Something pretty scary happened to me yesterday, and I'm hoping you guys can help me with this, I'm not sure exactly how mad or worried I should be about this, so any input would be great.
Ok, long story short, shortly after waking up yesterday I took what I thought was 3 200mg Provigil (I take 600mg daily in the morning) and one 5/500 vicodin for menstral pain. While waiting for my coffee to brew I layed on the couch and started reading, and very shortly after got REALLY tired. I couldn't understand why I was so tired, but I closed my eyes and woke up a short time later, feeling even more tired, my brain all fuzzy, and my body felt really heavy, it felt like I was on a way too high dose of morphine. My fiancee was starting to get worried, I just couldn't stay awake. I kept drifting in and out of very vivid dreams, like being awake, but not being able to talk or move. So then in one of my dreams, I remember looking down at my hand and seeing 1 vicodin, and 3 pills that said "300mg", and instantly I realized that I had accidentally taken 3 of my 300mg Seroquels, instead of 3 of the 200mg Provigils (they do look very similar). I take the Seroquel at night, and it's only 1 300mg tab, and that alone knocks me out, so you can imagine what 900mg did. I stumbled up off the couch, and tried to tell my fiancee what I'd done, but I was still half dreaming, so I was mumbling something about work, which I had been dreaming about, and I couldn't seem to form the words to explain myself to him, so I just kept saying "Call 911", hoping he'd either know to take me there, or to call an ambulance, because I knew I wasn't in good shape. So he's panicking because he can't figure out whats wrong, and I'm fumbling through a phonebook trying to find the number for the ER to see if I need to come in, but I couldn't understand the letters, so finally I'm able to speak enough to tell him what had happened, and we rush out the door to the ER. By this time I'm feeling really doped up, but I'm able to speak a bit more, although my words kept getting mixed up. My hearts racing, and I just don't feel like I can keep from passing out. So we go into the ER, and some guy, either a nurse or doctor comes up to the desk and asks me whats wrong. So I tell him what happened, and that I know that Seroquel is given to people in higher doses, but that I just don't feel right. So then he tells me that there is nothing they can do, that I'll just have to wait it out. Then he says "well you could wait in the waiting area over there to see if it gets worse, but as you can see, we're really busy". So he tells me I'm better off going home, and then coming back if it gets any worse, and he tells my fiancee to check on me every few minutes if I fall back asleep, to make sure that I'm able to wake back up. Then he asks me if I took that many on purpose, which I tell him no, and that if I was trying to kill myself I would've taken more than 3, and he rolls his eyes at me and says to just go home and wait it out.

Was this acceptable practice by an Emergency Room Physician? They didn't take my pulse, blood pressure, ask about any other medications, medical history.....? I'm finally feeling more normal today, but I'm still really tired and have a sort of "out of it" feeling. I know that it wasn't really a "lethal dose", but wouldn't you think that they would at least do a once over on me before sending me home? I feel that if it would of gotten any worse I would of passed out, which would of made it very hard for my fiancee to get me back in a car and to the ER, by that point who knows how bad it could of been? I'm sorry about the long rant, but I'm just angry and confused, and scared that it could of been worse, and they did nothing to help. Any feedback on this would be so appreciated!