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  1. Question?
  2. Being an addict while pregnant need the support
  3. Suboxone Withdrawals (day 3)
  4. Drugs are bad MMMKkkkk.... lets talk
  5. going thru w/d from 15 norco 10s daily, ANYONE STRUGGLING READ THIS PLEASE
  6. Please help, I'm Sick of this Genital anesthesia and No Libido
  7. 48 hours without vicodin
  8. start of day four no opioid
  9. Anxiety? Not sure. Medication?
  10. The time is now...
  11. A couple of questions?
  12. whats best way to taper quicly from norco????not many to start with, from 12 a day,
  13. struggling with doctors and back pain.
  14. 44 hours off of suboxone! Cold Turkey! Sort of..
  15. chronic back pain. can't take it anymore. pain management.
  16. Please Help!!!
  17. Soboxane Patch
  18. Withdrawing from suboxsone
  19. Please help me - kratom withdrawal
  20. Need some advice please
  21. Please Help! Detoxing off Opiates/Crazy Withdrawls
  22. Need encouraging
  23. Need Help , for chronic chest pain , need advice and support
  24. Feeling great?
  25. quittingthedemon
  26. Craving suboxone
  27. new at this..looking for advice
  28. Need some encouragement
  29. Need some guidence | GF is an addict
  30. codeine withdrawal cold turkey
  31. not having a good day, aka 15 year hydro addiction
  32. Never thought I'd end up here.
  33. whats goin on
  34. Ok here goes
  35. suboxone detox
  36. Coming Off Escitalopram Advice
  37. I've been taking oxycodone for 5yrs for crhonic pain,feel like I am loosing my mind.
  38. How to come off of Opana?
  39. could use some help and advice
  40. new here, on suboxone, need help
  41. subs finished but still struggling
  42. Sub help
  43. lowest of lows.....could use help !
  44. Pain killers and broke or start subs
  45. Jim's wife forever's thread
  46. Cold turkey detox
  47. please help. :(
  48. help
  49. citalopram 10mg and metoclopramide 10mg
  50. I'm kind of floored and I need someone to talk to
  51. For Anyone Kickin' The Opiates
  52. My Medication Plan for Chronic Back Pain
  53. Day 6 wds. From 450-600mgs oxy
  54. Any advise for a wife of an addict?
  55. starting suboxone detox after a year NOW.
  56. Trying to understand
  57. 20,000 hydrocodone later, time to get off
  58. 24 hours into Norco CT
  59. The end of the road?
  60. Goodbye Hydrocodone - AdGirl's Journal
  61. Leaving an addict?
  62. I had a thread here and now it's gone! No notifications about a deletion or anything!
  63. i feel invisable here!!!
  64. Help with detox
  65. I just dont get it .
  66. Hi reaching out to see what I should expect to come my way. Day 1
  67. Craving Info Please Help
  68. have a question, maybe ruth can help me with it?
  69. Day 1 of STOPING Subx
  70. Quitting advice/help/ideas... Anything
  71. Quitting advice/help/ideas... Anything
  72. here it goes
  73. New & Scared!
  74. Need help quitting oxycodone - Urgent
  75. Pill Count
  76. Hi reaching out to see what I should expect to come my way. Day 1
  77. my husbands opiate addiction- his attitude made a difference
  78. Getting clean ..... my diary
  79. Question about my meds
  80. Help Please
  81. Might as well...
  82. Help with Suboxen withdrawl day 1-7
  83. Xanax / Valium Help!
  84. my own little horror story.
  85. As of today..... I'm offically...
  86. my husbands opiate addiction day # 3 THE LIES
  87. Low cortisol adrenal fatigue
  88. Suboxone
  89. New member, not sure where to start....
  90. my husbands opiete addiction withdrawl day #2
  91. Norco detox (10/325): 5 days in to it.
  92. Sonohysterogram done and found polyps etc. Having hysterectomy
  93. Not sure what to do....
  94. Detox diary...
  95. just need some support
  96. Defeat the Death Phobia before it rules over your lives
  97. husband and family addicted. I'm 22..leavingwith kids.
  98. detoxing from Hydro- please help :(
  99. Quittingthedemon....the saga continues!!!
  100. Sorry- just testing to see if I'm doing this right...
  101. ive been clean for8 months yet boyfriend of ten years is still using
  102. SouthernOp8D Thread
  103. Husband addicted to pain killers
  104. What happens when u have sex while on monistat 1
  105. Ex has started using drugs!!
  106. Thanks and I have a question....
  107. Just want some friendly advice
  108. Boyfriend is withdrawing
  109. Failing Daily...where does courage come from?
  110. Looking for help
  111. I don`t know how to deal with her.
  112. Time to ... Walk on...
  113. guilt. ...
  114. Question about Remeron
  115. I know of a good OTC toothache med
  116. How do you help/intervene w/a pill abuser/addict??
  117. EX-Girlfriend is addicted to Hydrocodone/oxycotin
  118. Dangerous Territory
  119. I need some advice on withdrawals
  120. Its time.....help please!!! PART 2
  121. In desperate need of help please
  122. A Venting Spouse
  123. w/d and tapering
  124. I feel defeated. ...
  125. I don't know what to do about him
  126. Ready to feel normal.
  127. Mykidsmylife: Thread paving the way to success
  128. need support...
  129. I need advice on my husband- Addicted to presriptions.
  130. Scared to slip
  131. Not sure if he's really clean...
  132. What is NA and Why consider NA?
  133. really need help, advice, support--just going thru this and feel pretty lonely
  134. I just need help.
  135. Dont know what to do
  136. Wife of an Addict
  137. Sub withdrawal day 8
  138. Saboxone Withdrawls
  139. Partner of addict desperate for help
  140. Letter to Myself
  141. STILL struggling.....
  142. Addict Boyfriend - Please help me find courage.
  143. So fed up with myself
  144. Checking in ALMOST 2YRS FREE FROM IT ALL!!!!
  145. Quitting Tramadol Cold Turkey Help!
  146. How to forgive
  147. Suboxone taper - is it just me?
  148. Finally quitting FOR GOOD! Need help
  149. Back on Tramadol & need a little help
  150. Does loperamide imodium for diarrhea/gas etc. Does it ruin your cardio if you do MMA?
  151. help
  152. suboxone need help
  153. I've come so far & my heart just sank- is Robert no longer on this board!?!?
  154. Working Man's Suboxone Diary - 1mg to freedom
  155. trapped need advice or at least someone who cares a little
  156. Starting the hell right now
  157. Getting of the codone
  158. Sick and tired of being sick and tired!!!
  159. Switching back to Oxycontin from Morphine - BAD WITHDRAWAL SYMPTOMS
  160. I'm not sure what to do next re: suboxone & tramadol
  161. Why? About norco
  162. getting of suboxon
  163. Medication Side Effects
  164. Halfway houses- Do they really work?
  165. Just starting lexapro for Postpartum Dep. Ocd
  166. I am scared
  167. New here....
  168. New to Suboxone: newly terrified
  169. my pain doc thinks im a pill seeker
  170. Fiance just started suboxone - scared to death here!
  171. I'm ready to eliminate my addiction to Percocet -PLEASE HELP ME🙏
  172. I need info on Suboxone please
  173. Please help me help HER!
  174. 11 years of numb....
  175. My Current Situation, or: How I'm bad at titles and decided to finally post.
  176. boyfriend of ten years nods out every night
  177. Help! Suboxcene w/d day 16 still so sick want to end it all!
  178. Here I go again and hopefully for good!!
  179. My Wife and I decided to quit Percocet/Oxymorphone CT III
  180. Day zero...I need a plan to get off roxy's..how do I start??
  181. The boards lately...
  182. Way, way up the creek
  183. Leaving my drug addicted boyfriend
  184. Need HELP and support PLEASE
  185. hurting
  186. Need a little push
  187. Coming off Suboxone Cold Turkey after 20 months
  188. My Wife and I decided to quit Percocet/Oxymorphone CT
  189. Is this normal?
  190. Just made the switch to suboxone - Day 1 not as expected
  191. I'm deciding to stay committed to my opiate addict boyfriend, could use some support
  192. Day 6, Suboxone Withdrawal. How long will these lesser symptoms last?
  193. Three years
  194. suboxone withdrawal?
  195. Worried about my husband's oxycodone addition
  196. Finally Hit Rock Bottom...please please help!!!
  197. Cold turkey and alcohol
  198. I started again!!!! Why????
  199. Important information about NSAIDs
  200. Boyfriend addicted to Hydrocodone
  201. Looking for help & friendship
  202. Trying so hard to get of Subs!!!
  203. going to start suboxine on wed
  204. leaving Methadone for suboxone( I have Questions)
  205. Pregnant and Tapering off Subutex
  206. My suboxone taper journey....NEED all the support i can. People please help
  207. Hoping for your opinion
  208. metoprolol
  209. I need some help, please
  210. Help! I'm new here....
  211. Day 4, need some encouragement!
  212. Oxy withdrawal
  213. Just need to talk a little
  214. Continue with Taper, Switch or Jump
  215. Having horrible sweating problems! I would rather deal with the pain!!! Help please?
  216. Post Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS)---anyone experience it?
  217. 6mths clean from adderall (stimulant) abuse - desperately in need of support :)
  218. In need of advice and support.
  219. Jumping off methadone at 12 mg and SO SCARED!!!!!!
  220. Opiate Rotation
  221. Son's addiction is getting WORSE since starting rehab treatment!
  222. Any advice?
  223. Hydrocodone issues
  224. Tomorrow is the day!
  225. Weaning withdrawel vs cold turkey.
  226. New to suboxone
  227. Suboxone withdrawal NOT what I was expecting! Opinions?
  228. Tapering from 120mg of hydrocodone.
  229. a slow taper is crippling me with anxiety...please help
  230. pregnant and taking oxyneo
  231. Day 3- I had a VERY scary weird experience, is this common in c/t ?
  232. Damn Vic's dans need advice asap
  233. please help. cold turkey doesnt work
  234. Oxycodone/Opiate Addiction
  235. Opiate Eyes---when do they learn to focus again?
  236. welcome to my hell
  237. Hydro withdrawal day 18 and aching---Ugh.
  238. Withdrawl
  239. subutex detox with large one off dose of methadone?
  240. Uhg
  241. Endometriosis, Lupron, birth control pills and side effects I feel sick all the time
  242. My Wife Suffering From Topiramate (Topamax) Symptoms!!! Need Advice
  243. Suboxone .or . Oxy
  244. Hospital Advice/ER Advice
  245. Sneezing....whats up???????
  246. muscle pain and withdrawal
  247. I won't get into all right now...
  248. Tramadol with a dependecy history?
  249. Tapering incorrectly from suboxone it seems. Need help.
  250. Day 8 off hydrocodone---headache