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One Time, High Dose Suboxone Withdrawal From >>>>>>
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    Default One Time, High Dose Suboxone Withdrawal From >>>>>>

    Hi all,

    I have been an opiate user on and off for the past two years and wanted to quit the use. I've been through withdrawal cold turkey before and have succesfully tapered from Suboxone with minimal physical effects.

    Last Friday night at 11pm I snorted my last bag of >>>>>>. I woke up at 5am on Saturday and decided to take 4mg Suboxone to ease the withdrawal but it ended up putting me in a worse condition so I kept taking more to counter what I guess was precipitated withdrawal. I ended up taking a total amount of 11mg.

    All day on Saturday I felt terrible and exhibited all the classic withdrawal symptoms. It didn't seem like the Suboxone did much so I did all I could to ride it out. Surprisingly, I had all the withdrawal symptoms but had somewhat of an appetite and was able to sleep at night. Sunday came around and was a continuation of Saturday. On Monday, things seemed to ease a bit sans a few chills, hot/cold flashes, leg restlessness. My appetite, however, still was there so I did my best to eat healthfully and got to sleep with assistance from Advil PM. On this day, my pupils returned to normal size. Today is Tuesday afternoon and I feel much better as most of the uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms have dissipated.

    What I'm wondering is if the worst is yet to come...that the past few mild days have been the result of suboxone's long half life. I have an insanely fast metabolism and a normal dose of sub would keep me normal for half the day. It has been a little over 72 hours since I took the high dose of sub. My situation does seem a bit odd and I wanted to know if anyone else has experienced anything resembling what I described.

    I will post updates to let people know if this one time high dose works or whether the worst is yet to come.

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    Hey TicketReturn,

    I've never heard of a one time high dose of suboxone working well, so I would be very interested in hearing how this goes for you. It defies the current wisdom on subs(!) - but who knows, maybe we have more to learn about it. For your sake, I pray it does the trick.

    I hope Robert sees this thread, as I'd be curious to hear his reaction. ("Robert_325" is this forum's resident guru on subs!) Robert is certainly more informed about the ins and outs of suboxone than I.

    God bless,

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    Hello again,

    Just wanted to update people on my status. First off, this has been the most unusual withdrawal experience of mine. Today is Wednesday (Day 5) since I last took a high Sub dose and I feel absolutely no withdrawal pain. With the exception of minor fatigue, I feel great and normal. Yesterday seemed to be the worst of it as I was popping Ibuprofen every hour for the withdrawal pain.

    This is my explanation I have for this experience: I still had some opiates in my system leftover and I unknowingly put myself through precipitated withdrawal. By forcing my body into precipitated withdrawal yet still having enough Suboxone to regulate certain functions such as appetite and sleep, I went through a much milder albeit legitimate withdrawal. I believe eating regularly and sleeping at least 8 hours a night facilitated a much more rapid detox.

    It has been quite a strange experience, but I'm thankful it worked. I don't know if I'd recommend it to anyone else just because I can't offer an exact explanation regarding the mechanisms of this detox method. I did, however, want to offer an anecdote regarding Subs and detox.
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