Hello everyone, been having some growing issues that are leading to growing concerns for me so figured I would see if any one has any advise or can direct me to a good place to consult with someone. If you want to take the time to read what will probably be a long-ish set of issues and pass along some legit thoughts I would appreciate it.

I am approaching 30 and over the last few years have been developing a handful of issues. I have had some pretty bad reoccurring kidney stone problems (multiple surgeries, avg close to one stone every 6-8 weeks) which are terribly painful. I get steady migraines and over the last year or so my calves have been really hurting. I have been taking pain medications for the better part of the last 5-6 years, both with and without prescriptions.

I currently do not have insurance and acquiring some for my company has been a daunting task (at least a decent plan for reasonable price). Therefor, over the last year or so I have been acquiring pain pills illegally. I also unfortunately went a bit overboard with them over a period of five months or so and really shot my tolerance up. Now I am taking 10-20 7.5 Vicodins a day. I take other opiates as well (perc, rare oxy and rarer (less than 10) methadone). Outside of that I do smoke Marijuana, but nothing else, not even alcohol.

I could get into more detail, but this is already pretty long. Obviously I would like to see a specialist about this, but have not been able to do so due to lack of proper health insurance. Not sure if there is much advice that can be offered here (maybe? Never been here), but if anyone out there has any suggestions or has any questions please let me know.