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  1. attempting to kick this once and for all.
  2. just need some support
  3. Sub questions- only 1.5 month in
  4. New member....need help, just to talk....
  5. Ambien Ambien CR Sleeping pill addiction
  6. Need big help with methadone... What to do?
  7. why dont l feel my xanax when im on my adderall and suboxone
  8. Hello! New member looking for help with suboxone information! Taper or Detox?
  9. Kick Vicodin with suboxone
  10. Classic addictive personality gone awry and trying to deal with it
  11. Oxycodone 30/mg daily for 2 and 1/2 years
  12. Starting a Suboxone/Bupe detox with 2 weapons: Kratom and Loperamide
  13. Strange situation.. Need advice
  14. I'm back, 24 hours and clean from Vicy, had to share some expirences,
  15. Medication for anxiety / panic attack that is not as dangerous as Xanax?
  16. How do you help/intervene w/a pill abuser/addict??
  17. Ready to just be done
  18. tapering question...
  19. Need some advice on withdrawals
  20. Tapering Tramadol
  21. xanax withdrawals are BAD! END of week 1....still need HELP!
  22. my theory of suboxone tapering
  23. Currently In A Short Term Love Affair Wirh Suboxone - Easiest Way To End?
  24. Opiat withdrawl at home with children around. Help need advice
  25. Tapering off of Suboxone
  26. Fentanyl withdrawl at home. nurontin help? Any advice on the matter
  27. Tired of this
  28. My husband is addicted to presciptions and I dont know how to help him
  29. Just been switched to subutex from suboxen.... Still craving the suboxen! Why??
  30. His taking my pills!
  31. 12 days free
  32. Hi Artist
  33. any advice on gabapentin for withdrawals from suboxone
  34. stuck at 0.125mg / 24 hours of suboxone
  35. Wish I never started
  36. Fentanyl detox and hydrocondone brake thru pain
  37. Percocet/lortab
  38. rapid detox
  39. need help my boyfriends addicted to opiates n xanax
  40. Xanax and methadone withdrawals
  41. suffering from methadonial hell
  42. Polcical for Polycystic Kidney Disease Treatment
  43. Please Help
  44. Oxy Ween using Exalgo
  45. How long until clean from Oxy?
  46. methadone withdrawal story FROM HELL and back from 85mg to 6mg Any advice!
  47. Encouraging Update -- What's happened in 3 years.
  48. Need Help with a Suboxone taper wanna be done with this and any advice helps Pleasee
  49. I'm ready to eliminate my addiction to Percocet - PLEASE HELP ME🙏
  50. I was wondering if only having 2-8mg sub strips would work for my whole taper process
  51. My daughter is addicted to pills
  52. Not sure how to wean off my suboxone. Ideas/Help appreciated!
  53. My story with Oxycontin OP
  54. withdrawls from oxycodone
  55. hi all- me again- not sure what to post or not to but could be going into benzo wd
  56. Needing supporting tips, my husband is quitting suboxone cold turkey
  57. Any advice for a nursing student who is tapering off methadone?
  58. Oh my oh my!
  59. Mad and DONE!
  60. desperate mum who wants off subutex
  61. Clean for almost 6 mos. ( 1 3day relaspe 40 days ago) NO ENERGY<stomach issues
  62. Roxicodone and klonopin question
  63. Plz help me robert
  64. Starting life over...kickin the 40mg a day hydro...
  65. Want To Taper Suboxone
  66. Working while withdrawing
  67. 10th day clean but need help
  68. New here and need help
  69. What other detox methods other then suboxone
  70. Norco withdrawal
  71. On Suboxone For Over 3 yrs. and Have Questions About Taper..Please Help!!
  72. A few sub/oxy ?s
  73. Start suboxone or do an oxycodone taper HELP
  74. 2 days till i start subs
  75. Addicted to codeine, I need help
  76. Morphine withdrawals
  77. Husband, daddy, working man.....addict
  78. On Methadone, need advise about withdrawls
  79. Change is a good thing! Addicted to Subs :(
  80. I need help please. (Norco addition)
  81. Need some help, please!?!
  82. detox off of deathadone from 360-15 and ready to jump!
  83. Oxycontinin 40mg 3 X day Rx, but want to stop
  84. 36 hours without vicodin
  85. Scared too death
  86. OMG I am pregnant and taking oxyneo please help
  87. Oxy Withdrawal - Leg Pain Help!
  88. Day two of weaning, I am terrified.
  89. plz help
  90. Day 18 of jump from 16mg/day of Subs..
  91. Suboxone withdrawal cure (what worked for me)
  92. Ending my Norco habit!
  93. Addiction interruption---- no withdrawals!!!!!
  94. Kicking a 300 mg oxycodone+>>>>>>e addiction... Will I ever feel normal again?
  95. Oxycodone Withdrawal
  96. How can I taper off of 32mg of Suboxone a day?
  97. 1 week
  98. carbamazepine & cyp450 induction
  99. Pregnant and trying to come off of subutex...Robert325??
  100. 5 Days No Roxies...
  101. Adderall addiction
  102. Hard Time Getting og MS Contin
  103. Suboxone, How Long After "Breaking Through Barrier" Should Take Next Dose?
  104. Scared of sub withdawals! Need some advice please
  105. Day 5 - Percocet Free - I DID IT, and you will too!
  106. Day 1 of sub taper, looking for words of wisdom, support, and advice.
  107. Hydocodone 400+mg per day kicking the habit finally but need help!
  108. Suboxone gives me terrible headaches
  109. 41 days without Hydrocodone
  110. 30 days off oxycodone and was 300mg day user..
  111. Need advice
  112. Hydrocodone question, detoxed/detoxing
  113. New to this site...need help w my suboxone script and taper
  114. day 1
  115. Hydrocodone Withdrawal Eased with Tramadol?
  116. Need help with suboxone taper
  117. History + Subs taper questions.....
  118. Oxy: Weening DOWN but NOT off
  119. Teenage Prescription Drug Abuse
  120. Oxy detox, just wanted to tell someone
  121. Really don't know what to do
  122. Need Help With Questions About Methadone / Ativan Use
  123. New and needing help, advice and support please
  124. fentanyl and Percocet
  125. bupenorphine, cya
  126. Oxycodone withdrawal timeline (I tapered down, per doc's orders)
  127. here we go....again....
  128. hey looking for some advice
  129. Xanax Withdrawal - How Much Longer
  130. I just took Tramadol during my Subutex withdrawal (thought it was safe)! So scared!
  131. Day 4...... my crossroad
  132. Hello I just joined and of course I have some embarassing questions!
  133. Looking for advice from people in recovery
  134. Overwhelmed, and a feeling a little lost.
  135. help please!! very scared
  136. Clean since June 2nd 2012, surgery and pain killers now
  137. Luvox and Xanax taper
  138. Tramadol withdrawal
  139. Suboxone and surgery
  140. Methadone Withdrawal
  141. Suboxone withdrawal after 1 month?
  142. 30 Vicodins left.......need wisdom for tapering / PLEASE REPLY AND HELP!!!
  143. Getting off Fentanyl patch and Suboxone?
  144. Help just found out i was pregnant and now going cold turkey off of Tylenol 1s
  145. Help with my lethargic life away from pain meds
  146. need help with suboxone taper
  147. 2 year Hydro/Oxy/Tramadol addiction
  148. I need help getting off benzos...please help me with a tapering schedule, scared :(
  149. No withdrawal symptoms - vicodin norco
  150. Long Term Usage Norco/Vicodin Withdrawal
  151. The effects of adderall/stimulants on opiate withdrawal/recovery
  152. 10-12 10/325 per day... Need help!
  153. Please help! Recovery addict and relapse
  154. Q: Length of time using vs. Amount using
  155. Help with getting off opiates
  156. 21mg hydrocodone daily - what can I expect
  157. Sedation Therapy?
  158. Suboxone Free 3/13/13 Thanks Robert...Others
  159. I have had enouph
  160. Worried about Tramadol
  161. How I went off 100mg of methadone w/little to no wd's
  162. Dating an Addiction
  163. 26 hours in c/t
  164. HELP ME PLEASE, desperate to be a good mom again
  165. Using Suboxone to detox from opiates
  166. Advice
  167. Help needed regarding Depression
  168. Hydrocodone withdrawal and depression :(
  169. Help!!! I need sound advice on family drug addict!!!
  170. first time
  171. Adderall addiction?
  172. Forced off Vicodin after 5 years.
  173. help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  174. suboxone 2 weeks then stopping question
  175. sleepless night after codeine addiction
  176. Day 5 I'm FREE
  177. 9 days of oxy 30's
  178. lorazepam 1mg x 3
  179. Switching from methadone to suboxone about to start taking the suboxone
  180. Day Nine of my New Old Life
  181. I need help with the Thomas Recipie for my husband
  182. 1/2 Norco left; forced weaning
  183. My 3rd attempt to quit suboxone
  184. Tapering and withdrawal help
  185. 3 days clean!!!!
  186. Need answers for my Suboxone detox PLEASE
  187. Just started Subs, need advice
  188. my husband has opiate addiction, what should I do?
  189. I lied to my doctor today anyone else have that problem???!
  190. Off the oxys and hurt like HELL ( help)
  191. Day 4 of Coming off perk 30s
  192. BloggerMom's Detox Story
  193. Suggestions / help
  194. percocets best way to quit
  195. Comming off Xanax, drug test worries
  196. tapered down to 3-500's vicodin scared to jump
  197. New here
  198. Hydro W/D's
  199. My daughters addiction
  200. Cant take it
  201. Xanax addiction PLEASE HELP!
  202. Bye bye oxycodone, hello suboxone
  203. BlackKats own sub thread!
  204. suboxone
  205. addicted to fentanyl,trying to quit
  206. Oxycodone my love
  207. I have been following all suboxene post to get help
  208. How can I stop this habit?
  209. Need support
  210. Just left my husband due to his pain killer addiction......
  211. Mom's Addiction-Tylenol 4s
  212. methadone addiction
  213. day 4 and it's ...odd.. wanted to talk
  214. day 1 C/T off of OXy's and it HURTS!!
  215. will i ever sleep again?
  216. This has got to stop....NOW!
  217. Advice
  218. Suboxone help - taper or not?
  219. Treating Hydrocodone addiction with Cymbalta/Klonopin
  220. Husband "Steals" my prescribed pain meds.
  221. Husband's addiction - the lying and sneaking around
  222. Any advice, help or blunt opinions appreciated
  223. Perc & Fent Detox. Congdon VS Thomas recipe, support really needed please!
  224. My Suboxone Withdrawal - You CAN do this!
  225. So I am out of suboxne
  226. Tramadol Taper Starts Today / Tramahell Ends Today
  227. Vivitrol to suboxone
  228. Just not going to accept that this is how I have to live!
  229. Going cold turkey!!!!
  230. Light roxy use (60 mg/day 3-4 times a week)...my story...advice appreciated.
  231. ADVICE Please....or a Swift Kick in the Butt...(BOTH ARE DESPERATELY NEEDED)
  232. I SURVIVED...Tramdevil (Tramadol)
  233. need help with oxycodone
  234. Coming off Vicodin...
  235. Wife's addiction
  236. mother of 7 in detress no one understands
  237. So many questions...
  238. Is it all in my head?
  239. Need help with Suboxone induction, please!
  240. Need help tapering from Effexor, Clonezpam & Subs (But I am on Robert325's schedule)
  241. Pregnant and addicted to pain meds: LONG
  242. Passing of my mother
  243. Buprenorphine injection questions
  244. Qxy withdrawl question
  245. Need help/advice..really don't know what to do
  246. its day 6 and i feel so crazy.
  247. Suboxone abuser
  248. Mother on methadone...can she lose custody?
  249. Oxycodone Addiction
  250. Tapering off Percocet! Really need some support on this one.