Hi there, I've been reading lots of your posts & I SO can relate. So here's the long story short.....

About 8yrs ago(98/99), I was in a near fatal car accident. I was put on oxy's (80's twice a day) and a drug called "supudol" (it's the same as a percocet, but without the tylenol. They come in 5 & 10 mg), I was taking 80mgs every 4 hours for breakthrough pain on top of the 160mgs of oxy's.

Since this drug only came out in 1995, there was little known about it & the dr.'s were giving it praise to high heavens because the company that made it had lied to them about it being dangerously habbit forming ( we now know that is the truth). I even told by the head dr. @ the pain clinic that & I quote " As long as your body truely needs it, you won't get addicted"

It truned me into a monster ! & I know it was slowly killing my soul & everybody aroud me that I loved & loved me. I had made the decision to get off it or I'd never get to see my daughter grow up. IT WAS A LIVING HELL !!! But I did it !! & managed to stay clean for 4years.

Live was AMAZING ! It definitly took some time to "fit into my new skin" but I did. I managed my cronic pain by pot(only a "toot" @ night to help with my mucles), & meditation & the physo I had done in the past.

After 4 years & now with artritis setting into all the bones I had broken, these tecniques were no longer effective. I was having such a terrible week, I took 2 percs , I needed a break from the pain ! & slowly started to take more......

All in all, what I'm asking is the last time eI DT'd, I took mutiple B vitimins, lots of fluid, LOTS of HOT baths & if you can get it in you V8 hot or cold is EXCELLENT & you feel a bit better right away, not to mention it's 3 servings of veggies that you don't have to chew ( withdrawls + eating= almost impossible).

Since then, has anybody found a "drug free" way of helping with the cramps, insomnia & THE RESTLESS LEG SPASIMS ! They're the worst !

I'm now almost 37, I live in Canada (drug help & the stigmatisium is MUCH diffrent here) They still look at you as a "JUNKIE" . Even when they look @ my medical history, it was the power of the Dr.'s pen that put me into that state in the first place & NONE OF THEM WILL TAKE RESPONCEABILITY FOR THIS WHEN i CONFRONTED THEM !

I have NEVER used street drugs. I tried pot in highschool & it wasn't for me. I was too driven to "succeed" in life & I SURE DID ! I had become a Master Hair Stylist & Instructor that ran a Marvell beauty school. Then @ 27 had the accident I was speaking about.

Oh, there is so much more to tell & have great advice & support for those that wish. I just don't know how to deal with this cronic pain without drugs, it's like chinese water torcher that after awhile (days) of drilling pain, makes ya a bit "loopy". I'd love to chat on msn with somone that has similar problems & how they deal with it.

Sorry for the novel, but It's my first post & I thought some "inside info" would be helpful. Thanks so much to those who took the time to read my post......