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20mg of Suboxone a day?
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    Default 20mg of Suboxone a day?

    My husbands dr. is prescribing him 20 mg. of suboxone a day.

    Last month he ran out about 8 days early (he said due to a hand injury that was causing him a lot of pain), so the doc gave him 20 more 8mg tabs to make it through until the end of the month.

    So far what I have read, 16 mg. is the highest recommended dose.

    He has seen this dr. for approx. 10 yrs. and this doc has given him any pain meds he has wanted, and lots of it. What is the highest does anyone here is taking?? I am concerned this is an ethics issue.

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    Suboxone (buprenorphene,naloxone) is a partial antagonist opiate. Talwin is a partial antagonist opiate and is not favored by addicts because it has a ceiling effect.Once you get to a certain point it won't matter how much more you take because it's at it's peak already.
    If he's taking the suboxone for addiction then really 20mgs is probably not the best dose for him to be on.Everyone is different but most people take between 8-12mgs a day.Usually 8mgs in the am and the other 4 in the pm.
    If he's trying to get high off it then he's wasting his time because of the ceiling effect.If he tries to snort it the naloxone in it will cause precipatated withdrawls which no one wants to go through.
    If he's functioning normally at 20mgs then that's fine but I would bet he could come down a bit.Suboxone is very expensive so the less you need the better especially if it's paid for by insurance........Good luck....Dave

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    Default starting dose 16 mgs

    To answer your question my dr. started me at 16mgs. He did mention that some of his patients are on 24 mgs. I dont believe your husband is in a overdose situation but it appears as though he is using it for reasons other than a tool to get off his DOC. Suboxone does not do much to controll pain. When he says he took more due to an injury that confuses me...something like neurontin or even motrin would be more effective for that. My Dr. gave me Tordal (not to be take longer than 5 days due to it can cause renal failure) for a painful procedure i had done last month. I believe your husband taking that much suboxone is more addict behavior. How many times a day does he dose? with suboxone it is good to take only once perhaps twice a day. Us addicts will dose ourselfs all day long if left to our own accord.
    so my questions for you are
    why is he on suboxone?
    for how long?
    if it is to get off his DOC (drug of choice) what was his DOC??

    YOu are lucky to have found this board....there is a wealth of knowledge here.
    keep posting...we are here..along with many others.

    ps I am on my 3rd bottle of 8mgs suboxone...i am now taking 2mgs...your man can taper down....and i am more than willing to share how i tapered with you should you like.

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    Default Suboxone used for pain.....

    I was on Suboxone for about a year when I was scheduled to have major dental work done. (And I am a BIG baby!) In discussing it with my prescribing doctor, he suggested that at the times of pain thru dental work, take more than my normal dose of Sub for that day, right before the pain came on too badly. For me, it worked. Suboxone IS a painkiller.

    The only time I took more than the recommended dosage, the results were horrible. Flu like symptoms, dizziness, tired, sick......

    I suppose everyone is different..... I just doubt that your husband can truly "abuse" suboxone without feeling negative effects.... I could be wrong though.

    Amazing to me that the doctor who helped him become addicted to painkillers is the same doctor prescribing a "cure" so to speak.

    Good luck!

    Email me anytime if you have any questions!
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    I shall remain grateful for Suboxone...........

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    Default Less is more

    When i went to my doctor i was prescribed to take 2.5 suboxone strips a day.. I said "yeah doc that sounds good" I am a 21 year old that weighs 135lbs.. there is no way im going to take two and a half strips (24mg a day) at first i started using 1 strip a day and felt somewhat alright, then i kept increasing my dose thinking i would feel better.. Boy was i wrong.. Im pretty sure the doctors are trying to keep it a secret from us that 1-2 mg gets you high off your A**, and i am not joking about this. The less you take.. the better (and higher) your feel. I currently take 1.25-1.75mg a day to achieve a 6+ hour buzz.. Anywhere above that i do not get any sort of euphoria. I know you do not believe me as a i write this, but it is best that your husband stops taking sub for 2 days to let the excess suboxone drain out of his ears, then GIVE HIM 1.5- 1.75mg (micro sized amount) and he will be high as a kite for the first time being on sub, and not only that but your health suffers way less. This is NOT a joke, and i would not take my time to register on this stupid website if it was

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