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  1. Scared to find a doctor for suboxone or norco to taper. Advice?
  2. tired and scared at the same time
  3. just starting to quit
  4. low amounts of oxy for long, long time.
  5. induction day today
  6. DAY 1-7- Thomas Recipe/Personal Experience/Supplementations/Oxycodone
  7. DAY 1-7- Thomas Recipe/Personal Experience/Supplementations/Oxycodone
  8. Started Suboxone: Feeling better than ever.
  9. Tapering going great but I have questions
  10. Kaiser five-day no methadone policy before inducting on to Suboxone inpatient?????
  11. Suboxone Withdrawals & Tapering, anxiety
  12. Hi to all newbie here with questions about tapering and need encouragement
  13. My approach to tapering off of any Opiate (prescription or otherwise COMPLETE)
  14. off subs for 5 days
  15. I've read and researched....Need some real input about withdrawal...
  16. Percocet addiction ready to be off
  17. First post
  18. A struggle with suboxone detox
  19. 20 years old with a very nasty hydrocodone habit, but I am READY TO QUIT
  20. Cold Turkey 48 hours Into Withdrawals
  21. Opiate Withdrawals
  22. need to know, need help
  23. Suboxone Withdrawal After Three Weeks
  24. Weaning off percocet
  25. help for addiction
  26. Energy level help!!!
  27. Oxycodone addiction, Suboxone taper advice,
  28. Knowing when to quit and when to taper
  29. Seizure from withdrawals when do they leave?
  30. Married to an opiate addict
  31. 1mg suboxone! Detox Partner?
  32. Wondering when to make the BIG LEEP when tapering off OxyContin.
  33. Just a thank you, too depressed.@iloerose @ARTIST685
  34. Day 14 off Opiates - When will my energy return???????????
  35. Suboxone
  36. day 11 no codeine
  37. help for addiction
  38. i keep trying..suboxone taper
  39. codeine addiction help
  40. painful taper
  41. Opiate & Her Withdrawal - seeking some support
  42. Need some serious help
  43. Real pain or withdrawl pain?
  44. Is a narcotic a narcotic?
  45. Officially out. Withdrawls will start tomorrow
  46. Quick detox using Buprenorphine sublingual tablets (my experience)
  47. I started Suboxone today, and am curious on whether or not it is for me.
  48. New to this- need help to stop.
  49. Switching Oxy for Hydro- Need advice
  50. TightRope, Trying Again...(27th try).....Day 5 >Hydorcodone
  51. LordHelpMe
  52. weaning off of suboxone!
  53. bad idea
  54. 12 years a slave
  55. 12 years a slave
  56. Getting off of roxys and starting suboxone
  57. deadly dextromethorphan addiction
  58. Help! Addicted to Oxys
  59. suboxone withdrawal & depression
  60. A little advice needed to help come off Percosset
  61. Need advice -leave or stay with an addict
  62. Oxy problem, plan to quit, Need help!!! I
  63. new here. Trying to taper down off suboxone advise?
  64. I have set my quit date, no what?
  65. Oxycotin addiction :(
  66. .125 mg Suboxone wanting to skip days, need support.
  67. need to talk - Day 4 Cold Turkey no oxy - sick!!
  68. Long time Norco user needs help please
  69. Using an antidepressant while detoxing off opiates with subs
  70. advise is needed
  71. Cold turkey off 120mg oxy or jumping after 3 weeks of roberts plan?
  72. Suboxone withdrawal
  73. need advice with oxycodone addiction
  74. Want my life back
  75. just tired
  76. perc and sub withdrawal
  77. Cold Turkey Day 5
  78. Starting My Farewell Tour To Tramadol
  79. PLEASE help me with opiate taper.
  80. day 7 no methadone.. is this real life? lol
  81. Cant continue suboxone
  82. This is like a never-ending cycle
  83. Is RLS and PAWS the same thing?
  84. tapering off percocets, method seems to help...
  85. Hydrocodon Detox this time; Try Not. Do. Or do Not. There is no Try.
  86. Help
  87. Ending Dependence on Hydrocodone...My Story
  88. The Desolate One got me last night. So mad at myself.
  89. New here. Hydro/Oxy dependent on Suboxone now
  90. 30 years of methadone and opiates, 27 days without
  91. Never again!
  92. Subutex Taper Plan (Robert325) for New Member
  93. Opiate detox (Nopiates for me)
  94. Need help with ambien addiction
  95. I feel the tide is turning in my favor against pain pills.
  96. starting day 3 no perc
  97. please
  98. day 4 with no vicoden
  99. Tapering off subs...any advice, personal experiences?
  100. suboxone detox help please
  101. Starting to Scare Myself
  102. Pain killer addict HELP PLEASE
  103. Suboxone
  104. 7 months clean of opiates and still lack of energy.
  105. fresh and clean
  106. Patch
  107. Methadone confusion
  108. Suboxone Skipping days.... PLEASE HELP!
  109. Sub detox
  110. codiene Addiction cold turkey
  111. Just trying to find life again
  112. 105mg Methadone & Upcoming Surgery
  113. 5htp giving me anxiety?
  114. How a vetrean opiate addicted dodged most of WD
  115. Will this get better?
  116. 27 year old female, pregnant, suboxone detox
  117. Opiate Addiction
  118. Help through WD
  119. Opinions of Suboxone for treatment of percocet addiction.
  120. Need advise. Really really bad
  121. Subs and Oxys
  122. Need help with signs,symptoms, and options to help my boyfriend of 2yrs to stop pills
  123. tramadol withdrawl
  124. Norco and kratom addiction :( pls help!!!
  125. Am I addicted to lorazepam?
  126. Just found this board, looking for help, don't know what to do
  127. Pregnant and pain killers
  128. escaped codeine and changed my life
  129. Help! Norco withdrawls --Urgent
  130. The ULTIMATE Quick Sub Detox
  131. Prescription narctiocs want to get off
  132. Nobody ever answers this question HELP
  133. help with subs,adderall,benzos
  134. Is Brain beginning to heal while off oxy and on subs?
  135. Advice and a warning for fellow oxycodone users
  136. Oxy withdrawal w/subs day 7
  137. Suboxone Taper
  138. attempting to kick this once and for all.
  139. just need some support
  140. Sub questions- only 1.5 month in
  141. New member....need help, just to talk....
  142. Ambien Ambien CR Sleeping pill addiction
  143. Need big help with methadone... What to do?
  144. why dont l feel my xanax when im on my adderall and suboxone
  145. Hello! New member looking for help with suboxone information! Taper or Detox?
  146. Kick Vicodin with suboxone
  147. Classic addictive personality gone awry and trying to deal with it
  148. Oxycodone 30/mg daily for 2 and 1/2 years
  149. Starting a Suboxone/Bupe detox with 2 weapons: Kratom and Loperamide
  150. Strange situation.. Need advice
  151. I'm back, 24 hours and clean from Vicy, had to share some expirences,
  152. Medication for anxiety / panic attack that is not as dangerous as Xanax?
  153. How do you help/intervene w/a pill abuser/addict??
  154. Ready to just be done
  155. tapering question...
  156. Need some advice on withdrawals
  157. Tapering Tramadol
  158. xanax withdrawals are BAD! END of week 1....still need HELP!
  159. my theory of suboxone tapering
  160. Currently In A Short Term Love Affair Wirh Suboxone - Easiest Way To End?
  161. Opiat withdrawl at home with children around. Help need advice
  162. Tapering off of Suboxone
  163. Fentanyl withdrawl at home. nurontin help? Any advice on the matter
  164. Tired of this
  165. My husband is addicted to presciptions and I dont know how to help him
  166. Just been switched to subutex from suboxen.... Still craving the suboxen! Why??
  167. His taking my pills!
  168. 12 days free
  169. Hi Artist
  170. any advice on gabapentin for withdrawals from suboxone
  171. stuck at 0.125mg / 24 hours of suboxone
  172. Wish I never started
  173. Fentanyl detox and hydrocondone brake thru pain
  174. Percocet/lortab
  175. rapid detox
  176. need help my boyfriends addicted to opiates n xanax
  177. Xanax and methadone withdrawals
  178. suffering from methadonial hell
  179. Polcical for Polycystic Kidney Disease Treatment
  180. Please Help
  181. Oxy Ween using Exalgo
  182. How long until clean from Oxy?
  183. methadone withdrawal story FROM HELL and back from 85mg to 6mg Any advice!
  184. Encouraging Update -- What's happened in 3 years.
  185. Need Help with a Suboxone taper wanna be done with this and any advice helps Pleasee
  186. I'm ready to eliminate my addiction to Percocet - PLEASE HELP ME🙏
  187. I was wondering if only having 2-8mg sub strips would work for my whole taper process
  188. My daughter is addicted to pills
  189. Not sure how to wean off my suboxone. Ideas/Help appreciated!
  190. My story with Oxycontin OP
  191. withdrawls from oxycodone
  192. hi all- me again- not sure what to post or not to but could be going into benzo wd
  193. Needing supporting tips, my husband is quitting suboxone cold turkey
  194. Any advice for a nursing student who is tapering off methadone?
  195. Oh my oh my!
  196. Mad and DONE!
  197. desperate mum who wants off subutex
  198. Clean for almost 6 mos. ( 1 3day relaspe 40 days ago) NO ENERGY<stomach issues
  199. Roxicodone and klonopin question
  200. Plz help me robert
  201. Starting life over...kickin the 40mg a day hydro...
  202. Want To Taper Suboxone
  203. Working while withdrawing
  204. 10th day clean but need help
  205. New here and need help
  206. What other detox methods other then suboxone
  207. Norco withdrawal
  208. On Suboxone For Over 3 yrs. and Have Questions About Taper..Please Help!!
  209. A few sub/oxy ?s
  210. Start suboxone or do an oxycodone taper HELP
  211. 2 days till i start subs
  212. Addicted to codeine, I need help
  213. Morphine withdrawals
  214. Husband, daddy, working man.....addict
  215. On Methadone, need advise about withdrawls
  216. Change is a good thing! Addicted to Subs :(
  217. I need help please. (Norco addition)
  218. Need some help, please!?!
  219. detox off of deathadone from 360-15 and ready to jump!
  220. Oxycontinin 40mg 3 X day Rx, but want to stop
  221. 36 hours without vicodin
  222. Scared too death
  223. OMG I am pregnant and taking oxyneo please help
  224. Oxy Withdrawal - Leg Pain Help!
  225. Day two of weaning, I am terrified.
  226. plz help
  227. Day 18 of jump from 16mg/day of Subs..
  228. Suboxone withdrawal cure (what worked for me)
  229. Ending my Norco habit!
  230. Addiction interruption---- no withdrawals!!!!!
  231. Kicking a 300 mg oxycodone+>>>>>>e addiction... Will I ever feel normal again?
  232. Oxycodone Withdrawal
  233. How can I taper off of 32mg of Suboxone a day?
  234. 1 week
  235. carbamazepine & cyp450 induction
  236. Pregnant and trying to come off of subutex...Robert325??
  237. 5 Days No Roxies...
  238. Adderall addiction
  239. Hard Time Getting og MS Contin
  240. Suboxone, How Long After "Breaking Through Barrier" Should Take Next Dose?
  241. Scared of sub withdawals! Need some advice please
  242. Day 5 - Percocet Free - I DID IT, and you will too!
  243. Day 1 of sub taper, looking for words of wisdom, support, and advice.
  244. Hydocodone 400+mg per day kicking the habit finally but need help!
  245. Suboxone gives me terrible headaches
  246. 41 days without Hydrocodone
  247. 30 days off oxycodone and was 300mg day user..
  248. Need advice
  249. Hydrocodone question, detoxed/detoxing
  250. New to this site...need help w my suboxone script and taper