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  1. First Day Out~
  2. Always been a silent reader, on a sub taper, and thank you people
  3. Might not Work for Everyone but it Helped me Alot
  4. How long does this last?
  5. Endofmyrope
  6. My Story MEN May not want to Read !!
  7. Relapse is Entirely Possible...For Me!
  8. Recently started suboxone program. Dose adjustment question.
  9. 2 Year anniversary
  10. Eat Again?
  11. Question
  12. How do u deal with the stressful moments??
  13. Confused- Pain Meds
  14. Day 16... Better, but still hard :(
  15. Natural Sleep Aid Very helpful - more than just melatonin
  16. Problems urinating at night - down to .5 mg subutex
  17. Does anyone else have really bad racoon eyes?
  18. two days in
  19. A Post for ARTIST/Ruth
  20. going into day 4 of oxy and morhine withdraw
  21. question about zanax
  22. 30 day's and counting
  23. Need Help Going through Withdraw on Hydrocodone and need help.
  24. Burning in my stomach...day 3
  25. Need Advice for Fentanyl Taper
  26. disserent awy of thinking
  27. oxyneo
  28. Biologic Question
  29. Withdrawl from oxy and sub. Please help idk what to do I'm in a real mess
  30. Something I wrote when my boys were lost in their drug use
  31. Cold Turkey Methadone Withdrawal..Please help!!!
  32. Why did you start using?
  33. 50 hrs into withdrawal and i caved
  34. Off 210 Mg/day HydroCod for 10 days after seven+ years. Still have w/d symptoms: how?
  35. Need some help, not sure what to expect...
  36. second day of withdrawal help !!!
  37. Need Help with Cold Turkey Withdrawal
  38. Square One...
  39. Messed up
  40. My Story
  41. Suboxone and a horrible motorcycle accident
  42. Hi to old friends and ones who I hope will become friends - update
  43. Fentanyl Patches/Methadone
  44. Effoxor, Socail Axiety and being Clean.
  45. my stupid relapse after months and months of clean
  46. Scared and lonely
  47. Need help with suboxone detox..probably need roberts help..sub doctor kicked me out
  48. What is wrong with this??? YUP ME AGAIN
  49. Withdrawal round 2
  50. 17 Days clean of suboxone - My Story and what is really getting me there.
  51. Need support/advice w/ Sub Tapering
  52. went on methadone instead of subs
  53. He's on suboxone, I thought he'd feel better! He just lays there...
  54. Taper is about to start
  55. I've Lost My Kids and Need a Plan . . . and Some Advice.
  56. Vicodin addiction.....Need help please
  57. Things I have noticed after 8 days!
  58. tired of trying, feeling quilty for wanting to leave
  59. New here and need help!
  60. Finally doing better!
  61. On suboxone for a wile but really need to finish !!!!
  62. I'm Ready
  63. Why I wont turn back to P30's
  64. Leg cramps are killing me- 36 hours into CT withdrawals
  65. Methadone detoxing
  66. How did this happen?
  67. sundwn with sub question
  68. regarding suboxin
  69. HELP with suboxone PLEASE! Trying to quit H and got my hands on some Subs
  70. Starting Induction
  71. husband addicted to pain meds...I need to talk
  72. Should I tell my parents about my brother?
  73. Husband addicted, please help.
  74. I may Be having a reaction, advice please......
  75. Scared and lonely
  76. Kicking Opana: Here we go...
  77. Super Mom now feeling Super Stupid
  78. ohio methadone clinic wont allow my psychiatris treat anxiey?
  79. anyone else do this? what can I expect?
  80. Was moved to Butrans from Norco-WDs?
  81. Has anyone ever lost sight in either eye after taking Cilostazol?
  82. Scared and need positive thoughts/advice with Sub detox
  83. I'm a mother... What am I doing!!!
  84. Abused pain meds for 3 years, tolerance, then accident...severe pain
  85. Tough Love for Husband?
  86. I need to hear that this will get better.
  87. Can Someone Help Me Out, Plz?
  88. Not sure where to go from here...
  89. 1mortim's sub thread--need sub help please
  90. racing thoughts.....
  91. 8 days free from suboxone after 6 years: NEED ADVICE
  92. Adderall Uneasy Bloated feeling in Stomach
  93. My husband is a drug addict. Need help with what to do.
  94. Is this stupid but...Who's Robert?
  95. Mystery Illness? Doc's not helping?
  96. Why Does Robert's Name say BANNED?
  97. Oxys, Roxi, Subs, Motivation, Support,
  98. Going 12 rounds with this...
  99. 6 months clean and 12 step:)
  100. New Thread For Leeanne15.....Addicted For About 15 Years!...Need Help Please!
  101. Please Help advice needed
  102. I don't know what to do :(
  103. Drug test at home?
  104. RELASPE ! i know it happens...but I feel sooo bad (guilty :(:(
  105. How to treat a partner with drug dependency? (Opiates/pain killers)
  106. Scared & lonely
  107. methycellulose capsules in Canada
  108. Please help with induction
  109. wise words from caughtagain.....
  110. In the middle of jumping of subs
  111. Hard time admitting that I can't do cold turkey again.
  112. How long does the depression last.
  113. Stopped lortab after 7 yrs!! Help!!
  114. Experience with stopping sub ct -to reinduct at a much lower dose?
  115. feeling really nag nut not bad ebough yet
  116. Comeback kid, classiquemom, cheekysod, dago77, moon6748, Detroit_boi THANK YOU!!!!!
  117. Nearly died on July 4 from Xanax & Alcohol - Need help
  118. Robert, anybody, Does the taper recipe change, w/ subtx, klonopin,effexor, abilify?
  119. OT: Contact Off List
  120. is there something different thats/b done with klonopin and subutex in the picture?
  121. I lost the love of my life
  122. Help, PLEASE!!!
  123. Need someone to talk with about subs
  124. Karen, et al, What made you see the light?
  125. suboxone question
  126. Trying again, so far no sub appts available in sight
  127. Could not sleep needed to vent, Sub & Dr questions, any words of wisdom appreciated!
  128. Robert I have a potential problem
  129. Did I just finish my sub taper? Robert or anyone
  130. Can't keep doing this
  131. Robert question about suboxone
  132. Six Weeks 2moro
  133. Best Friend/X that I have avoided and now he's here and it's threatining my sobriety.
  134. Advice on How to Not Relapse
  135. New Here...
  136. Taper buddy, taper plan, robert-325 followers, help?
  137. Life after detox, I feel I'm going insane.
  138. Enzyme/nutriant?
  139. oxycodone withdrawal's nightmarish..
  140. insurance co. approved the suboxone strips is this ok?
  141. Need ADHD advice
  142. Subutex detox..
  143. Lost Soldier
  144. Worried Mom-to-be Seeking Advice...Thank You.
  145. robert and melinda....do you remember me? i need your support and help again...
  146. Robert, Need help with Sub induction please.
  147. Cr-na-aa
  148. Robert, sorry to bother but how many suboxone do I need total?
  149. went to my suboxone dr. and I am now a bit worried
  150. Need a break
  151. going to dr. today for suboxone
  152. 25 Days & Counting-
  153. Just checking in
  154. Relapse, again.
  155. Lexapro side effects and withdrawals - cant taper or ill never stop.
  156. Hydro Addict first time
  157. Need some advice Please
  158. New and need help
  159. Im doing fine Robert!!!!
  160. Today is Day 6 and feeling pretty good
  161. Husband addicted to pills and I dont know how to fix this!
  162. My Story
  163. Flushed them down the toilet, and now bracing myself for WD
  164. Need Suboxone/Subutex Dr. Advice
  165. Waiting...
  166. SoScrewed: Taper questions and what not
  167. Yea, had the inevitable relapse...
  168. Going to Finland. Anything special I should know in receiving prescriptions?
  169. subs and xanax?
  170. Messed up bad
  171. Hi robert, i'm in dallas too, help please
  172. wanting Robert325s help with sub taper
  173. Been witnessing a lot of people I know switching from meth to sub on high dose
  174. update!
  175. severe withdrawls... need advice ASAP
  176. yesterday was 2 weeks!
  177. What is a three copy prescription?
  178. Dehydrated for drug test, need advice.
  179. Tramadol Taper...again. (I should change my user name to freedom2012)
  180. garlic with ascorbic acid
  181. Thalia
  182. Anyone Out There????
  183. Day 3 off everything
  184. info about methadone abuse
  185. Looking for Taper Buddy, Any Takers?
  186. Increase time btw sub doses or skip days?
  187. Tired of the Games...May Try Suboxone...Need Help Please!
  188. Day 2, Hydrocodeine W/D with medicine left. Not sure to taper or not?
  189. important question
  190. How to help addict boyfriend?
  191. Surfdog
  192. Small relapse, back to the start :(
  193. Hi my name is Tina and I'm an addict
  194. I'm ready to quit!
  195. need help, suboxone and xanax
  196. Want it Back again!! Cant wait to be free AGAIn
  197. Tramadol to Sub
  198. Day 4 and needing support to get my life back...
  199. no induction, no cows worksheet, no nothing!! Help!!!
  200. Suboxone Schedule
  201. Problem I hope is the Suboxone
  202. Time to nut up or shut up!!!!
  203. Message from Drugs.com
  204. Hello and thanks!
  205. Getting ready to withdrawal,
  206. My doughter probably has got sexual transmitted desease
  207. Robert what do you think about someone coming off 80 mgs of meth to suboxone
  208. itch to suboxone from methadone at 8om mgs successfully
  209. Ten Years Clean Date Today 6/2/2002
  210. Still here
  211. 3 weeks on percocet. Withdrawl?
  212. Robert325 plz help w sub taper...was on sub thread waiting to hear back
  213. Concerned about relapse?
  214. Robert, Help!!l...Thalia
  215. But OHHH ohhh these sleepless nights!
  216. Drug Addiction? Mental Disorder?
  217. This time-doing it right.
  218. I just realized!
  219. Help For Migraines
  220. Struggling and think I've smooched the pooch
  221. Short update
  222. Wierd Problem
  223. Thalia- all help welcomed. Vicodin addiction
  224. Memorial Day 2012
  225. Give me the strength to leave him!!!
  226. I discovered ADHD is the cause of my drug addictions, and opiate addictions.
  227. help,very depressed, never thought i could feel suicidal!
  228. need help switching to suboxone from methadone need to asap
  229. Apologies inadvance
  230. Conflicted
  231. Hello Everyone.
  232. Need help been On Fentanyl patches for a year now...
  233. Robert, I'm new and kind of hoping for your help.
  234. jumping off at .5 mg off sub
  235. Just stressed, not sure what to do or how to feel. fight to stay off meds
  236. Congrats on 16,000 posts Robert!
  237. Offline for a while
  238. Need help for my boyfried
  239. help needed with subutex
  240. Failed Pain Managment test and employer
  241. Robert, can you please help me one more time?
  242. Kratom is a miracle all natural supplement. Took away 80% WDs
  243. Freephlypher, how are you?
  244. Starting over post surgery detox
  245. keep having dreams of relapsing.
  246. I thought I was out of the woods..Boy was I wrong..
  247. hydro..
  248. ALMOST RELAPSED!! i dont understand..
  249. 30 days clean today......
  250. Mike's induction thread for Robert