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Prilosec long term
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    Default Prilosec long term

    Hi all
    This is my first post, so I hope I do it right. My question is can I use Prilosec OTC for longer than the 14 days the package says. Last summer I developed a condition where I have indigestion after I eat. Prilosec seemed to take care of it. In November I quit taking it and the syptoms returned in a few days. I began taking it again and within 3-4 days the syptoms eased up. About 7 days ago I ran out again and the syptoms promptly returned. I bought another box and will start again tomorrow.
    Everything I read says to only use this product for 14 days and not to repeat for 4 months. My doc doesnt seemed to be too concerned that I am taking this product this long. As a side note my 80 year old father-in-law has been taking this for over a year with his doctors blessing. He quit once and his symptoms returned
    Does anyone have any info to share regarding this. I would really appreciate it

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    hi there prilosec i've been on it for several years so i guess if you can stand the dry mouth and occcational runs my personal experience has been good, i did switch to protonix for economical reasons and that works good also a combination of nexium and antibiotics are used for 14 days at a time for ulcers but i have been taking these drugs for more than 9 years now safely but all drugs do different things to different people i feel good with it its just so expensive they were 8 dollars a pop when i started them inquire about similar drugs in the same class but inform your doctor for acid reflux its a managed condition hence the everyday applies good luck

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    Default Prilosec is safe to take beyond the 14 days

    I asked my Docter the same question in regards to taking Prilosec beyond the 14 day instruction period on the package.He is a very highly regarded Internist(Dr Gilbert Anderson,515 East Ocean Ave,Lompoc ,California 93436)He says it is completly Okay to take beyond the 14 days,The reason it says this on the package is to protect the Drug company from Lawsuits if a person has a bad reaction while taking Prilosec beyond the 14 days(most people in the off chance of a reaction to it know just to quit taking if thier are problems).Like I said its just to protect the company from potential Lawsuits,but yes its okay to take longterm.The only potential problem that might occur if you quit taking is that Heartburn comes back and usually pretty intense,but say after 6 months of taking regularly try to stop gradually and see what happens,you can always go back to full dose if needed.But Yes no real danger of taking beyond the 14 days prescibed on package.

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