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what will they give me ??
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    Default what will they give me ??

    I'm have been in alot of pain w/ my receding gum's for about three weeks now. I really need pain killers but not Tylenol it dosen't do anything what should i ask for .. that will work? an how should i ask?? i don't want them thinking im their to abuse good drugs !!|
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    The cause of the recession should be addressed. You may need scaling. Generally ibuprofen or other NSAIDs is what will be given as well as a review of proper hygiene.

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    I don't think you should ask for any drug specifically. You have no idea what is going to work, so let your doctor be the judge and decide. I do not know if they would think that receding gums is a reason to prescribe narcotics. I agree that the cause needs to be addressed, you aren't going to be on long-term meds for something like this, and also agree that usually an NSAID would be used in this situation. All you can (and should) do is let your dentist know that Tylenol isn't working, and let them decide what to prescribe....after all, that is their job.

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    I put what my thoughts in your other post. I looked around for treatments for Periodontal disease and receding gums and none of them suggest using opiate based medications because of the DRY MOUTH factor that can cause more problems.

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