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Coumadin, INR and Quikclot
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    Default Coumadin, INR and Quikclot

    I have recently had a major issue in dealing with my elderly mother's INR numbers and major bleeding. She has an artificial heart valve and has used Coumadin for 19 years.

    Last week, she was visiting my house and our dog walked over her ankle and put a scratch about 1/2 inch long. It bled profusely and my wife ended up putting two large bandaid type bandages over it. It seemed to control the bleeding.

    The following morning, my mother decided to change the bandages and manage to peel off all the skin around her ankle for an area the was about three inches and extended all the way around. Her skin is like parchment. She called us and when we got to her house, there was blood everywhere.

    We had purchased some Quikclot gauze pads for her and thank goodness we had those !!! Quikclot is a type of gauze that has a substance in it that caused the blood to clot, even with the Coumadin. We applied the Quikclot pads around her ankle and got the bleeding to stop fairly quickly. We then proceeded to apply conventional gauze and wrapped her ankle. There was very little apparent seepage.

    The following morning she called us again and said she was in bad pain. We decided to take her to emergency room and they unwrapped the ankle, did a bunch of tests and then re-wrapped her ankle. It is healing normally.

    Prior to this incident, she was experiencing small fluctuations in her INR readings- from 2.9-4.0. Since then, we have been having it checked frequently and it is fluctuating from 1.2-4.9. This is a major problem !!! Too thin and there is danger of internal bleeding. Too thick and her valve will not function correctly.

    The doctor has not been very forthcoming about the reasons for these big fluctuations. My questions to the forum are these- "Does stress cause big INR fluctuations?" and "What can be done to stablize them?"

    Your advice would be very much appreciated !! In return, I will offer this advice. Any person who uses blood thinners needs to keep Quikclot in their medicine cabinet. From small cuts or scratches to "blood blisters" that rupture, they can bleed profusely. Quikclot will get that bleeding under control without a lot of fuss and muss. We purchase ours at, but it is available at a number of sites on line and in some retailers.

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    Dear Mickey, I have absolutely no experience pertaining to this issue but will have you close to my heart in your search for answers.

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