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Made it 7 days...
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    Default Made it 7 days...

    Hi everyone. I am new here. Looking for a group of people (support if you will) who are in the same boat as me. I am hoping I found the right place.

    Anyway, I am a hydrocodone / vicodin addict. I have been battleing with my addiciton for about 3.5 years now. I am one week sober today. I have been on and off this horse many times and I am determined to stay clean this time.

    I will open up more about my story and experiences as time goes on, right now I guess I am just looking to know that I am not alone or the only person going through something like this.

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    You are definitely not alone. There are so many ppl here that have been/are going thru the same exact thing.

    Congrats on your week of sobriety. I know the on again off again drill very well. It gets harder with time getting off and the on's seem to last longer. It really puts our mind, body and spirit to the test.

    posting a lot and reading of others struggles seems to help and be a nice reminder not to back.
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    You are definitley not alone. tomorrow will be 7 days for me and it seems everyday gets better. My pain has actually been better w/o the pills. Good luck to you hope you are still doing well.
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    so....kc, did you remain clean? These cliffhanger threads always get me
    Hi my name is Adam, i'm an addict
    "Do you have another day 1 in you?"
    “If I can't win what sense does it make to fight?”
    Do tomorrow what you did today, you get tomorrow what you got today
    Clean as of 05.30.2014 (4:00pm CST)

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    Good job KC. You know if you can make 7 days you can make a lifetime! Hoping you come back and post that your still clean. And if your not, don't be afraid. Try again.

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