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  1. Anyone went from methadone to shorter opiate THEN to sub?
  2. I admit it: I have no control over my addiction, starting subs tomorrow, please help!
  3. 6 Years ob Suboxone... Time To Get Off
  4. Partner of Someone in Recovery- Needs Support!
  5. Faltering. HELP
  6. BREAK the CYCLE ?!?!
  7. has anyone found true relief for RLS?
  8. Suboxone taper. In desperate need of help!!!
  9. Am I too far gone?
  10. Day 4... So far so good
  11. Help with Withdrawal
  12. Trying to come off opiates
  13. Day 1 530 am
  14. I Fall Dow, But I Get Up Again
  15. I just want my life back.
  16. burning feet
  17. Need your help......please! =-)
  18. Tapering off small dosage of percs and morphine
  19. Please help, feel like I'm dying
  20. Been on Klonopin Since 1984. Trying to cut down..... Depressed, etc.
  21. left my opioid addicted husband - will he ever understand why?
  22. New & need help w/ subs!
  23. Oxycontin and Tramadol
  24. 10 years on Methadone and Oxy, severely reduced, but need advice (please)
  25. I want to quit before I get too far
  26. I need help with a best friend of over 20 years...
  27. Just another sub addict
  28. Shadys back..tell a friend...
  29. need some help and support with tramadol withdrawal
  30. Need advice. PLEASE HELP!!
  31. **Need help switching from methadone to suboxone!**
  32. Never let your guard down.
  33. Going CT on Sunday (8/16). HELP PLEASE.
  34. bothered by my dreams
  35. SUPPORT for CT oxycodone WD!!! Counting down to D-day
  36. forced to come off subs after years...I'm SCARED
  37. Trouble with WD coming off .25
  38. I need subutex/suboxone withdrawal success stories!
  39. Subutex and pregnancy
  40. Suboxone Induction
  41. hyplori
  42. Ativan withdrawal please help
  43. need support,please
  44. Suboxone Help
  45. Little Orphan Hope Has No Home
  46. Loperamide and suboxone
  47. Dating an addict...
  48. Hydrocodone Addict and Scared
  49. How do I delete a post/thread??
  50. Let's try this again
  51. Suboxone nightmare
  52. Can I expect bad withdrawal from Oxycodone?
  53. Methadone Withdrawals How Much Longer
  54. Suboxone
  55. Will it ever stop?!?!
  56. My wife is in recovery and I need help
  57. 33hrs in and I don't know how much I can take... Help?
  58. I am pregnant. Had to forego my anxiety meds, plus paternity situation!
  59. I need some advice on my medications.
  60. When can I start my subs?
  61. Subuxone Question
  62. Suboxne Help
  63. Day 16, roxy free feeling good!
  64. Cold turkey today July 27 log
  65. Stopping the devil pill journey
  66. Trying to get my life back
  67. I need another opinion pronto! Women please help!
  68. Can Metoprolol cause hair loss?
  69. My Wife is a recovering addict, how do I live with this?
  70. HIV and Drug Related Neuropathy
  71. Quit suboxone
  72. Tapered suboxone to .15mg, skipped days, relapsed on DOC, now here
  73. Husband just went to rehab
  74. Suboxone Taper Too Fast?
  75. Please need suboxone advice !!!
  76. How to take Suboxone the RIGHT way
  77. Help with hydros
  78. Codeine addiction
  79. Scared
  80. I need help asap
  81. Robert_325 You will be missed! May you rest in peace!!!
  82. Getting off Seroquel Help
  83. Melinda.....I pray you are okay.
  84. 96 hours Norco Free Wanting to Go Back
  85. My story of suboxone addiction hell..Please pleasee Read
  86. Travelling with refrigerated medicine
  87. HELP Chronic headaches for over 8 months now
  88. Life's Getting Easier!
  89. It's Time...Shelly's Journey
  90. Methadone Cold Turkey
  91. First time and need help....
  92. Is Opiate tolerance permanent?
  93. Anti Depression Drugs
  94. question
  95. Specific Case: Quitting Xanax XR 4mg
  96. Robert_325
  97. >>>>>> addict friend coming home soon & I'm scared
  98. again
  99. Xanax is useless to me
  100. will going back on opiates easy the extended sub wd
  101. OFF oxy- Third times the charm
  102. Migraine medications and Cymbalta
  103. don"t want stuck on subs,don't want back on drugs!
  104. Suboxone cold turkey
  105. Is Neuroplasticity real?
  106. Mom detoxing from subs, needs advice.
  107. Short term detox for Oxycodone using Suboxone
  108. Just finished Detox from opiates ~ ANXIETY KILLING ME-ADVICE PLEASE!
  109. Determination and a strong will....
  110. E.D.
  111. Question about propofol
  112. Advice?
  113. Opiate addicted relationship
  114. Missing operative report
  115. Severe Pain Questions about oxycodone
  116. Another Day 1
  117. Husband Lorazepam 2-3x a day??
  118. 6 years and counting.
  119. Cold turkey day 6
  120. Going cold turkey again!
  121. Day 1 of Percocet withdrawal - alone and feeling really depressed
  122. Going to start suboxone this thurs
  123. Mother going through detox. Help?
  124. Support Needed.. Husband is an addict
  125. Wellbrutin questions
  126. methadone CT need to talk......
  127. Addict daughter and husband
  128. First time detoxing from norco
  129. Here I go!!!
  130. day one of my 3 day skip on my suboxone taper
  131. Getting off Suboxone. Did I handle this right way?
  132. Yes We Can
  133. Prescriptions to methadone, to now quitting...ct.... Help!!
  134. How do I deal with my boyfriend being an addict?
  135. Codeine withdrawl
  136. What should I do? Chronic illness and Ativan addiction.
  137. New, Need advice. Benzo withdrawals...
  138. Help me off this not-so-merry go round of opiates and suboxone?
  139. Husband going through methadone withdrawal... Worried pls help
  140. Finally off lorazapam
  141. Getting off of Methadone 15mg with complications-PLEASE help by sharing experiences.
  142. Hydrocodone withdrawal
  143. I'm starting a taper today
  144. Questions on Subutex 2mg.
  145. I believe my boyfriend is a addict
  146. Advice on switching from Methadone to Suboxone
  147. Naltrexone question
  148. Hello? Anyone out there?
  149. Prednisone stops alcohol working?!
  150. suboxone + tramadol
  151. Day 20 clean of norco...when does the stomach issues and headaches end?
  152. Subutex for opiate WDs. Help please.
  153. OxyContin withdrawl HELP!
  154. counterfeiting
  155. Sub 12mg at Jump! No choice.
  156. STRUGGLING thru BIG Suboxone Withdrawal...need advice PLZ!
  157. what will they prescribe?
  158. Suboxone taper
  159. Help! New member... I need to wean off of METHADONE!! NEED ADVICE!!
  160. Starting Tramadol WDs
  161. Valium and Percocet withdrawal
  162. Once again
  163. Is there a forum or thread for significant others to ask questions / get advice?
  164. About to do Battle with the WD Demon Need some wisdom and Guidance!
  165. I need to get a grip on this opiate addiction!
  166. How to kick the worst opiate addiction you have ever experienced?
  167. What am I going to do? Forced into going off Suboxone cold turkey... Scared to death!
  168. What happens when I'm done with suboxone? Wil I go back into methadone wd?
  169. Going Cold Turkey!!!
  170. Abilify and weight gain
  171. Tramadol & Xanax - need support and a plan
  172. Prozac/Wellbutrin switch or stay?
  173. Detoxing from 60mg Methadone a day, please help!
  174. 13 months
  175. How long does it take for Mu-opiod receptors to recover?
  176. day 11 of no subozin
  177. how can I start my sub- induction? wouls really appreciate professional advice please
  178. Need advice with first induction of Suboxone please HELP!
  179. looking for answers
  180. Pelvic Pain Mystery
  181. Why is it taking forever for me to feel normal again?
  182. My struggle with DXM
  183. Help - Lexapro Withdrawal - Need Help
  184. Losing my boyfriend what do i do?
  185. methadone WD and RSL
  186. methadone CT/ 50 days
  187. Want to cut off your supply to pain pills?
  188. Has Opiate use permanently ruined my enjoyment of alcohol?!
  189. Boyfriend On Buprenorphine.. Can Someone Explain How This Can Effect Him??
  190. Desperate - wife of an opiate addict - help
  191. A note from a 34 year old straight edge
  192. Urgent. Please read
  193. Is suboxone really a good idea for methadone wd?
  194. Husband is 33 days clean of Vicodin and I'm scared....
  195. Chronic pain patient needs methadone opana and suboxone advice
  196. 2 weeks Valium (almost daily) - will I have withdrawals
  197. tammy
  198. tammy
  199. Helpless and hopeless from opiates
  200. Need help think I need to leave my cocaine addict other half!
  201. In Sobriety - Understanding Who I am Without Substances
  202. once again
  203. once again
  204. Day 1 and Counting
  205. need of subutex
  206. why don't they switch ppl to a shorter acting opiate to get off methadone
  207. Impossible to get better and get good advice/help when no one responds!!!!
  208. harder the second time
  209. 5 weeks clean and have to start my life over.
  210. Day 2 and hanging on by my fingernails
  211. Been alternating btw subs and Oxys daily
  212. ready to do this... life>high
  213. SSRI startup together! For everyone who is starting an SSRI support group!
  214. Suboxone help. Please no bashing
  215. Fiance is going to rehab - should I leave him or stay?
  216. The heart of the matter.
  217. methadone,withdrawls, & sexual dysfunction
  218. Having trouble with suboxone taper
  219. Having trouble with suboxone taper
  220. Having trouble with suboxone taper
  221. A Season in Hell (How I lost all Control) Conclusion
  222. A Season in Hell (How I lost all Control) pt. 2
  223. A Season in Hell (How I lost all Control)
  224. Loved one is an addict
  225. Boyfriend is addicted to drugs HELP
  227. Quit Suboxone cold turkey - Day 3
  228. Best birth control with low-dose of hormones that also helps w water weight & acne
  229. Support needed - dihydrocodeine
  230. Support needed - dihydrocodeine
  231. What you can look forward to
  232. New to site, need help with sub taper
  233. For the ladies : Depo shot birth control
  234. 8 months opiate free!
  235. Methadone and Roxi for 5 years Subutex for one month? Questions
  236. Winifred1
  237. Husband is into day 14 - cold turkey vicodin withdrawal.......questions
  238. Oxycontin wd 8 days and relapsed, need advise...
  239. Suboxone Taper: I need your support
  240. Need Support (Norco)
  241. Thanks for saving me!
  242. There is life after hydrocodone! Be strong
  243. Quitting Suboxone Cold Turkey after 2 years
  244. going cold turkey after 3 years of suboxone
  245. Don't know where to start...all over again
  246. Methadone Cold Turkey
  247. Adderall Cor 135 20 mg
  248. I am so scared.....
  249. an update.
  250. April 18th 2014