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  21. tryin to stop
  22. tryin to stop
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  24. Weaning off percs using suboxone.
  25. Vic/OC Withdrawal, quit everything at once?
  26. Detoxing while working
  27. A little Poem for Those Struggling---We can do this
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  30. Need Help with reless legs!
  31. Quitting oxy and getting no sleep!!
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  33. Back to day 7 after relapse, what a waste.
  34. How do you know if you have an addiction?
  35. It's time
  36. Reaching Out For Help
  37. Delayed RLS?
  38. Please Help! Detoxing off Opiates
  39. terminally ill with a wife addicted to my meds...
  40. Where do i begin.... super dad to super bad.
  41. So when does the diarrhea start - soon? Also, I have to work through it.
  42. Help getting off dilaudid
  43. 2 yrs on / 90 days off help?
  44. 40 Days Clean From Morphine
  45. low level vicodin addiction
  46. Tired of this
  47. I don't know what to do.
  48. First time here looking for similar experiences
  49. Help! Info please BAD withdrawal symptoms
  50. Getting off meds due to stomach problems
  51. Quitting Roxicodone....Help?
  52. Getting off norco
  53. Life
  54. Trying to get off oxys while my husband still uses
  55. Day 3 without Norco
  56. I'm here to come clean... and get clean.
  57. Looking for help and support with using subs to help with opiate withdrawl
  58. I's Lost and beaten by opiates and suboxone.
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  60. Hour 85 clean!
  61. Vicodin taper question number 1,284,327
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  63. Off topic:What made/caused you start using pain meds?
  64. I'm still clean
  65. Tramadol? With my history?
  66. Norco makes me happy-something natural I can take instead?
  67. Today is my first day without meds
  68. 1 down 1 to go
  69. using methadone to detox of off pills
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  75. Quitting CT
  76. ..
  77. Norco to Tramadol + Gaba, slippery slope?
  78. New here...need advice, help and support please...
  79. Tomorrow marks the start of a new day!
  80. The Answer
  81. WD's from OXYCOTIN
  82. will I be normal again?
  83. How deep this rabbit hole can be
  84. Kicking the Pain Killers
  85. feed up. need help...are there programs for medical assistance
  86. How long does the depression usually last?
  87. Stopping Norco Tomorrow - Would like support during the process
  88. I know I said April
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  90. Morphine - The Devil
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  93. 2nd time around, need suggestions
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  96. Tapering From Norco Soon. Would Like Feedback on My Plan.
  97. Back at it agian
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  99. If I keep doing what im doing I will die
  100. I feel like such a loser! Quiting Hydrocodone CT now!
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  102. When will it get better???
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  104. Not sure
  105. Percoset usage. A good addiction?
  106. can use some support with prescription drug addiction
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  108. Guess who's back...back again
  109. Addicted to Roxies
  110. 40 years of painkiller addiction HELP
  111. Will it ever end?
  112. I took it all for granted (and took advantage)
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  118. New here... Interested in quitting the Vicodin addiction
  119. Rehab/detox centers in AZ?
  120. Well here we go again...
  121. Dealing with mons addiction
  122. Quitting Cold Turkey on Hydrocodone today! Please help
  123. Cold Turkey Hydrocodone detox help!!!
  124. single mom needing advice on tapering down off of Oxy Neo
  125. I went from 900 mg's of perc 30's per day to 0 in 8 hours..
  126. Oxycodone Withdrawals
  127. Help understanding Hydro withdrawl
  128. HELP..... I need to get off of Fentanyl but don't know how or if I can ASAP please
  129. Oxycodone Cold-Turkey Diary
  130. Desperately Need Tapering Help
  131. Withdrawls/coffee
  132. I'm back!...... again!
  133. need help
  134. Detoxing Need help.. Is really scared..
  135. Withdrawl from 30mg perks and suboxone. Please help..
  136. I don't know how to get through this
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  139. Vicodin Addiction
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  143. Forever is composed of nows...
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  145. Norco Withdrawal Cure!!!!!!!!
  146. Is this Vicodin withdrawal?
  147. I got off fentanyl in 15 days!
  148. Tough Love for Husband?
  149. pregnancy and tramadol...
  150. hello
  151. Are there any Fentanyl sufferers out there?
  152. Are you trying to get clean?
  153. This is very hard....
  154. My ship is sinking....Someone throw me a LIFESAVER....
  155. Need someone to talk with.
  156. Tramadol: ISO advice/experiences on kicking tramadol.
  157. looking for help with hydrocodone
  158. I need to stop taking Norco
  159. How about a little something for your mind?
  160. Determined and ready 100% for a better life without drugs!
  161. When are you addicted??
  162. 7 day detox using methadone
  163. 90-210mg Oxycoddone habit. need help!
  164. Took my last norco this past Friday.....scared and need support
  165. Time to get out!
  166. Thanks to the forums, I'm staying clean!
  167. Addicted to everything!!!
  168. Percocet - My journey getting clean
  169. How has addiction changed you?
  170. Please help me!
  171. fed up & lonely.
  172. Need encouragement and some advice. Percocet to help lortab withdrawls
  173. Goodbye Vic, I'm kickin ya to the curb!
  174. 13 days clean from vicodin and need pointers for energy
  175. 2 weeks
  176. Husband's addiction
  177. There is hope !
  178. Detoxing off of Norco
  179. So... What do I do?
  180. Norco Taper Help Needed-Laurie Shay? Are you out there?
  181. My first 24 hours clean!!
  182. Advice please
  183. !!!!!need help with tramadol please!!!!!!!
  184. 7 year Norco addiction
  185. Scared and need HELP!!!
  186. Need advice-oxy addiction
  187. terrified to detox, need help please!
  188. wow now im scared!!
  189. Help quitting Oxycodone
  190. relapse question
  191. relapse question
  192. 22 days and still not right.
  193. OMG methadone withdrawal is killing me
  194. dammit!!
  195. Difference between real pain relief vs Addition / Abuse.
  196. Surgery & Addiction
  197. First day of taper...Norco/Soma
  198. In a rut here
  199. Reallyneed2stop
  200. Percocet Withdrawal?
  201. Percocet, What's the big deal?
  202. Percocet Addiction/Withdrawl
  203. 20-60mg Daily Norco Habit (Hydro) - Withdrawals? Help!
  204. I think my boyfriend is doing drugs
  205. Needing to stop before things get worse
  206. Made it 7 days...
  207. day 1 vicodin
  208. tramadol/opiate detox
  209. losing the battle b4 the war.
  210. Need advice please!
  211. 1st time in a while @ work with no PILL bottle
  212. Im needing help
  213. Day 3, second time around
  214. i just need a answer please, someone.. :(
  215. HELP! advice, direction, support ???
  216. HELP! Oxycodone Addiction, Detox and Withdrawal
  217. Need advice on oxycodone addiction and being switched to lyrica
  218. first time poster, in wayyyy 2 deep!!
  219. You can do it! Tramadol withdrawl
  220. Day 2 of tryin to get my life back
  221. Just anothe wife seeking advice and support
  222. Want to know what it's like?
  223. Is there ever an end?
  224. So here I go...
  225. What do we do about pain after the fact?
  226. Please help me! My intro is below.
  227. How can I do this w/out too horrible withdrawl?
  228. Please Help with Withdrawal
  229. Where to start...
  230. Withdrawl/ day 2
  231. Need advice - addict sibling
  232. More than 30 hours since last vicodin... Should I be feeling sicker?
  233. Don't know what to do...
  234. People say that detox is the easy part....
  235. 3 Days out of detox
  236. Quitting IV use of opiates (starts today)
  237. Kratom....
  238. pain Dependent
  239. I Ran Out Today - Opiates
  240. I hate Tramadol!!!
  241. Need real advice on quitting!!!
  242. Secrets keep us sick
  243. Scared for my husband -- please help
  244. Going thru an easier withdrawal then usual, why?
  245. Omg!
  246. Hello all (especially Robert) 3 years since last post
  247. Freaking out
  248. little relapse please help
  249. Please help. I took my last Oxycontin. Scared of withdrawal.
  250. Please help!