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Bariatric Surgery - 3 yrs out + 100 lbs :-(
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    Exclamation Bariatric Surgery - 3 yrs out + 100 lbs :-(

    Could use some input folks. I'd like to hear from people 'in the know' & not just those who 'think' they know.

    I had the 'pouch' bariatric surgery 3 yrs ago last month. Lost 70 pounds 1st year, 30 more the 2nd year - final weight 165 with no excercise due to arthritis & fibromyalgia. I am a FAN of excercise & lifelong athlete...just having a dry spell with regard to exercise because of pain in joints, muscles etc.

    Problem: 1 yr. ago after 4 months of insomnia on top of chronic depression, had Seroquel dosage increased from 200 mg to 300 mg, was tried on several trials of insomnia meds including Rozerem, Ambien, Ambien CR, Lunesta, etc. ALL failed...some due to hallucinations in daytime others due to abherrent sexual behavior & eating while sleep-walking (happily married 29-1/2 years). Now, 1 yr later, I have gained 100 lbs back! My body is so swollen I can't get rings on, shoes on, legs are twice their size.

    List of meds today include: Seroquel 300 mg qhs, Anafranil 50 mg qhs, Cymbalta 60 mg bid, Lodine 400 mg bid, Topamax 100 mg qhs, trazadone 10 mg qhs, tramadol 10 mg tid prn, prednisone 5 mg qam, Norflex 100 mg qhs, Mirapex 2 mg bid, estradiol 1 mg qhs. I am 47.

    Now after all the background STUFF my question is there a 're-bariatric' procedure to help me? Also, has anyone out there HAD this type of procedure. Tell me about it. One more question. I have slept 1-3 hours at night now for over a year. Does ANYONE have a suggestion? I do NOT have sleep apnea.

    Thanks to those who want to help. I certainly need it.
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