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struman 15 Nov 2010

folic acid will also help prevent the mouth ulcers.

owensdr 18 Feb 2011

Dr. told me about the mouth ulcers so she put me on Folic Acid every day.


12 Apr 2013

Since starting Methotrexate injections nearly 4 hours ago I have heavy periods. I recently had an internal pelvic scan which found I have a very think womb lining (endometrium) - could this be a side effect having metrotrexate injections for crohns disease?

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