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walking away from a ketamine addict
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    Default walking away from a ketamine addict

    For 3 years, i have been in a relationship with the love of my life and his other love 'ketamine'. IN the beginning when i saw the real horrors of the drug, having to literally come to his rescue and carry him home, i thought he will change.HE had done the drug since he was about 17 so nearly 10 years, said he hated it, cried his eyes out to me about he didnt know why he did it, usually after he had had a bit to drink he just didnt remeber doing it. BUt i did having to rescue him all the time.
    unfortunately ketamine is rife where i live in the uk, seems like all my generation are on the evil stuff.
    he promised to get help, stop drinking which was the reason he did it, stopped hanging around with all the bad influences......but he never did...thast when the lies started, lies upon lies about where he was , who he was with and if i questiond him i got the worst arguemnt ever about how i was controlling him and how hes bored of not doin anything, so he would get drunk and repreat the cycle.

    in january he saw the new year s being a new start, he wanted to marry me and wanted to prove how much he lovedme by showing me he was in controll.

    he lost his job, has no money due to smoking so much weed and still drinking and playin online, whilst lockin himself in his room.he claimed that all he had was me...doesnt have any friends, and generally was bored of it all.
    i explained that if he got proper help, he wud be able to do normal things without fear of doin ketamine......instead he lied again, said that he was goin to see these people whether i liked it or not, said hes feel awful for everything hes put me throu and that he has never deserved me is the reason why he just gets the way he does.

    last week he blamed me tryin to help him out with money as his reasoning to do more ketamine, then it was his mates grandads death then it was the fact he watched a scary film and it was another reason to do ketamine.......

    so i said enough is enough.i cant stand hearing him on the phone talking dribble, cant stand goin to meet him and carrying him home, cant take the lies, cant stand the excuses, cant stand the fact that hes promised me so much then just takes it all away from me.......heartache to the max.....

    so im walking away, its real hard and horrible, od knows what hes doing, terrifies me, want to ring him all the time and beg him to not do anything but that dont work, just gotta let him get on with it and hope that he sees the light on his own and realises that i love him more than anything and he can get better.
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