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  1. Methadon/Suboxone jump day 14>>>
  2. that fine line
  3. Day 25 suboxone withdrawal CT - success!
  4. Husband of 22 years is an addict, not sure what to do next
  5. please, some advice on suboxone and precipitated withdrawls..
  6. Pregnant & need help with end of taper!
  7. sick of loratabs
  8. Possible Klonopin Withdrawal
  9. Please help with methadone withdrawal strange (?) symptom
  10. Percocet/Suboxone Questions- I would love help and support
  11. Girlfriend uses Oxycodone
  12. Super confused
  13. made it 30 hours...more time to go
  14. Need A little help with my Xanex Addition
  15. Dr gave me a cocktail of drugs for opiate withdrawal. Experiences please
  16. 10 yr prescription addiction, off over 3 months. No subs or methadone, don't prolong
  17. Deciding to leave husband for opiate addiction.
  18. My story of successfully conquering Lexapro & benzos
  19. 23 year old mom.....nowhere else to turn.
  20. Wd off suboxone and percocet
  21. methadone
  22. couldnt go cold turkey but weaning has been successful!!!
  23. It never ends. Words of encouragement?
  24. 49 hrs since last perc going ct
  25. clinic is fee detoxing me (Rapid detox)
  26. Day 10 Off Opiates.........
  27. methadone drop off 6 mg and how long will the rls and anxiety last?
  28. hydrocodone withdrawal 2 days in
  29. Not sure what day im at
  30. Tried weaning and failed....Need Support!
  31. Boyfriend addicted to percocets- bipolar and temperamental when using
  32. Recent surgery cannot kick the hydrocodone need help and support
  33. tramadol addict getting clean
  34. I thought I'd share my story
  35. Tapering of Methadone down to 10ml please help!
  36. Can someone only be addicted to suboxone and never use other drugs
  37. DAY 1 through DAY 10 going COLD TURKEY
  38. Filling the Gap (White Collar Addicts)
  39. Day 1 - Cold Turkey
  40. After SIX years I have 2 days left
  41. Sun will shine again
  42. Need help to taper with subs
  43. Switching benzos while tapering Vicodin, help please! Life in danger?!
  44. 7 years chasing the high is finally over
  45. Desperately needing help with tapering on suboxone
  46. 17 hours in... and im freaking out
  47. starting my journey and so scared. advise?
  48. Don't know where to start? Advice please!!!
  49. 11 weeks pregnant percocet addiction.
  50. Percocet Withdraw/addiction l I Need Help
  51. Day 6 opiate free and still feel withdrawals!
  52. Percocet for pain/surgery pain gone, now WD symptoms
  53. Withdrawing from tramadol-48 hours in
  54. Insurance...Paying for Medicine
  55. Ex boyfriend addicted to pain meds, how can I help
  56. Does anyone have any experience with zubsolv withdrawal? What am I in for?
  57. How Adderall/Amphetamines Corrupted Me & Ruined Everything
  58. Norcos
  59. hydrocodone to suboxone need advice.
  60. First time
  61. Trouble with tired feeling but can't sleep -day 6
  62. Day 6 Norco free
  63. I need to talk.
  64. Bad oxycodone/contin problem-I need HELP!
  65. Parent seeking advice
  66. 5 years addicted to hydros
  67. 5 years addicted to hydros
  68. Need some support
  69. help!
  70. 24 hours in and terrified
  71. help with opiate withdrawals
  72. fatigue problems from detox
  73. Could Use A Little Help
  74. It's 4 am, why am I awake? I've been clean for 2 weeks but can't sleep at night.
  75. 2 Weeks Clean Today! Need support and advice :)
  76. quiting
  77. Coming off many medications from detox (inc: hydro, clonaz, soma etc) and want advice
  78. 5 days without Hydrocodone- want one so bad!
  79. Back after over 2 years, couldn't do it but hope to now.
  80. 6 Months clean of oxy
  81. Sadly I have relapsed....I'm such a loser
  82. I Jumped Today! Will Update This Thread Daily.
  83. My taper thoughts. Need advice please.
  84. Xanax,please help!!! Breaking down
  85. Dr. Is stepping me down, but side effects are rough, need help
  86. Moved from U.S to Sweden, Suboxone detox help please :-(
  87. Weaned off Tramadol, Codeine is next
  88. Please Help -- Scared & Alone trying to quit Oxy30. Melindau? Anyone?
  89. Suboxone Taper-Down to 2.25mg! I'm impatiently wanting to just jump!
  90. How long now before jump?
  91. 3 year subutex addiction, trying to withdraw but need help!
  92. 2 week hydrcodone binge what to expect
  93. Problem with norcos, need to quit
  94. ankylosing spondylitis, tramadol, addiction and severe OCD
  95. Need SUB Taper Buddy.
  96. please help me
  97. Codeine addiction
  98. OnSuboxone and have surgery coming up for wisdom teeth with gen anesthesia. Robert?
  99. Someone please help me before it's too late.
  100. Alone and need help
  101. Decade long addiction to Norco
  102. Addicted to pain pills
  103. Please help - burning skin sensation Lortab withdrawal?
  104. General Ignorance About Dependency
  105. HELP! Newlywed here... found out my husband is dependent on Percocet.
  106. Help with husband's tramadol addiction
  107. Trying to get off suboxone after 4 years of treatment.
  108. Tapering Down....Almost done!!! See the light at the end of the tunnel
  109. in search of non-judgemental moral support.
  110. slight relapse
  111. Oxycodone withdrawal - Help please
  112. Reducing fentanyl with severe chronic pain
  113. Slipped during suboxone detox
  114. Starting the journey
  115. I feel like a wimp
  116. Please help. 8 year long opiate addict. home remedy suggestions
  117. My Tramadol story
  118. Sub Day 1 today - need guidance
  119. scared I'll relapse
  120. Norco taper schedule
  121. oxycoden withdrawal question?
  122. HELP! it's like i started withdrawal over on day 15
  123. Going off norco and morphine
  124. hydrocodone dependency
  125. Suboxone To Jump or Not to Jump?
  126. Depression/Anxiety after NORCO,,,,,,,,how long??????????
  127. here goes nothing
  128. detoxing off of buprenorphin 8mg 2 X daily
  129. Percocet nightmare
  130. Please help
  131. New here. Attempting to get off Norco, wanting to but...need people to talk to maybe?
  132. Hydro withdrawal
  133. oxy withdrawal, help. im scared and need support and advice.
  134. It's GO time.. quitting Suboxone
  135. On my 65th hour of my 4th attemp at quitting norco
  136. Need Advice norco taper vs suboxone treatment
  137. How can 1 vicodin affect me after 15 months clean?
  138. Trying to kick vics, percs, norcs, trams, etc... after close to almost ten yrs
  139. Quitting Suboxone Question
  140. Opiate Withdrawals
  141. 4 pills left
  142. Trying to quit on my own
  143. I'm withdrawing, N E 1 else withdrawing want to communicate through process?
  144. Need to quit percocets, taking over my mind ruining my marriage.
  145. Successful 7 day Sub Taper
  146. pill and suboxne addiction/withdrawal
  147. I'm on 36 hours with no percocet
  148. Have taken Hydros for YRS. now DOC wants me to go on BUTRANS? HELP I am scared?
  149. Gotta be done with dilaudid.
  150. Methadone to Suboxone Questions
  151. help me please how long does methadone withdraw last
  152. Norco Withdrawl Journal
  153. Tramadol Cessation Plan/Advice?
  154. alone with my 4 year old during Roxi withdrawal
  155. need help bad!!
  156. Help! I'm stopping my hydrocodone addiction cold turkey
  157. 24mg of IV suboxone use and 7months pregnant
  158. Battling Depressing with my taper
  159. In Opiate w/d & dealing with a jaw that was shattered
  160. Ok Ill start my own story with hydro
  161. help with trying to stop pain pills
  162. struggling with methadone withdrawal. Help?
  163. Norco addiction 3+ years thinking about Suboxone
  164. heartbroken and confused
  165. Please i need help with my Noroco additction.
  166. Info on Tapering from Opiates
  167. helping husband?
  168. sub withdrawls not unbearable.
  169. Need help! I have to stop!
  170. trying to kick suboxone with no luck
  171. Hardest thing I've ever done
  172. Feeling inspired by old thread, I am quitting, NOW.
  173. 21 years old and pregnant on day 3 of withdrawals help!!!!
  174. Quitting Soon/ Introduction
  175. Cant stop the pills
  176. How do you post?
  177. Help
  178. My fianc
  179. 3yr sub 5dayClean NO wds????
  180. Roxicodone withdrawal help . Losing everything
  181. Help
  182. From methadone to suboxone...advice plz
  183. Suboxone process help needed
  184. Suboxone dependent!!
  185. I Just Want To Feel "Normal" Again
  186. third try to being clean
  187. Please help- not sure where to post this. Start sub tomorrow!
  188. Please advice me i am going crazy.
  189. imdoingit
  190. need to talk
  191. A life interupted
  192. Scared to find a doctor for suboxone or norco to taper. Advice?
  193. tired and scared at the same time
  194. just starting to quit
  195. low amounts of oxy for long, long time.
  196. induction day today
  197. DAY 1-7- Thomas Recipe/Personal Experience/Supplementations/Oxycodone
  198. DAY 1-7- Thomas Recipe/Personal Experience/Supplementations/Oxycodone
  199. Started Suboxone: Feeling better than ever.
  200. Tapering going great but I have questions
  201. Kaiser five-day no methadone policy before inducting on to Suboxone inpatient?????
  202. Suboxone Withdrawals & Tapering, anxiety
  203. Hi to all newbie here with questions about tapering and need encouragement
  204. My approach to tapering off of any Opiate (prescription or otherwise COMPLETE)
  205. off subs for 5 days
  206. I've read and researched....Need some real input about withdrawal...
  207. Percocet addiction ready to be off
  208. First post
  209. A struggle with suboxone detox
  210. 20 years old with a very nasty hydrocodone habit, but I am READY TO QUIT
  211. Cold Turkey 48 hours Into Withdrawals
  212. Opiate Withdrawals
  213. need to know, need help
  214. Suboxone Withdrawal After Three Weeks
  215. Weaning off percocet
  216. help for addiction
  217. Energy level help!!!
  218. Oxycodone addiction, Suboxone taper advice,
  219. Knowing when to quit and when to taper
  220. Seizure from withdrawals when do they leave?
  221. Married to an opiate addict
  222. 1mg suboxone! Detox Partner?
  223. Wondering when to make the BIG LEEP when tapering off OxyContin.
  224. Just a thank you, too depressed.@iloerose @ARTIST685
  225. Day 14 off Opiates - When will my energy return???????????
  226. Suboxone
  227. day 11 no codeine
  228. help for addiction
  229. i keep trying..suboxone taper
  230. codeine addiction help
  231. painful taper
  232. Opiate & Her Withdrawal - seeking some support
  233. Need some serious help
  234. Real pain or withdrawl pain?
  235. Is a narcotic a narcotic?
  236. Officially out. Withdrawls will start tomorrow
  237. Quick detox using Buprenorphine sublingual tablets (my experience)
  238. I started Suboxone today, and am curious on whether or not it is for me.
  239. New to this- need help to stop.
  240. Switching Oxy for Hydro- Need advice
  241. TightRope, Trying Again...(27th try).....Day 5 >Hydorcodone
  242. LordHelpMe
  243. weaning off of suboxone!
  244. bad idea
  245. 12 years a slave
  246. 12 years a slave
  247. Getting off of roxys and starting suboxone
  248. deadly dextromethorphan addiction
  249. Help! Addicted to Oxys
  250. suboxone withdrawal & depression