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How to reduce tolerance to Xanax?
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    Default How to reduce tolerance to Xanax?

    After taking Xanax for some time, I need to take higher and higher amounts to achieve the same effect.

    Is there a solution?

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    Benzo's are notorious for this, the more you increase the more you will always need, and it takes no time at all compared to other drugs.
    The solution is simple, but you won't like it, you have to start taking less, you did it to yourself now you have to pay the price. With benzo's it's important to stay at your prescribed dosage for as long as possible, never exceed it.
    I would suggest you write down a taper down schedule, cut your tabs into quarters, and spread your titration out for as long as possible throughout the day, when you feel you have to take a quarter dose make yourself wait at least an extra hour before you can take it, until you're back on track.

    You'll find this table useful should you be thinking of switching to a different benzo.

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