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Peach colored semi-rectangular/rounded pill.
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    Default Peach colored semi-rectangular/rounded pill.

    I've spent hours and hours trying to identify this pill.
    A friend left it at my house unknowingly, I suspect me may be abusing dexedrine, or some other amphetamine as his pupils are massive all the time, even in light. He does not have ADD/ADHD or any valid medical reason to be using amphetamines.

    I do not know for sure, but If I can identify this pill I will know.

    As I said it is oval exept with a more rectangular shape,

    It looks like this( ) exept the "N" is closer to the right side of the pill. There are no other markings at all.
    When crushed the shell is orange/peach but all of the volume inside the shell is a white powder.

    I also live in Canada if that helps.

    Please help me >> this pill.

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    Your pill imprinted N is:
    Divalproex Sodium 250 mg (Epival)

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