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  1. Need Suboxone/Subutex Dr. Advice
  2. Waiting...
  3. SoScrewed: Taper questions and what not
  4. Yea, had the inevitable relapse...
  5. Going to Finland. Anything special I should know in receiving prescriptions?
  6. subs and xanax?
  7. Messed up bad
  8. Hi robert, i'm in dallas too, help please
  9. wanting Robert325s help with sub taper
  10. Been witnessing a lot of people I know switching from meth to sub on high dose
  11. update!
  12. severe withdrawls... need advice ASAP
  13. yesterday was 2 weeks!
  14. What is a three copy prescription?
  15. Dehydrated for drug test, need advice.
  16. Tramadol Taper...again. (I should change my user name to freedom2012)
  17. garlic with ascorbic acid
  18. Thalia
  19. Anyone Out There????
  20. Day 3 off everything
  21. info about methadone abuse
  22. Looking for Taper Buddy, Any Takers?
  23. Increase time btw sub doses or skip days?
  24. Tired of the Games...May Try Suboxone...Need Help Please!
  25. Day 2, Hydrocodeine W/D with medicine left. Not sure to taper or not?
  26. important question
  27. How to help addict boyfriend?
  28. Surfdog
  29. Small relapse, back to the start :(
  30. Hi my name is Tina and I'm an addict
  31. I'm ready to quit!
  32. need help, suboxone and xanax
  33. Want it Back again!! Cant wait to be free AGAIn
  34. Tramadol to Sub
  35. Day 4 and needing support to get my life back...
  36. no induction, no cows worksheet, no nothing!! Help!!!
  37. Suboxone Schedule
  38. Problem I hope is the Suboxone
  39. Time to nut up or shut up!!!!
  40. Message from Drugs.com
  41. Hello and thanks!
  42. Getting ready to withdrawal,
  43. My doughter probably has got sexual transmitted desease
  44. Robert what do you think about someone coming off 80 mgs of meth to suboxone
  45. itch to suboxone from methadone at 8om mgs successfully
  46. Ten Years Clean Date Today 6/2/2002
  47. Still here
  48. 3 weeks on percocet. Withdrawl?
  49. Robert325 plz help w sub taper...was on sub thread waiting to hear back
  50. Concerned about relapse?
  51. Robert, Help!!l...Thalia
  52. But OHHH ohhh these sleepless nights!
  53. Drug Addiction? Mental Disorder?
  54. This time-doing it right.
  55. I just realized!
  56. Help For Migraines
  57. Struggling and think I've smooched the pooch
  58. Short update
  59. Wierd Problem
  60. Thalia- all help welcomed. Vicodin addiction
  61. Memorial Day 2012
  62. Give me the strength to leave him!!!
  63. I discovered ADHD is the cause of my drug addictions, and opiate addictions.
  64. help,very depressed, never thought i could feel suicidal!
  65. need help switching to suboxone from methadone need to asap
  66. Apologies inadvance
  67. Conflicted
  68. Hello Everyone.
  69. Need help been On Fentanyl patches for a year now...
  70. Robert, I'm new and kind of hoping for your help.
  71. jumping off at .5 mg off sub
  72. Just stressed, not sure what to do or how to feel. fight to stay off meds
  73. Congrats on 16,000 posts Robert!
  74. Offline for a while
  75. Need help for my boyfried
  76. help needed with subutex
  77. Failed Pain Managment test and employer
  78. Robert, can you please help me one more time?
  79. Kratom is a miracle all natural supplement. Took away 80% WDs
  80. Freephlypher, how are you?
  81. Starting over post surgery detox
  82. keep having dreams of relapsing.
  83. I thought I was out of the woods..Boy was I wrong..
  84. hydro..
  85. ALMOST RELAPSED!! i dont understand..
  86. 30 days clean today......
  87. Mike's induction thread for Robert
  88. Please someone tell me about testing for Suboxone in jail or on probation?
  89. W/ds off Suboxone help
  90. How I drug tested positive... HOW??
  91. I'm a Believer
  92. success stories? :)
  93. Tapering off Lortab using Percocet? Need help and encouragement.
  94. Robert 325, thank you!!!!
  95. last minute reassurances, plse?
  96. Robert_325/Someone please help, w/d off suboxone
  97. EXACTLY how i got off suboxone painlessly!
  98. Happy Birthday Azul!
  99. How badly is this going to suck?
  100. Looking for affordable sub dr in Tampa bay
  101. Robert please come in... I am a lost soul who just decided firmly that I want go home
  102. need help and advice to taper desprately
  103. Happy Mothers Day
  104. loved one left for rehab yesterday..
  105. Time to get honest with Pain Management Dr.
  106. One year 8 months!!!!!!
  107. Why is there the Need to talk and...
  108. Sub Withdrawl - Diary of a 7 Year User
  109. Just out of surgery, Final surgery
  110. husband in rehab
  111. Is NA really needed?17 days and strong
  112. 1 month clean :)
  113. overloaded with stress. could use a few good people to talk to
  114. Close to the end I hope. Help Robert please.
  115. pm dr visit went bust
  116. Max is Back - Off Sub for 2 Days
  117. How to Deal with Pain
  118. I'm back....Round 2...a Tail of two Worlds. Oxy and Norco and the Devils Playground
  119. Starting detox today at 5:00 pm
  120. funeral arrangements for melissa
  121. Going for pre employment drug test in three days.
  122. pm drug screening
  123. Girlfriend of a recovering addict needing to talk.
  124. terrible turn for the worst... filling in for melissa
  125. .625mg/day now - sub taper - how low? Roberts plan
  126. 4 year olsd son is on lortab
  127. Good luck everyone & Good bye
  128. Clonazepam question... while 30 days clean from opiates
  129. My wife is a recovering addict. I need advice, should I stay or go?
  130. Taper?
  131. a post full of bullet points on all the reasons to quit using! Robert input welcomed
  132. Plesae someone respond...im slow, still learning how to use this site.
  133. Robert 325......?
  134. ugh! cancer, GO AWAY!! super stressed!
  135. Really impressed! Robert_325 can I ask you something?
  136. 22 days clean. how to deal with mental part?
  137. 13 days clean and noooo energy..when will this go away
  138. HENRY I've lost all contact info
  139. It,s over.......
  141. DOES TAPERING HELP? (Hydro 5/500)
  142. Change from oxycodone to Morphine sulfate? dosage?
  143. Sundwn with post wd question........
  144. Prepped for a Jump and got a Push instead
  145. Going through he!!
  146. Husband's addiction (x post)
  147. not sure whats going on
  148. Robert 325 please help
  149. hey all just checking in should b at 2 weeks instead im at 5 days
  150. why wont anyone respond to my post?
  151. Suboxone Detox - In Need of Support and Kindness
  152. Hello bottom!!
  153. Running out of meds
  154. Why Should I Quit?
  155. Robert325 please help
  156. leukemia, chemo, and my new life & husband. need to talk...
  157. My last day 1........I can't do this again!
  158. Gonna give it a go once again
  159. Crazy dreams!
  160. back to square one and feel like ????
  161. Had fire shoot out of my computer
  162. It's been a "LONG FIGHT"
  163. So far im ok...I guess
  164. Opiate withdrawals........
  165. Day 17 clean
  166. Leukemia Relapse number 3... Decisions Decisions Decisions
  167. really emotional right now and for the first time since i started im ready to use
  168. What not to do after 17 days clean!
  169. Thanks for the support
  170. 12 days and about to relapse Help!
  171. Monday Motivation!
  172. Remind me to feel my ankles: not bloated by Hydrocodone.
  173. almost there. 2x .5mg of suboxone a day.
  174. Anti-Anxiety Advise!!!!
  175. check in day 6
  176. Need help starting sub treatment on tuesday
  177. Here we go again- same game, same pain. HELP me, please!
  178. Addicted to Suboxone - Need Advice to get off?
  179. day 5... my story and where im at now
  180. Just starting the withdrawl process.....fun...
  181. Advice - Methadone to Fentanyl
  182. Prayer Request
  183. robert, can you help?
  184. Subox questions...onto a better place
  185. Looking for Robert_325
  186. Robert_325, I could use some help...again
  187. I hope I can make it
  188. Bentley
  189. 105 days-YAY-temptation all around
  190. Withdrawals 12 Hours After Suboxone Induction? How to Fight Cravings?!?!
  191. Am I the only one with this problem?
  192. Vicious cycle
  193. Don't know how to approach this....
  194. Robert_325 :) Feeling desperate, ready to quit once and for all!
  195. Charlestongirl sub taper
  196. Day 7 clean from black...but???
  197. Is there a Subox Taper Template for Success?? or...
  198. Xanax and drug tests
  199. So overwhelmed and ignorant about my bf's relapse
  200. Day 6 clean!
  201. I have a serious, SERIOUS drug problem..
  202. rehab - does it help?
  203. Pain Management Help
  204. Not sure what to do...any advice would help...thanks!
  205. Quick screen drug test
  206. Tapering off Vicodin - What is my usage level like? Scared....
  207. Looking for Robert
  208. cheekie's new thread posting how to do it step by step for Robert
  209. What happened when........
  210. Started Suboxone film yesterday, Dosage???
  211. Hi. It's just me and I need to talk to someone.
  212. I Need Help
  213. Need to know imprint on Lorazapam
  214. Help - Norco addiction and I need to stop
  215. What to expect
  216. f.a.o Robert
  217. Sorry to dissapear, but...
  218. Methadone detox with lofexadine/britlofex - struggling badly
  219. Coming out of denial
  220. skipping days - long term sub user
  221. m
  222. can i get a quick responce please
  223. One month (4 weeks) today :)
  224. lets try this one LAST time!
  225. Please help, what's the next step? So lost.
  226. Suboxone WD's. 12th Day
  227. Subuxone Tapering
  228. am i broken? day 16
  229. help could use some opinions, advice??
  230. Robert_325
  231. Do I stay or do I leave my husband?
  232. need answers about pain management urine analysis
  233. need help with 15/day norcos (10mg hydrocodone) and 15 tramadol/day
  234. I just want to stop but don't feel that I can
  235. Xanax Dependence Questions
  236. Ready set....... jump!!!
  237. My wife is detoxing need help!
  238. Robert_325 Ativan withdrawal
  239. 100mcg fentanyl patch
  240. And here I am AGAIN... When will I learn...
  241. Robert_325, I could use some help...
  242. Completely freaking out- REALLY need help tonight!
  243. Robert_325, need help please - sub taper
  244. Need advice-oxy addiction
  245. Surgery Monday, going through withdrawl
  246. charlestongirl's new thread
  247. IN PAIN, DEPRESSED,FEEL LIKE GIVING UP, going the HARD illicit drug route. Sorry.
  248. Just curious
  249. black blood in throwup??
  250. Moderate Hydrocodone Addiction - Progressing - Need Advice....