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  1. I got 20 days now
  2. help finding a clinic
  3. just checking in
  4. 12 days clean
  5. ive never heard of this before
  6. Issue with going on Suboxone
  7. day 19
  8. help posting
  9. Robert_325: Pls help asap Ashton adjustments
  10. day 18..yey me!
  11. Looking for help for my father.
  12. i was such a crazy whiner baby
  13. day 17-starting to crave some
  14. Day 16 and its getting better
  15. Opana ER
  17. Starting Suboxone
  18. hair lose
  19. Waking up with headaches ( a lot )
  20. Need Suboxone Taper Advice!!!
  21. Robert I need your help again to start taper suboxone.
  22. I have found an answer somewhat?
  23. Robert and Henry I need your help-bad-starting subutex taper
  24. Robert's suboxone taper
  25. I've been re-made
  26. need help leaving the house
  27. Scared to death to go off methadone
  28. Dont know if I should post this or not!
  29. Pharmacy getting nosy
  30. Please share your experiences with coming off suboxone.
  31. Suboxone withdrawal and pregnancy-Robert? anyone with experience?
  32. Melinda and Robert
  33. Sick Sister on Suboxone
  34. Cravings at day 12?
  35. aria14_Suboxone Taper_with robert_325 THE RIGHT WAY!!!
  36. Happy mothers' day!
  37. Loving An Addict- and feeling like an enabler. HELP!
  38. Getting prepared for second try at suboxone.
  39. "Jieesey's thread to Robert"
  40. On day 11
  41. Any problems with Ambien working good some nights, and other nights not?
  42. Does anyone know how one would go about being a sober coach?
  43. Its is so so ridiculous that it proves my point
  44. poisoned by suboxone?
  45. we need to get this straight
  46. Methadone...A Less Addicting Pain Pill?
  47. My sister is in need of urgent help
  48. online NA chat
  49. Oh no god please be with me
  50. Dogluver's Suboxone taper
  51. Desperate for some ans-currently detoxing nd pregnant!!
  52. Am I overreacting please help
  53. Melinda 7.5
  54. robert_325 I'm ready to taper :) Thanks!
  55. How is it legal?
  56. Need advice please.
  57. When do you start counting?
  58. Need some advice on sleep aids
  59. Curiousity on my part - ? for you all.
  60. How long to wait to take sub after 1 dose of methadone
  61. Help Please...Confused and need help...want off!!!
  62. Liquid Taper Question
  63. Last day @ 7.5mgs or? ?
  64. The GRIP oxy had on me is OVER!!!
  65. Its been a while but doing great
  66. Here I am Robert!
  67. Vote for us old country folks!
  68. Tramadol
  69. relapse
  70. Any chance of success/happiness when dating an addict?
  71. Prayers are needed for MY WIFE TODAY
  72. Pain Pills... The slipperiest (probably not even a word but fitting) of slopes...
  73. Would you call the police or just walk away?
  74. feeling worse than before!
  75. here i go again
  76. Went up several miligrams, now what>?
  77. I've done more damage to myself
  78. I need help dealing with PAWS
  79. Question for Robert going back on suboxone.
  80. Robert/Henry, please help fentanyl w/d
  81. Robert—Ativan withdrawal pl help!
  82. Thinking about using...
  83. Need help... working hard to be human again!
  84. finally for real
  85. All input appreciated!
  86. Addicted Father...Sick Bother...Please help :( !
  87. Someone HELP ME PLEASE!!!
  88. we all need to ne thankful we we not affected or killed by the tornadoes.Over 200 dea
  89. My wife yelled at me so
  90. From Klonopin to Temazepam. Advice please.
  91. Jumping Next Wednesday From Taper....Advice Please
  92. My stay in hospital
  93. detoxing hard
  94. drug test and what shows up----helpp
  95. Iam a failure again!!
  96. do you want some support/motivation? Watch this video
  97. Upcoming outpatient surgery
  98. Getting off methadone by Suboxone or not ?!
  99. The power of sobriety, the fear of sobriety.
  100. benign essential tremor and vasculitis decease
  101. my boyfriend is addicted to oxy and will be detoxing..help/suggestions please
  102. Robert_325 Please help??? 2nd try
  103. Detox questions
  104. Newly Sober? Are you around? Please post!
  105. On my7th day!!!
  106. On my7th day!!!
  107. Need a success story withdrawaling from 2mg of Sub
  108. ANYBODY...i need some help please
  109. Suboxone
  110. I've been admitted in the hspital
  111. Happy Easter!
  112. Suboxone 8mg strips.. I need help
  113. Henry and Robert. Thanks so much! I'm so excited!
  114. Henry and Robert. Thanks so much! I'm so excited!
  115. Subs..down to .5mg or 1/16 of films..still w/d symptoms
  116. Robert 325 here's my plan
  117. Sorry Robert two questions
  118. Robert_325. Found the link in your answer
  119. Help with withdrawal
  120. Just...Need to talk ..
  121. Gabapentin for Oxycodone withdrawal..working?!?
  122. Help needed. Down and out in Chicago. Doc messed up my prescription
  123. Detox Diary: please share your stories!
  124. Neep some help with detox.
  125. Need serious help with girlfriend's sub tapering
  126. Gabapentin for Oxycodone Withdrawal?
  127. Fear of "Doctor Shopping"
  128. I can't seem to find my thread I was on...
  129. Webby Awards voting - Voting closed.
  130. Really want tapering advice...anyone?
  131. Not Sure About Any Of This
  132. The DEA and Doctor Shopping...EVERYONE PLEASE READ THIS!
  133. Question for Yez
  134. sub detox-using Neurontin...anyone tried it?
  135. Back again...looking for tapering advice
  136. What to do..husband addicted to Meth
  137. Even with internal problems
  138. Methadone to Suboxone-very worried!!!!!
  139. Another one finally kicking subs diary
  140. First time post lurker since 2008
  141. What is going on with my Memory?
  142. How much is 1MG worth?
  143. Robert and Melinda Internet and Phone down
  144. major panic issues
  145. suboxone Induction question
  146. Robert is alive
  147. hello and this sucks
  148. Getting Married in 4 weeks and detoxing
  149. Marijuana User questions about drug screen
  150. admitted to my gf I was using - need advice
  151. Bad shape rt now
  152. Day 28.... off the M and O/C
  153. Seeking assistance from Robert_325 for a short term suboxone taper
  154. Drugs.com requests your help
  155. Please help, percocet question
  156. Another Detox Question - Specifics (Methadone)
  157. listen to this song for motivation...
  158. Peacekeeper76...precip w/d?
  159. Suboxone tapering help please!!!
  160. Physically dependant on pain meds, need help
  161. Please Help Need Some Guidance Please (Actually Scared To Death)
  162. Do we make recovery harder than it really is?
  163. any body have suggetions?
  164. Just sayin'! :)
  165. I need help....
  166. Pethidine Withdrawal
  167. Need advice about opiate treatment etc
  168. Suboxone - Worth it?
  169. Henry contact either 1
  170. Robert and Melinda
  171. Severe perk addiction. Need help please!
  172. Question for Robert, et al..re dose..
  173. Life after suboxone, how do you feel?
  174. New to forum..not so new to addictions and recovery!
  175. A question about Suboxone Taper
  176. Neurontin owns him
  177. An AMAZING thing just happened
  178. Pain Killer Addiction
  179. I am gone all day today
  180. no more abuse, no more addict!
  181. It can be done....
  182. Chantix
  183. Just need answers
  184. desperate times
  185. How long before suboxone is out of my system considering the following...
  186. Hydro/Oxy Home Detox - Have Questions
  187. Zoloft Really Bizzare Reaction
  188. return to pain management
  189. Suboxone - Self-Induction at home - Long but please read
  190. how long do subs stay in your system?
  191. Henry have we met????
  192. Colonoscopy in 3 days..on suboxone..
  193. I did it & love it
  194. Reality check really hurts
  195. HELP methadone is NOT FOR ME! Clinic not cooperating w/ decision!!
  196. Several false positives for morphine - not using. Help!
  197. I was given 2 subs
  198. Looking for Robert 325
  199. Trying to kick hydrocodone, still in pain...
  200. Help? I'm losing hope... Boyfriends an addict
  201. he was high again. . .i am at a loss
  202. Boyfriend addicted to Oxy's - do not know what to do...
  203. Salty's voyage - advice on percocet Taper
  204. Feels sooo GOOD to actually FEEL AGAIN
  205. Losing Hydrocodone tolerance completely
  206. Day 12 off Methadone
  207. I will NEVER preach or try & give bad advise
  208. experiences with rapid detox?
  209. Who said Yawning means your tired!!??
  211. I could use some advice
  212. Need Robert please!!!
  213. what to take between methadone and suboxone?? 72hrs going to be hell!
  214. suboxone doctor in ontario canada?? please help..
  215. I did not know pain meds make more pain & Xanax make more anxiety please help me..Tha
  216. New question on suboxone?????
  217. beat the withdrwals from opietes but now i have xanax problem
  218. terrifying twist in my marriage saga
  219. ~~ Advice needed...Fiance quit opiates...But I DIDN'T !!
  220. Day 7 jump off Methadone
  221. how to help a friend jump subs
  222. A day off subox - question for those with help from rob
  223. Help staying clean
  224. Need advice, adult daughter, oxycodone dependent
  225. Stuck on suboxone, need help!
  226. Husband's addiction i'm in over my head..
  227. Need Robert! Subutex induction/taper -
  228. Just a Point of Interest on Opiate withdrawl
  229. Medication for confidence
  230. Robert I have my bible out
  231. 18 pill taper advice
  232. Need encouragement on detoxing from Opiates
  233. Trying to get off hydros
  234. using suboxone to come off Methadone
  235. Tappering off 17mg of methadone now..
  236. Not Sure How Bad it Really Is
  237. Okay, methadone detox.
  238. tes, the Doc dangled the mthadone AGAIN, and I bit, cut off cold turkey.
  239. Stimulants, Addiction, and a Partridge in a Pear Tree...
  240. Here I go AGAIN
  241. I am praying that you feel better soon Robert~
  242. getting off methadone and paranoia
  243. Methadone->>>>>>-subs......HELLLLLLP
  244. I just quit taking Tramadol 2 days ago and I'm going through withdrawals
  245. Suboxone help?
  246. Find Roberts Comments, take it to heart - my 2 Cents (or 2mg) getting off suboxone
  247. cant take it anymore
  248. trusting my addict husband again
  249. I am so ashamed, I need help again, of course
  250. Opiate and Alcohol withdrawal vs. Benzo and Alcohol withdrawal