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Does adderall & Ritalin show up as the same drug on a urine test from your employer ?

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2 Dec 2013

No. Ritalin, made by Novartis, is Methylphenidate. Adderall, by Shire Pharm., is a amphetamine combo. Ritalin is totally different. Molecularly it is more similar to Cocaine. Adderall is much different and IMO more effective. Be advised tho- they both are C-II stimulant drugs that affect ur CNS & PNS. There should absolutely be NO confusion when screening. Best wishes, Nootropic CX-717.

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13 Mar 2015


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13 Oct 2011

Think it depends on the type of test. A basic screen will look for amphetamines in general. A more advanced assay will be able to distinguish between the two.

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InquiringMind411 30 Oct 2011

Ritalin is Methylphenidate which is not an amphetamine of any kind where as Adderall is Amphetamine and will show on a drug screen testing for Amphetamine. If you ever have any questions regarding a medications make-up just look it up using the A to Z tool and get its generic name (active ingredient/make-up)... usually listed right after its common name. That will tell you what will show up in your urine. Since drug tests can range, from the simple 5-panel all the way up to very detailed and expensive screens that most employers would probably never use, anything you take can be identified if they're looking for it.

But to answer your question specifically... No. They are two different substances and therefore, Adderall will show up as the Amphetamine and Ritalin won't.


as2936 26 Jul 2013

Adderall and Ritalin DO in fact show up DIFFERENTLY on a urinalysis drug screen. I KNOW this because I used to get drug tested (12 panel drug screen) every month. One time, I ran out of my Ritalin so I bought Adderall. Two days later, I went in for my drug test (thinking they're both "amphetamines" or "uppers" so there's nothing to worry about) and sure enough, MY DOCTOR CONFRONTED ME ABOUT THE FACT THAT I HAD BOTH RITALIN AND ADDERALL in my system!!! So YES, Ritalin & Adderall DO SHOW UP DIFFERENTLY, NO MATTER WHICH TYPE OF DRUG TEST YOU ARE GETTING!! DO NOT LISTEN TO PEOPLE WHO SAY THEY SHOW UP THE SAME... THEY DO NOT SHOW UP THE SAME!! AND I AM 100% POSITIVE BECAUSE IT HAPPENED TO ME.

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