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  1. Need Advice
  2. Breaking free from Suboxone. ...
  3. I don't know how to get off this.
  4. Robert_325 will you please help me...GOD BLESS YOU!
  5. Hey Guys aand Gals. Another newb here.
  6. Watergirl's Sub Thread
  7. Ken2727's Own Thread
  8. Hoping to finally be done.... Forever!
  9. New to Suboxone - Looking for advice
  10. Just Started Suboxone Treatment and Have a Few Questions
  11. Going on suboxone after 8 years of prescription meds
  12. HELP me
  13. Length of time to take Sub? 6weeks, 6mths, 1yr?
  14. 2nd day on Sub;) Normal Dose?
  15. My Story and Taper
  16. 4 year sub user. 2-4 mg a day. Need help w/ taper
  17. 4 year sub user. 2-4 mg a day. Need help w/ taper
  18. trying subs for first time need advise
  19. Ugh! Sub withdrawal ..looks like Im in it with everyone else!
  20. New to using suboxone...need instructions lots of questions
  21. What I wish I knew before suboxone detoxing
  22. Subutex Detox
  23. Starting Suboxone HELP/Advice/Support
  24. Hi Kikker, Harry, and Al
  25. My Suboxone Detox Log - will update daily
  26. Help With Sub Level - 2nd day and don't feel good
  27. Started Suboxone, is it safe with Klonopin?
  28. suboxone taper help
  29. Please help-had surgery last Tuesday-percs not working -when can I go back on sub?
  30. My Story, My Taper, Your Help!!!!!
  31. Tried suboxone taper
  32. Jumping off .5 mg of suboxone.. need support
  33. My experience with opiate addiction , subutex & precipated withdrawl
  34. Day 3 of subs... need advice
  35. Looking for advice and support coming off sub!
  36. Suboxone help pls
  37. New to Suboxone, dealing with side effects?
  38. sub coma..please help
  39. Lesliewes - Starting New Thread for Suboxone Taper - Please help!
  40. need help getting off subs!
  41. Just started subs
  42. advice on oxy taper
  43. Back again
  44. Tapering off Suboxone with anxiety and depression...need support and advice
  45. Suboxone dosage needed to induct for VERY high dosage opiate addict.
  46. Suboxone Taper Plan/ Cutting Suboxone Strips
  47. Cutting Suboxone film- taper down??????
  48. I have ??'s about Robert325 taper plan. Please help with a response someone thx!
  49. Suboxone..Oxy...Vicodens....and have developed allergies to all pain killers
  50. SubTaper-Day 20-horrible anxiety..i need help
  51. Advice on round 2 of sub taper
  52. Sub help needed
  53. Marine needs help, bout to start and hope quickly stop sub
  54. Suboxone taper
  55. need help with sub taper
  56. Day 5 off subs, feel like .
  57. Just switched from methadone to suboxone for pain, wanting to switch back
  58. BonAquaGirls Sub Thread
  59. off Subaxone for over a year
  60. Desperately Seeking words of experience, strength and hope during my Suboxone Taper
  61. 4 days no subs...NEED ADVICE!!!
  62. Tapering off sub after 7 years- need some support
  63. tapering off subs need advice
  64. Prescription Discount Card
  65. Jumping from Sub at .5mg...
  66. Getting on and off subs
  67. Suboxone to methadone
  68. Please i Need help getting off suboxone?
  69. New Year...New Life...Oxy & Suboxone FREE!!!
  70. Need some advise on my last script of Suboxone (detox)
  71. Need Help Jumping Off Ship Completely! Any Advice is Greatly Appreciated :)
  72. A Journal of My Withdrawal From Suboxone... again... lol
  73. Sub-Conpaction!
  74. Did i make a huge mistake by taking suboxone ? would love to hear from robert
  75. suboxone and health supplements
  76. Some Suboxone Advice Please
  77. New here and ANY help would be so much appreciated, want to start taper tommorow :S
  78. How much suboxone will I need ?
  79. Anxiety...rapid heartbeat while trying to taper
  80. Day 9 sub free. Sooooo dizzy.
  81. Opiates to Kratom to Suboxone to...Help
  82. Suboxone free and loving life
  83. CLEAN of Subs for 2013!!!!
  84. oxycodone withdrawal
  85. Please help - I messed up my taper and need advice
  86. Tapered to .5 now comes the hard part!
  87. Getting off suboxone
  88. Having Terrible Panic Attacks While Tapering off of Suboxone...Why?
  89. need some immediate knowledge i dont know what to do seems like er doesnt either.help
  90. Stopped drinking Poppy Tea yesterday and went on Sub last night
  91. Longtime Sub abuser, Gettin' my taper on...rapidly..
  92. Day 6 suboxone withdrawals, have to work construction
  93. End of Sub Taper
  94. Oh no...needing big time HELP!!
  95. Suboxone- Please Help
  96. Intro new here and have some questions any advice would be appreciated
  97. Here's my story!
  98. Long term Suboxone user Tapering and really need advice and/or Supoort
  99. How do I cut the strips?
  100. Made the Jump…Is it normal to feel ok?
  101. Sub advice please
  102. Need help with Suboxone induction, please!
  103. Help. Sub or not to sub
  104. Ready to jump (almost). Would love encouragement/advice.
  105. suboxone for pain?!
  106. Colonscopy doctor screws up!
  107. Suboxone/Subutex Taper Question
  108. 14 Year Methadone pt. switching to Suboxone
  109. Help!
  110. i feel like i didnt take my suboxone today...in agony!!
  111. feeling shakey and speedy and heart racing from suboxone :(
  112. Nearly Painless Suboxone Withdrawal But Now SEVERE Depression!
  113. Robert can you please answer a subutex ?
  114. Week Two of Suboxone Taper
  115. Stepped out of the Methadone prison, want to use Buprenorphine for rapid withdrawal.
  116. Can anyone help with questions about suboxone
  117. just got induced this morning
  118. Stuck and need some advice (suboxone taper)!
  119. ????
  120. Third time trying to get off suboxone
  121. Robert Could I get your advice/help please for tapering off Suboxone
  122. New user to suboxone program?? Should i or not?
  123. wishing i would have read robert_325 taper BEFORE starting suboxone from Dr
  124. Yet another withdrawal diary (kinda)
  125. Educate me please
  126. freaking out about suboxin and possible withdrawals? help!
  127. From Roxies to Subs - Help with Taper
  128. What can I expect? Any help....
  129. Erratic methadone use - not sure about when I can start Sub!!
  130. Suboxone success story, no withdrawals.. long time lurker
  131. Scared to death
  132. Four months of suboxone...
  133. need help with Sub Taper- Would love to find Robert again!!
  134. need help!!! think i need to reinduce!!!
  135. can someone help!
  136. I did it!
  137. detoxing off methadone using subutex
  138. Review of my taper program?
  139. Robert Could I please get your help - Seeing Dr. for Sub detox tomorrow
  140. 4 Days Off Sub - I think this is FINALLY it!
  141. Subutex withdrawals....if I can do it, you can do it!!!
  142. Waiting o reach 26 on COWS...any advice?
  143. I could use Robert's help
  144. Anyone thats been through withdrawl knows NO WAY CAN U EXERCISE
  145. would like to know what to expect after stopping suboxone
  146. how can I get in touch with Robert?
  147. Want off Suboxone.. Worth trying Subutex?
  148. 8th day off suboxone...
  149. 11 days off of suboxone.
  150. Started Sub 2 weeks ago - sharing my experience and requesting Robert and whoever
  151. Short term Suboxone! Robert_325 Your Wisdom Would be Appreciated!
  152. HELP!!! I've run into BIG trouble with my sub taper
  153. Really need Suboxone advice from Suboxone experts
  154. Need information regarding Suboxone step-down
  155. Using suboxone to ease my withdrawal pains... good idea or bad?!?
  156. Can suboxone be used to get off tramadol addiction?
  157. Need help with suboxone
  158. secret adiction
  159. Suboxone treatment question
  160. Need Roberts advice asap! freaked out...
  161. Robert I remember you from three years ago, I need help again
  162. Robert i need your help too
  163. The Truth is ugly...day 32 off suboxone 14 days off ambien
  164. Question regarding sub withdrawals
  165. PLz help i need advice on sub use Robert
  166. On subs for 4days not sure what to do next!
  167. Starting sub tomorrow - Robert, sent you a PM. I would love your help.
  168. So many loose threads
  169. Robert can you help me I am so screwed!
  170. I DON’T THINK I CAN DO THIS. REALLY! Robert help me please.
  171. Severe withdrawls... Advice please asap!!
  172. Seeking an answer from Robert_325 on recent Suboxone Induction
  173. Donnella needs Robert's help on sub taper
  174. Suboxone Withdraw Sucks
  175. My experience w subutex..maybe it will help you.
  176. Need help/answers
  177. Paging Robert!!
  178. Precipitated withdrawals almost over
  179. Paging robert_325
  180. Scared and need help - 2nd day on suboxone
  181. Robert's sub taper help I'm stuck!!! n inspiration
  182. Day 14 off Suboxone~ I'm gonna be honest
  183. Day 14 off Suboxone~ I'm gonna be honest
  184. Unique problem encountered while trying to use Robert_325's taper
  185. Would Love some Suboxone Taper advice...
  186. Pregnant and need off subs. Someone please help ASAP
  187. Rob Can you check it out .
  188. Tapered to .250 Questions for Robert
  189. sub detox
  190. Need Help Tapering--Please Help!
  191. Need help tapering, 32 weeks pregnant
  192. My diary from my jump on suboxone.
  193. Looking for Robert_325 advice on suboxone treatment
  194. Calling Robert! Want Quick Taper Off Sub
  195. Help please with suboxone and withdrawals...was on low dose for only a month...
  196. Please Help Anybody for Suboxone taper
  197. Need affordable sub Dr in Tampa bay
  198. Urgent! Suboxone Taper. Questions. In need of advice asap!
  199. Robert_325 Can you please advise me regarding Suboxone
  200. Suboxone Program/Starting Taper...Looking for a Support or Advice Buddy :)
  201. Need music suggestions for my therapy
  202. Robert_325, Starting Sub Taper...Help/Support?
  203. Thanks Robert, Trying
  204. Suboxone Help, Please!!!!
  205. Sub Withdrawl - Diary of a 7 Year User - Thor
  206. Robert_325, Suboxone Day 26,taper Guidance please!!!
  207. Short term suboxone detox
  208. See my Post on Need To Talk - On Sub for 7 Yrs - Jumped yesterday - Today is Day 2
  209. Stopping Suboxone: what to expect; when to expect it; what to do?
  210. Robert plz help, going to SUB after years of hydros
  211. Getting off of hydros after many years and onto SUB PLZ HELP
  212. Starting taper. Looking for guidance.
  213. TO Robert325 - Cutting strips, 2x p/day taper vs. 1x p/day, etc. Please answer!
  214. Suboxone help with tapering please help!
  215. Robert please help me, god bless
  216. Robert - Help with short term Sub withdrawl
  217. It starts now!!!
  218. 50 days clean!!!!!
  219. wow i think i somehow got lucky the first time...my doc ecperiencr
  220. Robert_325- I need help on sub Induction Please!
  221. First post: suboxone guidance (Robert325, please?)
  222. Should I start to taper? Robert? Anyone?
  223. Need help with subs ASAP please from anyone who can help
  224. Newbie Question of Suboxone Taper
  225. Need advice ASAP
  226. Robert325 - Been on 4 years, down to .5...jump off before July 2?
  227. Subs Stolen...What do I do?
  228. robert 325 please help me off suboxone
  229. I was inducted too high!
  230. Out of the darkness...
  231. Years on suboxone
  232. Roller Coaster Ride.. 2nd day of induction????
  233. Quick Question about subutex
  234. trouble with first day on subutex, every time
  235. Making a Taper Down Calender ~ imput/suggestions appreciated
  236. Starting Suboxone taper on Thursday. I have some Questions for Robert 325
  237. NEWBIE here (kinda)~pls advise down to last 9 tablets(Robert HELP)
  238. Day 5 off Suboxone - Please help
  239. FAO Robert, can you help me please?? Thanks!
  240. Please help asap. Someone. Anyone with knowledge. How do i fix my brain. Want 2 quit!
  241. Day 14 (2 Weeks) and Clean!!! You can do it!!!!!!
  242. 120Mg of methadone daily to 16Mg of Suboxone
  243. Subitex: 2mg once per day or 1 mg twice per day?
  244. Robert_325 Can you help?
  245. Robert & Melinda please?
  246. Appetite On Suboxone
  247. skipping days
  248. Quick Question...
  249. One questions... that is probably trivial...
  250. 21 days clean~!