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  6. Ryanc2449
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  8. Hi everyone... I really cannot believe I am back
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  11. I have been reading "Alex" and "SHARKS" and others long threads just to familiarize
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  16. Forced into weaning
  17. suboxone taper. scared as all hell.
  18. Forced into quick suboxone taper, please help
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  20. from 30 pills of 10mlg norco to suboxone.
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  24. Please help! Can you/has anyone used oxy to help with sub withdrawal?
  25. anyone else down to 0.183??
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  27. Which treatment centers.....
  28. 62 days off subs , you can do it!!
  29. Just inducted
  30. Opinion about subutex wd
  31. Had to quit Suboxone without tapering
  32. Subutec Taper Help
  33. Do i need to go through this process again?
  34. Someone tell me this gets better
  35. Enough is enough
  36. New!! Need help please
  37. Spitting "extra" Suboxone out?
  38. Suboxone & Drug Tests
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  40. seeking help on taper off methadone > sub
  41. suboxone withdrawl help
  42. New member looking for help getting clean
  43. CES machines and opiate withdrawal
  44. suboxone taper/anxiety/neck&jaw pain
  45. day 10 off subs, I see the light
  46. Trouble Stabilizing on Subs
  47. Time to be done....
  48. off subs day 7 yay
  49. Helping a friend
  50. SLOW taper off Suboxone/Subutex during pregnancy & miscarriage risk?
  51. Started a Taper
  52. Ready to jump,, please help..
  53. Fog is lifting. Thanks for this forum
  54. 150 days sub free!
  55. Need Help Starting Suboxone or Methadone Detox
  56. Starting suboxon from opanas
  57. is it time to stop taking suboxone?
  58. i took a quart of a sub from taking methadone
  59. New around, Tapering off subs but just need a bit of help
  60. Looking for taper buddies and positive influences!
  61. Finally in the process of suboxone taper. Realize I could use some help and support.
  62. Back once again. Second times the charm..?
  63. suboxone detox???
  64. HELP! Looking for guidance with Subs. Started last night...
  65. I don't know how to do this!
  66. Wanting to start tapering of Subutex and jump any advise is greatly WELCOMED!
  67. Down to 1mg, ready to be off looking for tips/support
  68. 6+ years on suboxone.. And want to come off! Help me!
  69. For the Person Who Needed Help With Methadone to Subs
  70. Weaning off Suboxone, So far so good!
  71. new here need advice
  72. Sub help - weaning
  73. I Have Stopped Subutex
  74. Been on .125 of subs for 4 days , no major withdrawals
  75. Is it possible for half life to be 200 hours long for long term users (8 years)
  76. Please help!
  77. Jumped from 3 mg
  78. almost done with the suboxone!
  79. Day two please help
  80. Encouragement for those looking to get off Suboxone
  81. I am so tired of being an idiot
  82. Antidepressants to fight Suboxone withdraw depression?
  83. Maybe dumb question.
  84. how to get off buprenorphine after long term(5 years)
  85. Sub quickie taper??
  86. .125 mg Suboxone wanting to skip days, need support.
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  88. new. need advise
  89. how to detox with only 32mg sub
  90. Is Suboxone right for Norco addiction?
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  92. British addict, getting ready for the tough taper
  93. Question on "how" can suboxone work w/ naloxone.
  94. PLEASE HELP! taper from low dose QUICKLY
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  104. Introduction and... am I crazy?
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  106. Thanks for the inspiration!!!
  107. looking for help with suboxone taper
  108. About to get off Suboxone - Need Info
  109. 2mg a day sub user ready to taper
  110. Suboxone Detox Help Please...
  111. so screwed up right now
  112. Methadone To Suboxone
  113. Hydro for sub w/d
  114. This time I have a plan-advice on starting Suboxone
  115. Tapering off suboxone...any advice or personal experiences?
  116. Hate me or Love me
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  118. Quick question
  119. 27 year old female, pregnant, suboxone detox
  120. Suboxone to Methadone?????
  121. new here, on suboxone, need help
  122. Started my suboxone treatment today. Here for the support.
  123. Jump!!!!
  124. Question about urine testing
  125. Dropping off Subutex from relatively high doseage.
  126. Woodys Subox Taper
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  128. Am I Over Suboxone?
  129. Saftly & painlessly become drug Free from Suboxone
  130. A month since kicking the subs.. need help with PAWS + other stuff
  131. Help me get off hydros
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  133. 8 years on Suboxone, 2 full days clean
  134. What to do about husband's addiction
  135. I have a couple weeks off and a few sub strips how do I do this?
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  137. Another Suboxone Patient Who Googled AGAIN. (New Member)
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  142. How to handle????
  143. Off Subutex for over 48 hrs
  144. Looking for advice.
  145. Reaching Out for Help
  146. Currently In A Short Term Love Affair Wirh Suboxone - Easiest Way To End?
  147. Should I stay or go? Bf addicted to suboxones
  148. On my sub taper and could use advice.
  149. 6 Years and I'm fed up....
  150. detoxing with 16mgs of suboxone... help
  151. Just been switched from suboxone to subutex & not really liking it as much?
  152. Just been switched from suboxen to subutex & not really liking it as much?
  153. Trying to get appointment for 1st time Sub use
  154. 4 days off Subutex- question!
  155. L-tyrosine or L-dopa?
  156. stuck at 0.125mg / 24 hours of suboxone Help pls
  157. xpost about my suboxone taper I hope to start next week
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  159. Finally taking the first steps...
  160. 14 Months Sub Free
  161. Wanting to start Subs detox.
  162. Just Awful...
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  164. Taking suboxone properly
  165. Sub help
  166. Suboxone taper hell and perseverance - a story of darkness and hope
  167. 11 years of numb...
  168. I sm knew to this site and think i posted in the wrong forum :(
  169. Subs Questions from a Norco abuser.
  170. Getting ready to start
  171. PLEASE HELP ME - subutex taper
  172. could some 1 plse help me understand tapering the right way thx x
  173. subutex taper help needed
  174. Just a little info about me and my background:0)
  175. Down to 1mg per day Need help with last bit of taper
  176. Just made the switch - Day 1- not as good as expected!!
  177. Suboxone taper....
  178. Just finished sub taper, feel terrible!
  179. started subs this morn
  180. Yay!!! I started Subs 2day
  181. Will doctors help with suboxone withdrawal?
  182. Found Shorter Sub induction than COWS 26
  183. Suboxone Help Needed
  184. On Suboxone over 3 yrs. and Have Questions about Taper...Please Help!!
  185. Induction problem - how much sub to take?
  186. Oxy/sub ?
  187. new to Suboxone
  188. Opiate addiction, ready to quit..suggestions and support really needed please
  189. Need Advice
  190. Breaking free from Suboxone. ...
  191. I don't know how to get off this.
  192. Robert_325 will you please help me...GOD BLESS YOU!
  193. Hey Guys aand Gals. Another newb here.
  194. Watergirl's Sub Thread
  195. Ken2727's Own Thread
  196. Hoping to finally be done.... Forever!
  197. New to Suboxone - Looking for advice
  198. Just Started Suboxone Treatment and Have a Few Questions
  199. Going on suboxone after 8 years of prescription meds
  200. HELP me
  201. Length of time to take Sub? 6weeks, 6mths, 1yr?
  202. 2nd day on Sub;) Normal Dose?
  203. My Story and Taper
  204. 4 year sub user. 2-4 mg a day. Need help w/ taper
  205. 4 year sub user. 2-4 mg a day. Need help w/ taper
  206. trying subs for first time need advise
  207. Ugh! Sub withdrawal ..looks like Im in it with everyone else!
  208. New to using suboxone...need instructions lots of questions
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  210. Subutex Detox
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  212. Hi Kikker, Harry, and Al
  213. My Suboxone Detox Log - will update daily
  214. Help With Sub Level - 2nd day and don't feel good
  215. Started Suboxone, is it safe with Klonopin?
  216. suboxone taper help
  217. Please help-had surgery last Tuesday-percs not working -when can I go back on sub?
  218. My Story, My Taper, Your Help!!!!!
  219. Tried suboxone taper
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  221. My experience with opiate addiction , subutex & precipated withdrawl
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  226. sub coma..please help
  227. Lesliewes - Starting New Thread for Suboxone Taper - Please help!
  228. need help getting off subs!
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  230. advice on oxy taper
  231. Back again
  232. Tapering off Suboxone with anxiety and depression...need support and advice
  233. Suboxone dosage needed to induct for VERY high dosage opiate addict.
  234. Suboxone Taper Plan/ Cutting Suboxone Strips
  235. Cutting Suboxone film- taper down??????
  236. I have ??'s about Robert325 taper plan. Please help with a response someone thx!
  237. Suboxone..Oxy...Vicodens....and have developed allergies to all pain killers
  238. SubTaper-Day 20-horrible anxiety..i need help
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  241. Marine needs help, bout to start and hope quickly stop sub
  242. Suboxone taper
  243. need help with sub taper
  244. Day 5 off subs, feel like .
  245. Just switched from methadone to suboxone for pain, wanting to switch back
  246. BonAquaGirls Sub Thread
  247. off Subaxone for over a year
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