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Writing a research paper, need help
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    Default Writing a research paper, need help

    I am writing a research paper for my college english class. For this paper I want to argue for the long-term use of pain killers and should the fact that addiction isn't always an issue.

    I have been out of work for 2 years now due to a work related injury. During that time I have developed RSD, underwent 3 ankle operations, and contracted MRSA. I have been on oxycodone 2-3 times a day since my 1st operation, which was Oct of 08. I have had 2 extensive hospital stays which resulated in me being put on a Morphine pump. I am also taking Neurotin 3 times a day.

    I am so sick of this stigma that everyone who is on pain killers will eventually get addiction and abuse them in some way. While this is a topic very personal to me, I am having trouble finding ligimate sources who feel the same way as I do. Being a college level paper, I can't simply use random sources. If anyone can point me to medical professions or and useful articles I can cite, that would be awesome.

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    I'm a college writing teacher. In order to write this paper, you need to make the arguments yourself and present relevant support: you don't need to find sources that prove your thesis for you. I doubt very much that you're going to find anything in the medical literature that argues that "addiction isn't always an issue." If addiction were always an issue, doctors would not prescribe these meds at all. The fact is that addiction is a serious risk, and responsible doctors take that risk seriously. So they don't write journal articles about how addiction isn't a big deal, etc.

    You can make your (own) argument effectively by citing addiction rates for various potentially addicting meds and arguing that statistics show that most people do not become addicted. You will need to do research about clinical findings on addiction rates. You can look at the Medline database for studies about that sort of thing. Your paper could also be enhanced with a couple of interviews of pain-management doctors, who should be able to tell you their experience in the field.

    I think your paper should also discuss the difference between "addiction" and "dependence." A lot of people don't understand the difference, and I think that's the root of a lot of the suspicion that people have.

    A good paper will also acknowledge the opposing viewpoint. I understand you're sick of it personally, but your paper will be better if you acknowledge that concern about addiction is in fact a legitimate concern. Argue from reason, not from emotion.

    (And as an English teacher, I am duty-bound to point out that your sentence beginning "Being a college-level paper" contains a dangling modifier. )

    Good luck with the paper!


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    That was great, thank you. I understand I need to include information from the opposing side, so that isn't a problem. Doing the research has been slow going like you said doctors don't publish this kind of material. Luckily I have an appt. coming up with both my doctors so hopefully I can question them and get some good interview material.

    If anyone has any sources I can use please post them. Links to websites, news articles, anything.

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    Default Buprenex is a Prescribed Medication

    I have full-body RSD diagnosed in 92'. I was very lucky to be under the care of an RSD specialist and have managed to keep the pain under control and still have something of a "real life" My doctor prescribed Buprenex in 98' for part of my pain management plan. I have been on the same script for the entire time w/o any increase. Unfortunately I am not getting the relief as I did and was told last month my only recourse would be to get the morphine pump. I am trying to hold out before changing.
    Now I can only speak for myself and from personal experience and with that said "I am very Thankful for Bupenex" It has allowed me to maintain the pain +10 level before to a level that I could enjoy going fishing w/grandson, making cookies w/granddaughter and feel that I could contribute to life around me.
    For those that chose to condemn those of us that take Buprenex try walking in my shoes for 1 day w/o it. Yes it is a powerful medication but if taken with respect it can allow a person to control the pain enough where you aren't begging to die. Because the pain is 24/7 and affects your entire body with burning, tearing pain! I take my medication just to maintain a level of comfort not "to feel good" You can abuse anything and have a negative reaction.

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