I have had an ongoing toothache for a little over a week now. I can't actually identify where the pain is (which tooth) but it feels like a classic, old fashioned toothache. What's different though is that the pain comes and goes, doesn't last long and then it's just gone. This happens frequently throughout the day.

Fearing that something was/is brewing, I called my dentist who I was able to see this afternoon. Had x-rays taken where nothing showed up. Most of the teeth on the side of my mouth where the pain is, are implants, root canals, with only a few teeth that have never been worked on. The doctor said that there was nothing showing to indicate any problems. What he did say is totally perplexing and I have been trying to find out more information on the internet, nothing so far so, here I am.

He said that I was in the right age demographic (59 y/o female) for what is known as Trigeminial Neuralgia, a cranial nerve disorder and nothing relating to teeth but is where the symptoms can occur. He said that in approximately 80 percent of the patients that have TN, especially females, that the onset of this is a precursor to Shingles (had the chicken pox as a child) and that chances of getting Shingles within 2 weeks of these symptoms is likely. He went on to say that it is also possible that Shingles wouldn't follow but more likely or common that they would. He also told me that TN is not an everlasting problem but not so from what I've read from the little research I've done thus far. I haven't been able to find anything about the relation of TN and Shingles though and if it is something that indicates Shingles brewing internally??????????????????

I've trusted this doctor for the last 7 years but this information without any advice or precautions I should be following feels like he's thrown me to the wolves without a life jacket, so to speak. Or, maybe he's right on?

Does anyone here know anything about this? I'd appreciate any information shared. Thank you!