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    My husband has been addicted to opiates (oxy, perc.. not sure what else) since May of 2010. I had no clue about it until I caught him snorting a pill in June or July. I had no clue what it was and he told me it was a zantax. Later on, I saw that lots of money was dissapearing from our credit card and thought it was being stolen. My husband admitted a couple weeks later that he was using it to buy oxycontin. He has wasted thousands of dollars buying these drugs and seems to have no concern for how he is affecting our familes income. He told me he would stop and I believed him. Obviously, I was ignorant of the strength of the addiction to opiates. In August of 2010 our son was born and for some reason I believed my husband would turn from his ways, he did not. He continued to use once we were home with our son. At the end of September 2010 I took our son and left. My husband entered detox for 10 days and then returned to our home and so did I. He did not enter a rehab program.. he has been buying suboxone illegally because he says that is the only thing that helps with the withdraws of the opiates. The other night I found him getting ready to snort a perc.. he says he slipped up and bought them when he was going to buy his suboxone. I am at the point where I do not believe anything my husband says anymore and am in fear for the well-being of our 3 month old son. Is there any hope for my husband or should I leave him for the safety of our son? My husband says that there is no way he can be addicted to suboxone because it is just an opiate blocker, but I think he is just using it to take the place of the other drugs.. but I believe that he is still taking the other drugs behind my back.. Just need some advice please, thanks.

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    beautyforashes - Hi hun.. so sorry to hear the problems you are having with your husband.. the main thing here is to keep yourself and your baby safe. I cannot tell you what to do with your life or your situation but I sure can be here to help support you and talk in anyway you need it.

    You might want to get a hold of Robert or Henry and seek their advise. They are the guru's of helping with addiction and becoming a human again, I know because they have help me and like I said above, no one can tell you what to do, but there is support here.

    Sorry I can't help you in that decision, but I just wanted you to know I am here if you need to talk..


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    He could be using the suboxone just to stop withdrawals until he scores again. Most people tend to believe you have to wait 2-4 days to catch a buzz again and double your dose and that's simply not true. You can actually start feeling the effects within 8-12 hours after taking a sub. If he honestly didn't start using until May than he is still in the honeymoon phase of opiate abuse, and there really is little hope right now. I know it's such a downer thing to say and I hate saying it but honestly I would have laughed at anyone who tried telling me to quit 5 months after I started. Opiate addicts tend to "fall in love" with our drug and only after we start feeling the negative effects of the addiction do we start thinking about quitting, and even then its a struggle.

    Also on another note they made oxycontin tamper resistant meaning you need to be a scientist to break through it and sadly most oxy snorters/smokers are turning to >>>>>> because its cheaper and easier to score. If you do stick around keep an eye on him, these are dangerous times for oxy users. Most can't convert to just swallowing them, they don't get that quick rush.

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    hi, im very sorry for what going thru, i been addcitive for about 5 years. i been to rehab ones and didnt work, i relapsed after a year, until realised that i dont have a life like this, and i did detox my self after my husband left me. your husband has to realise that this is gonna ruine his life for ever, and he is going to loose you and your son. I been taking suboxane since i did detox my self, i do go to my pshychitrist every two weeks, he controls my pills and never gives me more than what im suppose to take, and that helps. If he really is an addict he is going to need alot of help, but he needs to let himself get the help he needs, he needs therapy, doctors,self control, and be very very strong, and think that this is not just hurting him, but you and your son. Talk to him, and tell him he needs help,tell him that u dont know how the pain is when he goes thru withdrwals because u really dont, its the worst terrible felling anybody can have,but tell him that what you are felling and what you are goung thru it hurts too alot. i wish that you and your husband get better, its not easy, but its possible.. be strong..

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