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    Hi all! I have been taking vicodine for over a year now. I am wondering if I am becoming addicted to it. I have to take more now to kill my pain. I have arthritis very bad, and I have gout. I take the pain med along with my gout and athritis meds. Does anyone know how long it takes to become addicted? I am reluctant about asking my doctor because he is the one who prescribes them to me.

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    Lightbulb Addiction vs. Tolerance...

    What you seem to have is a TOLERANCE for the medication--not an addiction... Tolerance is when your body gets used to a specific dosage, and requires more (which is normal for long-term use). Addiction is when you actually CRAVE the drug... If you are using it legitimately/exclusively for pain, and it just isn't working anymore, then you could ask for an increase... If you are using it for the "high/euphoric" feeling only, then, that's when there is a problem...

    Hope this was helpful... Best of luck!

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    Hi...the problem with vicoden is that it is only intended for short term use. Like dental pain. Everyone gets a tolerance for it. Instead of asking for an increase, you may want to ask for a different drug -

    Your doctor may refer you to a pain mgmt specialist.

    Good Luck


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