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  1. I want out!
  2. I'm addicted to vicodin.
  3. I went from 30ml methadone to next day subutex
  4. tina384
  5. Being blamed for boyfriends drug addiction
  6. no sleep
  7. please help
  8. another sleepless night man this bites
  9. I can't do this anymore.
  10. Ready to beat this
  11. don't know if I can hold on
  12. Opiate withdrawal
  13. Coming off 70mg of methadone cold turkey
  14. how to increase the solubility of the paracetamol ?
  15. Panic Attacks After Opiate Addiction
  16. Wds off suboxone and Percocet..please help
  17. Torn and Need serious advice please!
  18. sophianeedshelp
  19. I want to quit roxicodone badly and need your advice
  20. A Quick Thank You to all the Dedicated Members of DDC
  21. Clinic is fee(rapid) detoxing me
  22. I think there should be a sticky thread for what opiate withdrawal feels like...
  23. How do you feel being opiate-free? What's different?
  24. How do you all deal with the rough, mental days?
  25. Suboxone (Roberts plan) or Tramadol + Volumes?
  26. Quitting oxy..today. Need support
  27. 20 days opiate free.
  28. Day 3 of cold turkey Vicodin withdrawal
  29. Fight!
  30. I don't know what to do with myself
  31. Open Letter of hope
  32. Went to fill my subutex... And the pharmacy had a posting of no more hydrocodone disp
  33. Am I doing the right thing?
  34. Starting suboxone tomorrow... Switching from methadone.
  35. The truth will set you free
  36. Day 7 On Suboxen Withdrawl (Cant Sleep)
  37. Getting off methadone...
  38. 10 months of Suboxone. Need some advice
  39. Husband addicted to pain killers, says he not, am I crazy???
  40. 3rd attempt to stop taking hydrocodone
  41. Is this the right pain med step for me??
  42. Needing some support
  43. Scary
  44. Finally had enough. First time day 3.
  45. Girlfriend of a "sometimes" addict
  46. master of my own destiny
  47. Flush the temptation! Addiction ends tonight!
  48. Taking it one hour at a time
  49. help
  50. Can't stand this anymore. I need to quit now!
  51. Short Term Norco Use / Withdrwal
  52. Suboxone withdrawal. Seeking moral support.
  53. About to start day 2
  54. My experience tapering off suboxone 26/M
  55. 4 Yrs on Suboxone. Quitting NOW!
  56. Determined!!
  57. i need support&advice,for suboxone.please help
  58. Opiate Addiction.. My confessions, Vent and support to help me through.
  59. Need painkillers for pain but can't stop abusing them
  60. First opiate withdrawal
  61. Short Term Taper/Detox with Suboxone
  62. Having trouble with Suboxone induction
  63. 1st day of suboxone
  64. 10 Year Army Vet- L1 Fracture-3 year Ocy User-Ready to quit with Suboxone
  65. my mom makes me so sad
  66. I tapered off suboxone while pregnant
  67. Sub withdrawal, Please help me.
  68. Taper off lorazepam
  69. I've been thinking...
  70. On day 6 of no opiates and I'm still feeling withdrawal!!
  71. Norco - What to expect re: withdrawal
  72. I've been through them all, over 3 years clean! just saying hello!
  73. Truth be told
  74. Let's do this!!!
  75. New here, looking for advice/help on getting off lorazepam.
  76. Son In jail and I dont know what to do?
  77. Need some help.
  78. Weening off Lortab
  79. Need some helpful advice on suboxone withdrawal day 7
  80. need advice
  81. Can I take a pain pill right now?
  82. Day 15 - Norco Free - What helped and what's next
  83. Thank god I'm not rich
  84. ACOA I'm CLEAN! My family isn't. Looking for support.
  85. What to do when your spouse is one of your triggers?
  86. Dr. Took me off 70mg of Methadone, 22.5mg Norco, 15mg Clonazepam and 10 mg Temazapam
  87. went from methadone to suboxone, need advice - how fast can i get off of suboxone?
  88. Giving this thing a go need support please (specifically iwantoff2013)
  90. I need the honest truth.
  91. Day 4 post norco
  92. Best medication for anxiety, constant worrynig overthinking and rumination
  93. Addicted to pain pills and need help.
  94. Opiate detox support
  95. norco withdrawal day 1 Cold turkey alone scared
  96. All alone....New Life
  97. Day 1 Norco withdrawal. 7-8 10 325/day for two years. What's Next?
  98. It will feel so good to talk, very much in need.
  99. Sore feet bottoms too
  100. Oxycodone withdrawl or start Suboxone?
  101. Suboxone withdrawal help
  102. Determine to get OFF 3.75 MG of Subutex- 3rd year on it...
  103. Here I go and thanks for all the fish...
  104. Opiate Detox Support
  105. Day 6 off pain pills ! Heres to hoping I have more!!!
  106. Looking for support, quitting opiates
  107. I wanted to know if Roberts taper will work for me?
  108. Frustrated With New Drug Law
  109. Withdrawl is a BEE-ATCH!!!
  110. 24 hr no sub and making the jump
  111. tomorrow is the day...
  112. Need help with pain killers
  113. Crying from short term hydro withdrawal
  114. 5 days clean opana, help please
  115. Just needed some support.... Using short term sub taper to get thru oxy withdrawal
  116. a question about the liver
  117. Just looking for some to talk to
  118. Will I ever sleep again??
  119. trying to kick OXY I'm 24hrs clean but that's about to go down the drAin
  120. Thinking of going on Methadone
  121. Suboxone withdrawal need help
  122. adderall did and continues to ruin my life..why do I keep going
  123. Vicodin Withdrawl
  124. When I leave my addict boyfriend and son they will be on the streets what to do
  125. How do I get over the psychological aspect of quitting opiods.
  126. when to just say ta hell with it.
  127. Day 8 off hydro -- still dizzy/nauseated. Expected or unusual?
  128. Suboxone Detox - HELP FAST!
  129. Stopping 720mg Oxycodone Cold Turkey
  130. What are things we can do for liver health?
  131. day 5 off subs. looking for tips, advice, support
  132. Flip flop
  133. Detox off Suboxone or Methadone?
  134. Things I Find Useful
  135. Had a breakthrough moment today!
  136. Unsure
  137. day 3 hydro withdrawal
  138. Withdrawal? Very dizzy after slow taper from not-too-heavy (?) hydro use.
  139. Oxycodone WD - day 4 (ish)
  140. Stopping 70 mgs methadone and starting new prescription of 8/2 suboxone
  141. Making Mistakes
  142. My boyfriend is an ex-addict but still shows old habits
  143. help on methadone pill 10 mg , need help please
  144. Tomorrow is my last day on Percs.
  145. Seeking Help. Feeling Alone.
  146. LookinAhead is Looking for Support
  147. Bad Timing Needs Help
  148. Whisperey Needs Help
  149. ADDICTION. & i cant understand (Part II)
  150. Mike73's journey.
  151. Withdrawal Symptoms By Day
  152. Quitting Cold Turkey Journal Day 1 - Day ?
  153. My journey to smile!
  154. time to find me again
  155. Quitting. Documenting it here
  156. Breaking up with an addict is the worst
  157. Four years today
  158. When to "Jump Off"
  159. I don't understand drug addiction and my family tell me I am a cold hearted SOB
  160. I hurt my hubby with the cruelest remark a recovering drug addict could hear! Advice?
  161. Stopping suboxone and a very bad habit
  162. I messed up....I think ???
  163. Goverment = More suffering
  164. Sick and tired..... And sick!
  165. Here Again
  166. Pain management doctor retired, now what? I'm feeling hopeless
  167. 120 days clean... Hair loss
  168. Don't want this anymore
  169. Can I do this
  170. struggling need help
  171. coming off suboxne
  172. Is Suboxone the right choice??!!? PLEASE HELP
  173. Codiene withdrawal
  174. How Bad is this going to be?
  175. Cold Turkey from 80mg Methadone
  176. Starting Subs...Need a Friend
  177. anna johnstone
  178. Mary's sub induction! I need people to talk to and lotsa support! I'm terrified :/
  179. It's Melinda! I need help....
  180. Research paper-drugs.?
  181. Hi. My 26 year old son is in detox for the 1st time. What happens next?
  182. Oxycoden withdrawal help
  183. On a lot of meds
  184. On a lot of meds
  185. On day 21 of Suboxone withdrawal and I really need support!
  186. feeling free :)
  187. OK, which addict is the worst?
  188. On norco
  189. Antianxiety Drug- no weight gain, little side effects
  190. Codeine Withdrawal
  191. Anxiety and off of effexor xr.. help?
  192. done with subs.need advice and scared
  193. want to kick Percocet/oxy
  194. Suboxone withdrawal help and advice
  195. Here again...for the last time
  196. Can someone please help me!
  197. Need Help?
  198. trying to get off pain pills with suboxone, scared
  199. Trouble effectively inducting with suboxone and want to hear others experiences
  200. need advice from ppeople who have been there, done that
  201. Hydrocodone withdrawal
  202. feeling lost :(
  203. Codeine Addiction - What can I do to make this easier?
  204. My manipulative drug addict boyfriend
  205. This is my journey, my life, my hell
  206. Feeling like I've acted without thinking it through -- oxy cold turkey
  207. tramadol taper/WD - advice please
  208. Taking a pill was the best part of my day.
  209. Health benefits of quitting
  210. My opiate WD
  211. Finasteride Advice and Help.
  212. Wth?
  213. Failed sub induction , need help !
  214. Opiate detox opportunity- terrified
  215. Need support please
  216. Twitching a lot. Help please. Please help (Long, long read)
  217. Just a change of pace.
  218. I'm lost- please help
  219. Day 12 of methadone
  220. Gabapentin for restless legs
  221. Newby Needs Help
  222. opiate withdraw :/
  223. Methadone Taper Advice
  224. Detoxing off of oxycodone or getting on suboxone?
  225. Need opinions and outside help I am lost suboxone/oxycodone addictions
  226. Addicted to hydrocodone. Please help.
  227. Tomorrow is the day - suboxone
  228. wow.
  229. My Story. please read :)
  230. I wanna quit and can't
  231. Going off Zoloft
  232. Hunkering Down
  233. Norco 10-325 withdrawals da
  234. Hopeless
  235. I hate drugs!
  236. any advice on a quick detox from hydro?
  237. Need to know if it helps to stand by your significant other through addiction.....
  238. How do you take L-tyrosine?
  239. Been battling with opiate addiction for 10 years....I'm now free of it DAY 6
  240. Day 4 clean but sleep is impossible. Any suggestions?
  241. Crushing fatigue
  242. Suboxone and weight gain
  243. Our Brain on Opiates (The Broken Brain)
  244. Day 2 Hydro Withdrawal
  245. Adderall withdrawal
  246. Brain zaps
  247. here we go again...
  248. Looking for support
  249. help!!
  250. Tessalon Pearls-Coughing-Bronchitis