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  1. Hope for people trying to get off SUBOXONE! I'm living proof you can! MILD WD so far!
  2. This is not a joke!!! Re: Dilaudid hp dependant!!!
  3. On dilaudid hp injec. up to 4.6ccs for 12 yrs, trying to get myself off w/Gods help!?
  4. I would like to be able to smile again!
  5. So disgusted my boyfriend relapsed, NEED ADVICE :(
  6. Any suggestions for opiate detox from home?
  7. Help inducting w suboxone while using Imodium to help wds
  8. Suboxone WD's
  9. new thread, same story-my taper strategy so far
  10. Need advice on boyfriends ongoing addiction..
  11. Went to My First NA Meeting
  12. Starting a new chapter in my life
  13. Suboxone induction app in 5 hours...
  14. Sickofit....
  15. Offically six months clean of suboxone.
  16. Is there anyone who started withdrawals this weekend
  17. What do I tell my child?
  18. Looking for a Detox Partner . . . Anyone in Orlando?
  19. generic effexer exr question
  20. Live-in BF Addicted to Oxy- Advice Needed Please
  21. Just a thought
  22. Tomorrow
  23. Question about Methadone, Suboxone, Clonidine, Klonopin and Precipitated Withdrawal.
  24. New here
  25. Would love to read your input.
  26. Back to square one
  27. 6 days in and thought this would be easier :(
  28. HOW LONG DOES IT LAST dry mouth from amitriptyline
  29. Thank you
  30. Any help/advice DESPERATELY needed please.
  31. New Here...Need Help....Please.
  32. Methadone Detox - No physical symptoms, but awful emotional....
  33. Pain Clinic and Addiction
  34. Buprenorphine effectiveness
  35. Anyone taken savella and provigil together?
  36. Bi-polar daughter
  37. Stuck in a bad situation..
  38. In pain.....AHH YAH, AGAIN!!
  39. Begin again?
  40. vikes, perks, roxis, i love them all, and I'm beginning to see that it's a problem..
  41. Keeping a relationship alive after 2 years of oxy use
  42. To NA Or Not To NA?
  43. Worse now than ever... Feeling hopeless
  44. fiance is addicted to percs n dont know what to do anymore...
  45. 4 years and countless attempts - day 3 of subs and in need of some support
  46. from paxil to pristiq
  47. Need Help coping while TAPERING ON SUBOXONE... Any info would be appreciated 2013
  48. Tapering help off norco
  49. to all those suffering
  50. New concerta user wants to share experience and ask for advice!
  51. Day 4 C/T and I lost my dad today..so this is for him!
  52. Ugh.... Where to begin?
  53. Well, I'm ready..............finally.
  54. what will trigger a wd reset?
  55. Stopped subs cold turkey at 8mg Day 5, don't wanna go back
  56. "Sub-ventures"-tapering my sub dose down myself. Help? Advice?
  57. I can't sleep!!
  58. Day 25 of Suboxone, can I walk away
  59. Reposting
  60. One Year FREE!!!!!!!
  61. Trying again with Suboxone.
  62. Newbie
  63. Just starting C/T...HELP!!
  64. Need to stop this vicious cycle
  65. My written prescription in in PA, I am in DC!
  66. Im over 30 days away from methadone klinik,,
  67. Addicted to Oxycodone! HELP!
  68. Suboxone Taper, could use some help, straight to the point.
  69. Boyfriend Addicted to Pills...What Now?
  70. suboxone withdrawal
  71. Happy New Year - Staying Sober from 2013 Through 4-Ever
  72. Relapse? Dr appt tmmrw. Plz help!
  73. Starting Fentanyl Patch dose too high? Scared!
  74. My painkiller addiction solution
  75. Lets hear some 2013 Resolutions....
  76. Is he an addict? Or am I overreacting?
  77. I just need to talk and acquire information as I have some hard decisions to make.
  78. i have never done a drug in my life, but my life has been taken over by drugs....
  79. Hello, all. New here and withdrawing from percocet..HELP!!
  80. Re: Sub question from datahamster--re withdrawal
  81. Twas the night b4 xmas for kiwi's..and Beirut....
  82. Boyfriend won't admit to roxy addiction
  83. just a happy update from an old user :)
  84. what receptors does suboxome block?
  85. what are the options dealing with maniacal son? besides cops and 302
  86. Need Help for a question under "Suboxone Treatment" Immediately
  87. life while addicted, life during withdrawal, life ?? now ??
  88. For Anyone Suffering From Narcotic Withdrawals...please help me
  89. Help! Neuropathy due to coma
  90. Help with a case
  91. 5th morning after last percocet
  92. My dad wants my boyfriend out of the house
  93. Could the drugs I’m taking be causing me problems??
  94. How do I get through to this girl in my group?
  95. husdand needs help with wife addiction with pain meds after back operations
  96. lorazapan vs. xanax
  97. Desperately seeking help for my brother!!!!
  98. Rock Bottom, Need help plz
  99. I don't know what to do now!
  100. Thank you cheeky for responding.
  101. Lost and need support
  102. Help Husband is addicted to >>>>>>!
  103. uh oh!!!
  104. Update!!
  105. Opiate addiction and anti-depressants
  106. ARTIST658, I need your guidance on this please!!!
  107. Need advice & support!
  108. Just a few questions for those willing to give advice
  109. Husband is a drug addict
  110. My American boyfirend is a drug addiction
  111. Gotta few ?'s :-)
  112. Happy Thanksgiving!
  113. methadone withdrawl
  114. prozac and methadone withdrawl
  115. 10 months clean but had major struggle through 12 step-can someone help me understand
  116. Percocet Addiction Treatment
  117. I think Paxil is ruining our marriage, help please.
  118. I'm done
  119. Checking in..
  120. scared and lonely
  121. help
  122. This might be too hard
  123. Losing my mother has been tough
  124. Advice Please!
  125. how long do opiates stat in system?
  126. Educate Me Please~
  127. Florida Prescription Medication Laws Question / Doctor Shopping
  128. Kinda struggling here:(
  129. :( he left treatment
  130. Lost the love of my life...
  131. I am at 0.5mg of Subutex DAY 4, worried Weird Headache with Numbness....
  132. Withdrawl Help - Anxiety and Sleep
  133. My doc cut me off pain meds with no expaination.
  134. Nearly cut off my toe!!!!!
  135. My mom is addicted to Pain Killers
  136. Really trying to end this!!
  137. Hair follicle test in 60-90 days for child custody
  138. update~ hoping the people that helped me back in may are still here
  139. 60 days clean!
  140. Does end of sneezing signal end of recovery?
  141. Here we go again...
  142. An Update from the Rabbit
  143. Need Advice
  144. Cymbalta does the night sweat every stop after stoppping them
  145. i need to stop the withdrawals coming. off suboxone help
  146. i need to stop the withdrawals coming. off suboxone help
  147. Thomas Recipe: Opiates (Vic/Perc)
  148. Husband's possible relapse - unsure - need advice please
  149. When will the vomiting end????
  150. Terrible chronic pain managment ( backed in crnr)
  151. Percocet Addiction
  152. Oxycodone Addiction
  154. sleep deprivation
  155. 24 Days Free from Suboxone
  156. Where is Little Boy Bluey
  157. Have to stop now, one last chance for redemption
  158. Getting my life back from Percocet! Help!
  159. Reasons to quit
  160. Unimaginable Depression
  161. I hit rock bottom....................thank GOD!
  162. Prescription addict looking for support and advice
  163. MEthadone Detox help its still day 15 and I still feel severe withdrawals
  164. All the old DEMONS came back in a hurry!!!!
  165. needing help to stay clean!!!!!!!!! two week clean so far as of 9/30/12 6pm
  166. 2nd day off short term sub detox
  167. Hey guys, I'm just tryn to meet new drug free friends, i hav none...
  168. Mirtazapine
  169. My Son's addiction is destroying me.
  170. Stepped out of the Methadone prison, using Buprenorphine for rapid withdrawal?l
  171. At my witts end.......
  172. At my witts end.......
  173. Been 6weeks
  174. help
  175. Frightened Effexor User--Please Help
  176. New & Scared. JW how everyone else made it.
  177. Insomnia. I can't figure out the cause.
  178. Starting Induction. Please help <3
  179. Im in for it, im stopin mmt after 300 days, im jumpin cuz no money,,at 100 mgs
  180. Happy Birthday, caughtagain!
  181. How to handle husband's addiction?
  182. trying to get off 2mg of subutex
  183. I am finally past the 2 week mark!!!
  184. What will they come up with next??
  185. Please help me, going to Detox this weekend & need advice ASAP!!!!!
  186. feel like an idiot...
  187. help asap
  188. Question for those that are clean.
  189. Finished the Subs...Ready for a New Life to Begin
  190. drug dreams again
  191. Help, Im going through with drawls ....
  192. Adderall 20mg XR, white dots on skin.
  193. 3 months clean, but having issues.
  194. 9 months free
  195. Help
  196. My own non-hijacked thread :)
  197. Where I'm at...
  198. Sorry I Intruded...
  199. abilify
  200. 2 months today!
  201. First Day Out~
  202. Always been a silent reader, on a sub taper, and thank you people
  203. Might not Work for Everyone but it Helped me Alot
  204. How long does this last?
  205. Endofmyrope
  206. My Story MEN May not want to Read !!
  207. Relapse is Entirely Possible...For Me!
  208. Recently started suboxone program. Dose adjustment question.
  209. 2 Year anniversary
  210. Eat Again?
  211. Question
  212. How do u deal with the stressful moments??
  213. Confused- Pain Meds
  214. Day 16... Better, but still hard :(
  215. Natural Sleep Aid Very helpful - more than just melatonin
  216. Problems urinating at night - down to .5 mg subutex
  217. Does anyone else have really bad racoon eyes?
  218. two days in
  219. A Post for ARTIST/Ruth
  220. going into day 4 of oxy and morhine withdraw
  221. question about zanax
  222. 30 day's and counting
  223. Need Help Going through Withdraw on Hydrocodone and need help.
  224. Burning in my stomach...day 3
  225. Need Advice for Fentanyl Taper
  226. disserent awy of thinking
  227. oxyneo
  228. Biologic Question
  229. Withdrawl from oxy and sub. Please help idk what to do I'm in a real mess
  230. Something I wrote when my boys were lost in their drug use
  231. Cold Turkey Methadone Withdrawal..Please help!!!
  232. Why did you start using?
  233. 50 hrs into withdrawal and i caved
  234. Off 210 Mg/day HydroCod for 10 days after seven+ years. Still have w/d symptoms: how?
  235. Need some help, not sure what to expect...
  236. second day of withdrawal help !!!
  237. Need Help with Cold Turkey Withdrawal
  238. Square One...
  239. Messed up
  240. My Story
  241. Suboxone and a horrible motorcycle accident
  242. Hi to old friends and ones who I hope will become friends - update
  243. Fentanyl Patches/Methadone
  244. Effoxor, Socail Axiety and being Clean.
  245. my stupid relapse after months and months of clean
  246. Scared and lonely
  247. Need help with suboxone detox..probably need roberts help..sub doctor kicked me out
  248. What is wrong with this??? YUP ME AGAIN
  249. Withdrawal round 2
  250. 17 Days clean of suboxone - My Story and what is really getting me there.