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Small dose (Ithink...) Suboxone taper
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    Default Small dose (Ithink...) Suboxone taper

    I have been taking 4 mg of suboxone a day for about 9 months......... I want to taper off and im just looking for some advice or maybe a taper plan mentor.

    If anyone is interested in helping let me know. I have been a lurker on the forum for some time,,,,,,,,,,,....And its just time to off the suboxone.

    Im confident that it wont be that difficult...given my current situations and mind state.



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    Default Me too man!

    Hey Randy...I am going through the same thing.

    I have been addicted to opiates in some form for 16 years. I am ready to quit. I too am currently on suboxone. I began my addiction with >>>>>>, then switched to methadone, then to suboxone.

    The withdrawals kick my behind and always I talk myself into going back. My suboxone doctor doesnt seem to care either way if I get off the stuff. I've been on it for 2 years come April, with some "breaks" when I went back to shorter acting opiates.

    I've tapered down to 2.5 mg. Today I took my first 2 mg dose. I have 20 pills left. Doing the math, if I stayed at 2 MG, I would still have 80 days worth.

    My plan is to stay on 2 MG (I take 1 MG..or as close as possible considering how hard it is to break up the pills, then another 1 MG 4 hours later) for one week, then drop to 1 MG. Then I plan to stay on that dose since it is so hard to break up the pills, but add an hour to each dose. Meaning, one day I dose at 9 AM, then the next day 10 AM, then 11 AM, until I am skipping days.

    I will pay attention to my BODY (not my mind...if my mind goes cuckoo I will satisfy it some other way...chocolate, a book, a movie, exercise...) and if need be, I will slow down or revert. But only if wholly cannot take it.

    I believe nutrition, exercise, and state of mind will be important. I did recently rediscover God after yrs of turning my back on Him, so I feel this will be important too.

    I think my plan is good. I think I just need to stick to it religiously. I have attempted suboxone tapers before, and believe me, you must have a plan.

    I would recommend doing some research on not simply treating suboxone withdrawals, but opiate withdrawals in general. I bought some herbal remedies like ashwaganda, milk thistle, alpha lipoic acid, burdock root, astragalus, dandelion root, and a multivitamin. I bought seratonin to sleep as well as kava kava to relax.

    I am attempting this without sedatives or tranquilizers and without the help of my sub doc. I think his main concern is the almighty dollar.

    From what I've read, no matter what I am looking at some very nasty withdrawals. I am hoping to get myself to a point where they will be less severe. I must accept that i did this to myself. Not an easy thing to admit without making excuses.

    I wouldnt say no to being someone you can text or email if you need some support? I cannot be much of a mentor, but i can be a shoulder!

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    Default Taper Plan

    Go to the "Need to talk" board and read through some of the posts. I am currently tapering and have gotten a lot of good advice there. There are many people on the board who have done this successfully or are in the process of doing so. It does not need to be a very painful process at all. Good Luck!

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    Reduce your dose by 25% every four days or so and you'll do it basically painlessly. When you get down to between .25mg - .5mg you'll need to do a little process of skipping days. It's very simple, you just have to remain focused. God bless.
    I am not a dr. My statements are based on years of experience and related education. Consult with the professional of your choice regarding matters of concern.

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    Default Hi Randy

    I understand what you are going through. I am also beginning a taper and would love to find a support base. I've been taking Suboxone for about 3 years and I am definitely ready to stop. It has and is working for me, but I think I am strong enough and far enough away from Opiates that I can do this.

    What is your story?


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    Yeah Robert's tapering schedule helped me go down from like 4mg to .5 mg probably a little over a year ago. It's very manageable! Is it easy? I wouldn't say that but it's extremely doable. I typically felt "slight" discomfort for about 1 day or so then finally leveled back out. I HIGHLY recommend tapering Suboxone. I jumped off at 4-5mg, cold turkey, 5 weeks ago and it was the ride of my life. You just have to keep your head high during the tapering schedule and be strong. It's a much better journey and you will be thankful in the long run! Good Luck to you all.


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