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  1. Subutex for 40 mg Vicodin addiction
  2. Second day on Sub Strips & Not Well
  3. Sub doesn't seem to be working :/
  4. 6 days off of suboxone how long until w/d symptoms lessen
  5. Need Help!! Suboxone not really holding me.
  6. WD's form a week on sub's
  7. ready to do this
  8. Lost, thread and mind!! Trying subutex?
  9. Need a little bit of advice with my taper plan.
  10. Introduction/ Tapering off subs
  11. Suboxone Beginings
  12. suboxone withdrawal 24mgs cold turkey experience
  13. Unsure about suboxone treatment ???
  14. Looking for robert_325 or his wife need help w/induction
  15. Opiates (incl. Suboxone) and reading. I have real trouble with it. Anyone?
  16. Just about to start Suboxone - SCARED, help !!!
  17. Help please
  18. Having Surgery need help with taper
  19. Taper Round 2
  20. Why Subs?
  21. Starting Sub Taper... Any advice Appreciated!
  22. Getting off Suboxone at 8 to 10mg per day for 3 years with help of other medications
  23. Is taper even POSSIBLE????
  24. Kat? Or whomever? Tapering support
  25. I'm new, starting subs. PLEASE HELP
  26. Day 5 Suboxone withdrawal, I need advice...
  27. Surgery and Suboxone! Not exactly sure what to do.
  28. mom seeking help and understanding
  29. Suboxone - The Lifesaving Curse
  30. I need help (trying to get off of subox-again)
  31. Looking for a suboxone taper buddy.
  32. Suboxone Detox
  33. First day skipping doses
  34. First day of Skipping. Need encouragment
  35. Just want sobriety..
  36. Need some support. Working on short term Suboxone detox. Out of subs
  37. sub question
  38. Suboxne/subutex withdrawl;s 57 days sober and still feeling like hell.
  39. Using Subutex (Buprenorphine) to Taper off Tramadol Addiction - HELP NEEDED!
  40. Looking for a sub taper buddy!
  41. 6 Years Subs ..Taking me down
  42. Not sure what to do
  43. I have an idea - Need some feedback
  44. Can suboxone "Turn on you"?
  45. long term suboxone use, exepriencing withdrawal symptoms, i think
  46. could really use help weaning off Subs correctly
  47. Need help coming up with a taper plan for Suboxone.
  48. 4.5 days into suboxone withdrawal
  49. on sub tapering program was given dilaudid at hospital
  50. I need suboxone advice
  51. Please help! Im stuck on suboxone!
  52. J's gonna quit sub
  53. Tapering/Jumping
  54. could really use help weaning off Subs correctly
  55. Suboxone withdrawl
  56. >Trying to taper methadone down enough for sub induction ANY AND ALL ADVICE NEEDED!!
  57. pregnant & on suboxone need advice please
  58. day 18 after fast taper
  59. Suboxone use questions.
  60. Reaching out for support and advice with suboxone taper
  61. Get Free
  62. Suboxone and Oxycodone help!
  63. Sub withdrawal
  64. trying to taper starting at 3 mg.s
  65. Here we go again - I need some support, let's chat! Please
  66. Subutex in Nashville? Coming off 2yrs or 16mg a day, Ouch.
  67. Need support
  68. How to Cut Suboxone Strips Correctly!
  69. Suboxone withdrawal please reply, need encouragment and tips asap
  70. Taper #6...still fighting the fight.
  71. Suboxone strip storage.
  72. This is the year I'm going to get off Methadone
  73. Day 5 opiate W/D, Having a rough time. .Advice needed please!!!
  74. Trying to taper from 2mg to 1mg
  75. Need support!
  76. Suboxone withdraw cold turkey
  77. Suboxone to kick oxy habit?
  78. Suboxone tappering, Starting Today
  79. Strips >> tablets for tapering.
  80. I want off the "Sub"way
  81. I want off.. help
  82. Help please
  83. Need help with Tapering.
  84. A new beginning!!
  85. Jumping off suboxone from 2mg
  86. Help...
  87. Subutex and suboxone first time detoxing
  88. Newb just started sub, advice please?
  89. Suboxone Maintenace Nightmare
  90. 40 mgs methadone to suboxone (waiting to induce )
  91. Husaband /Wife in need of any HELP that can be given!!!!
  92. Suboxone half life calculator
  93. My Story and Suboxone Home Detox
  94. Need help tapering off Subs while pregnant!
  95. 24 hrs w/o oxy and only an 8 on COWS?
  96. Zubsolv (Buprenorphine/Naloxone) taper? Please help....
  97. Subutex Reduction. 12mg - 8mg Went Well. Now Reduce from 8mg - 4mg?
  98. Tapered Off Suboxone With Success!
  99. Question about Subutex
  100. subutex
  101. Jbm1
  102. Suggestions for suboxone quick taper? Thanks!!
  103. Please help, I can't take another day like this. Have you been here?
  104. On sub 9 days, must get off asap!
  105. A walk in the Park......considering.
  106. Suboxone question
  107. subutex withdrawals
  108. Dr. Closed and was left cold turkey.
  109. 5 days clean from Suboxone.
  110. Can I get a show of posts from successful stories of detoxing from Suboxone.
  111. Made a decision out of fear, now when do I start my subs?
  112. Starting Suboxone Treatment Tomorrow - Induction
  113. Need to jump off Suboxone NOW - Can Someone help?
  114. Starting suboxone tomorrow..just some questions
  115. suboxone withdrawal advice
  116. please help I want my life back
  117. need info please
  118. Need advice,starting Suboxone 2mrw
  119. *PLEASE HELP* Need to figure this out by morning/Soboxon Therapy or Rehab?
  120. Need help with Subutex Taper
  121. HELP Having Allergy Symptoms With Subutex After Years of Use......
  122. suboxone PREGNANT
  123. Please read asap
  124. Inducted at 16 mg's
  125. Starting Suboxone
  126. Craving
  127. Help :(
  128. I desperately need help tapering off subs
  129. Need help please with taper
  130. Ready To Stop... More Advice?
  131. Confused again
  132. 240 mg oxy habit & deathly afraid of suboxone
  133. 240 mg oxy habit & deathly afraid of suboxone
  134. Confused!!!!
  135. New here; Seeking support/advice on suboxone self-taper
  136. Need a plan, have to get off this stuff.
  137. just seeing how long i can last till a relapse?
  138. Need advice bad!
  139. On Suboxone for 2 years and ready to get off
  140. Making the plan :) please help me
  141. Impatient With Tapering Off Sub After 4yrs
  142. Finally ready please support me too!
  143. 2 Days on Subutex
  144. On Suboxone for 7 years and relapsed, now im fighting for recovery and life.
  145. 6 months tomorrow off subs, 2yrs off roxi
  146. Advice please
  147. Posts gone???
  148. Need help! Just started sub and it was a disaster
  149. Suboxone
  150. Looking for Support
  151. Want to be normal again! Please help w/ taper :)
  152. Question about Suboxone Treatment. Need Expert Help.
  153. Im so close....freedom of this dependancy I so want.
  154. Suboxone Taper HELP!!
  155. good news. solved restless legs syndrome
  156. On Sub 4 years, quit with little withdrawal -my story
  157. Comming of Suboxne
  158. kicking my habit sub w/d (physical) length
  159. is suboxone the right choice? please help!
  160. Trying to get off subs again...
  161. Day 1...here we go!
  162. Sub Day 1 - need guidance
  163. Working and tapering?
  164. Quitting methadone with sub taper
  165. 8th day without Suboxone what should I do?
  166. Next move? Please help w/taper!
  167. Suboxone Withdrawal Day 12 - Is this normal?
  168. Suboxone therapy
  169. Need Help Please - Switching from Percocet to Suboxone?
  170. norco to butrans patch
  171. Tomorrow is the day!
  172. Suboxone help
  173. sub taper. need all the help I can get!
  174. Getting off suboxone
  175. Ryanc2449
  176. Suboxone Detox Insomnia
  177. Hi everyone... I really cannot believe I am back
  178. Started on Suboxone today - questions and comments please
  179. HELP PLS... anyone on suboxone and pregnant like me?
  180. I have been reading "Alex" and "SHARKS" and others long threads just to familiarize
  181. 24mg of IV suboxone use and 7months pregnant
  182. Will the Subs let me go?
  183. mrLobster Needs Advice for Rapid Sub Taper--HELP PLS
  184. Rehab in a bit over a month, need to get off Suboxone et. al. dosage?
  185. Forced into weaning
  186. suboxone taper. scared as all hell.
  187. Forced into quick suboxone taper, please help
  188. Ready to taper off suboxone - can someone help me?
  189. from 30 pills of 10mlg norco to suboxone.
  190. Suboxone Taper - On such low does, still feel horrid - Please help.
  191. Methadone to Subox switch questions
  192. Tapering - PLEASE: Need Advice
  193. Please help! Can you/has anyone used oxy to help with sub withdrawal?
  194. anyone else down to 0.183??
  195. Relocated and out of Buprenorphine!!! Help!!!
  196. Which treatment centers.....
  197. 62 days off subs , you can do it!!
  198. Just inducted
  199. Opinion about subutex wd
  200. Had to quit Suboxone without tapering
  201. Subutec Taper Help
  202. Do i need to go through this process again?
  203. Someone tell me this gets better
  204. Enough is enough
  205. New!! Need help please
  206. Spitting "extra" Suboxone out?
  207. Suboxone & Drug Tests
  208. Just got on Suboxone -- Need advice
  209. seeking help on taper off methadone > sub
  210. suboxone withdrawl help
  211. New member looking for help getting clean
  212. CES machines and opiate withdrawal
  213. suboxone taper/anxiety/neck&jaw pain
  214. day 10 off subs, I see the light
  215. Trouble Stabilizing on Subs
  216. Time to be done....
  217. off subs day 7 yay
  218. Helping a friend
  219. SLOW taper off Suboxone/Subutex during pregnancy & miscarriage risk?
  220. Started a Taper
  221. Ready to jump,, please help..
  222. Fog is lifting. Thanks for this forum
  223. 150 days sub free!
  224. Need Help Starting Suboxone or Methadone Detox
  225. Starting suboxon from opanas
  226. is it time to stop taking suboxone?
  227. i took a quart of a sub from taking methadone
  228. New around, Tapering off subs but just need a bit of help
  229. Looking for taper buddies and positive influences!
  230. Finally in the process of suboxone taper. Realize I could use some help and support.
  231. Back once again. Second times the charm..?
  232. suboxone detox???
  233. HELP! Looking for guidance with Subs. Started last night...
  234. I don't know how to do this!
  235. Wanting to start tapering of Subutex and jump any advise is greatly WELCOMED!
  236. Down to 1mg, ready to be off looking for tips/support
  237. 6+ years on suboxone.. And want to come off! Help me!
  238. For the Person Who Needed Help With Methadone to Subs
  239. Weaning off Suboxone, So far so good!
  240. new here need advice
  241. Sub help - weaning
  242. I Have Stopped Subutex
  243. Been on .125 of subs for 4 days , no major withdrawals
  244. Is it possible for half life to be 200 hours long for long term users (8 years)
  245. Please help!
  246. Jumped from 3 mg
  247. almost done with the suboxone!
  248. Day two please help
  249. Encouragement for those looking to get off Suboxone
  250. I am so tired of being an idiot