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how much is to much suboxone?
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    Default how much is to much suboxone?

    I am taking 2 8mg a day sometimes 3 been on them for 3 days how much is to much?

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    Hi Baileybo, I have been on 2 -8's for 5 months if I had it to do over I would have started with less that's for sure if possible. If you are only at a few days try cutting back NOW! Don't wait my Doc. told me 2 take this amount also I now feel he doesn't know that much about it either now I am in a situation that I may be forced off but that's a hole different story . This stuff is a lot stronger than I was lead to believe now I am trying to cut back & I tell you it is not easy just as hard as cutting back on any other opiate . Best advice I can give you. I see where a lot of people are on like 8 ,4,even 1 & are still having a hard time getting off. I wish someone would have told me this when I started. Anyways now you know....
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