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Ear infection for over three weeks pls help !
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    Default Ear infection for over three weeks pls help !

    I've had various problems with my right ear for almost a month now. It started with this feeling like my ear was blocked somehow and it meant noise became muffled and very painful and the sound echoed round my head. The only way to relieve the pain even a little was to lie on one side in a very quiet place.

    I was given earspray first of all then antibiotics. Then ear drops then a different, stronger kind of antibiotics. The second lot of antibiotics worked but then my ear relapsed and became painful again. So they doubled my dosage. This took away the original pain and I had one day where my ear felt very sore and itchy - like the inside of it was all scabbed up and covered in wax. That was followed by a day of ear ache, very bad ear ache. Constant throbbing rather than sensitive to noise. For this I was given ear drops again. This was late last night and when I woke up the pain was gone (this morning) but the same feeling of blocked ear and sensitivity to noise is back and it's starting to become painful again.

    I saw the doctor this morning and he said it was a perfectly healthy ear. So I asked why it sounded like I was underwater and painful to noise and he shrugged. I asked what I should do about it and he didn't seem to know. After he looked in my ear and saw it was no longer infected he seemed happy to let me go and I had to really fight my corner in order to ask him why it was still painful. I never really got an answer. It is the end of the day now and I've already had three weeks off work for this and no one can seem to tell me what's wrong. It's making my life miserable as I've been in pain and lying on my side for so much of the time that this has been going on. If anything like this has happened to anyone or anyone knows what I should do pls help me. I asked the doctor to refer me to an ent and he wouldnt cause he said they wouldnt do anything he wasn't doing. This pain is making me so depressed and I havent been able to lead a normal life because of this.Any help anyone can give me...pls.
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