Hi guys,

I'm 23 years old.
I have epilepsy, anxiety and depression.
The depression/anxiety have been treated with Zoloft at varying doses, on and off since I was 14, generally with pretty good effects.
The epilepsy has proven to be difficult to treat, I have been taking Epilim (aka Depakote aka Sodium Valproate) at 1000mg which has been ineffective. However, it didn't seem to mess with my Zoloft and emotionally I felt pretty good on it. My neurologist recently added Lamictal to work on the Epilepsy, it's been a month. At first it was fine but as it's increased it's been TERRIBLE. Mood swings from hell, incredibly morbid depression, unable to concentrate etc. I know some people take Lamictal for depression, and even Lamictal and Zoloft together....But seriously, it feels like they're raging against eachother inside my head. And when I feel depressed lately, it's hopelessly and utterly depressed, which I haven't felt in a long time without a clear situational trigger. I've been weaning myself off the lamictal (honestly, my neurologist is useless, really need to find a new one) and I feel a little better, but still very very fragile and unmotivated. It just sucks because the last year has been such a great year and now this happens! Any advice? Suggestions? Similar situations?