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  1. Why I HATE Resperidone
  2. Stopping Lessina active pills mid-way through??
  3. dovcvime men to of minert
  4. Dizzyness and tittinitus
  5. Wanting to get off fentanyl patch
  6. what's best for chronic pain
  7. Lamictal >> Topamax??
  8. Furosemide
  9. Failing drug tests
  10. Stage fright
  11. Methadone to Suboxone Questions
  12. What is the difference between different brands of SSRIs?
  13. Off evera patch for more than 24 hours
  14. Perplexed
  15. Is their a better add med than vyvanse
  16. mixing medications is it safe
  17. Can I Stop Lexapro cold turkey since I've only taken for 4 days without withdrawals!?
  18. Discontinuing Horizant, Vistaril and Clonodine?
  19. Nerve Conduction Test normal but still in pain?
  20. Strenghten Nevers And Nerve Lining!
  21. Is there anything non addictive?
  22. Is there anything non addictive?
  23. Running short of pantoprazole with two weeks before insurance will refill
  24. new to the site----hello everyone
  25. Radiosurgery cost
  26. Can't taste or smell..
  27. Restlessness, cramping and throbbing legs.
  28. Amoxicillin and Smoking
  29. What Are The Symptoms Of Bipolarism?
  30. Orsythia birth control?
  31. B12 and pain
  32. How Niacin Is Used In The Body ?
  33. Cholecalciferol - high dosage
  34. Lost post
  35. Friend Depreesed, Need suggestion.
  36. I have varieties of pain & anxiety meds-valum,xanx,nembutal,oxycontin,hydro,percocert
  37. Could it be Pleurisy or Costochondritis?
  38. Liver damage and Tylenol
  39. Sertraline 50mg advice
  40. Suboxone Assistance at GiveForward
  41. Hey All :)
  42. Urgent help/advice needed - out of country, need Effexor XR!
  43. Why does my abdomen hurt
  44. getting periods again within 15 day without taking any medicine? if yes than why?
  45. ask my doctor????? helppp
  46. Questions about new insurance & refill policies
  47. A newly discovered antibody might inspire vaccine strategies
  48. Viagra
  49. help want off subutex
  50. Lithium and Trazodone
  51. quit suboxone cold turkey
  52. Best oils to prevent hair loss
  53. Really Need Some advice/ suboxone
  54. Really Need Some advice/ suboxone
  55. Cancer
  56. Suboxone Withdrawls
  57. Info about who/where to write; about the prescription medicine laws?
  58. My Methadone detox was painless
  59. posting threads or just post a response to someone
  60. Anyone also a gastric bypass patient?
  61. Protonix usage Questions
  62. Drug test shows banned substance Ostarine
  63. Failed drug test ???
  64. From Old-Fashioned to Digital
  65. Zoloft causing extreme panic on week 1
  66. What are the most statistically effective type of anti-drug PSA's / videos
  67. adderall dosage over time
  68. Would someone be so kind as to help a Drugs.com newbie?
  69. Allergic reaction to latuda after a month
  70. peripheral neuropathy
  71. Hereditary Hair Loss
  72. The truth about 5 Panel Drug Screens and Synthetic Opiates (Oxycodone, Vicodin, etc)
  73. Meds for chronic pain
  74. Drug Holidays
  75. red flag or not
  76. how to cope with the late period - >>>> >>>>>>>>> >>>>>>>>>
  77. Panic Attacks After Opiate Addiction
  78. Lexapro 10mg & Nexium 40mg Interaction
  79. Possible Causes - Ankle or Lower Leg Pain
  80. Why would a pain management Dr treat me like a junkie when I'm not?
  81. Best medication/treatment for anxiety, worrying obsessively and constant rumination?
  82. Addiction to computer and internet
  83. Down from 95mg methadone a day to 10mg a day after 2 years
  84. Summery of Medical Researches
  85. About pregnancy
  86. about drugs
  87. Nandrolone decanoate..Discontinued???
  88. Severe Edema in both feet, ankles and calfs
  89. Tessalon Pearls-Coughing-Bronchitis
  90. Need Some Help... Drug Screening Related.
  91. Physiotherapy Treatment
  92. How long is fentanyl in urine?
  93. Factors that can Influence Your Skin Type
  94. GC Derm
  95. I take 800 to 1200mg Ibuprofen Daily
  96. Pain physiotherapy
  97. What are the immense effects of Diabetes
  98. Sciatica : Destruct your normal life
  99. Spiriva an effective medicine worsened the breathing problems
  100. help getting off suboxone
  101. Drug tested without my consent or knowledge, is it legal? HELP
  102. Depo -Provera shot early
  103. Schedule II prescriptions in CA: Do they expire if not promptly filled?
  104. Do you know what is Mesalamine drug? and where is it used?
  105. Can anyone help me with something?
  106. Need help with hep c
  107. Started Epipen...dont know what is happening
  108. Addictions
  109. been feeling weird and i dont know if its med related.
  110. Blood pressure taken in a doctor's office
  111. Having the weirdest medical situation and need all the help I can get.
  112. Prescription Drug Misuse Facts
  113. kratom
  114. Narcolepsy question
  115. just dont know what to do or how much more i can take
  116. Help Fund Heart Disease Cure
  117. Pagets Disease of the Bone...
  118. Back pain solution
  119. Anyone had any experience with Prolixin?
  120. Fat loss!
  121. Somebody tell me a instant pain relief solutions ?
  122. Sedation Dentistry: Is It Safe?
  123. What is a colonoscopy?
  124. Tolerance
  125. My tooth need help
  126. Need help today. Doc switched me from Norco to Buprenorphine
  127. Suffering from Esophageal Spasms
  128. Packaging of Nexium
  129. Need help dealing with or getting a new pain management nurse practitioner
  130. How to know when I can call in husbands refill
  131. Pharmacy/Change in Dosage Question
  132. some weird stuff going on with my face for a year
  133. Short-Term Effects of Alcohol
  134. Back Injections
  135. C-Section and back pain
  136. "Important Safety Information"
  137. Using Strong Mental Self-Control as a Shield Against Addiction
  138. What are the benefits of an online pharmacy??
  139. need help to w/d...also dealing with major health issues
  140. Dental Phobia/Anxiety
  141. Help!! Took Adipex for 2 yrs, worked, took 1 yr break, now no effects at all?
  142. Which are the Foods that burn your belly fat?
  143. Need Help
  144. I am not a stick figure
  145. Butran usage....
  146. Just joined this web site
  147. Just saying hi
  148. My current med list for PTSD / TBI
  149. Self-empowering addiction treatment
  150. Urgent Help !!
  151. Can't find Empirin
  152. have I been red flagged for my medication
  153. Hepatitis
  154. Question about PAWS????
  155. Butrans - drug screen results
  156. Anyone can please tell me about strep throat symptoms??
  157. My med is having the opposite effect, anyone else?
  158. False positive drug test. Over a year of being a flawless patient, released from prac
  159. ER issues after being out on Suboxone, what do I do?
  160. Springhill Medical Group: Low Magnesium Linked To Heart Disease
  161. just want relief!!!
  162. Methadone false-positive urine test, HOW???
  163. Statistics - psychiatric drugs?
  164. Yutopar?or Ritodrine? exposed to unborn babies 1980-1990
  165. Have i been red flagged? Confused
  166. Springhill Groups Research About Older People is more Vulnerable to Fraud
  167. Older People is more Vulnerable to Fraud by Springhill Groups
  168. Jacked up period........ Starting to worry.
  169. Reaction to Acetaminaphin
  170. Menopause Symptoms & Stages
  171. Flu (influenza)
  172. Medications Not Working Anymore
  173. Generic for Abilify
  174. A New Member to this site
  175. Oxycodone
  176. Weight loss, pills.
  177. Subutex >> Oxycodone for chronic pain
  178. Heart stopping drug ? ?
  179. Purchasing Arixtra(Fondaparinux) without Health Benefits
  180. Benefits of Yoga..!
  181. NEED HELP: Chronic Pain Mismanagement
  182. trazadone
  183. Hello All
  184. Desperate and Frustrated! Pain Doc suggestion anyone??
  185. Mednotes Tool. Need Assistance
  186. Help with Azithromycin (Zithromax)
  187. Biologic Question Any help is appreciated
  188. Question about side effects of the drug VERAPAMIL
  189. tooth pain symptoms - precursor to Shingles?????
  190. Tips to follow in Arthritis.
  191. Looking for a good GI doc in the dayton Ohio area
  192. Should I Head to the ER?
  193. Effects of smoking on Pets
  194. Introduction
  195. OMG that hurt. A fork went through my hand.
  196. Triclosan
  197. Going back to running.
  198. Love it..
  199. Intent...
  200. how can i find a doctor that will take my car insurance as payment
  201. Please help me.
  202. i am prescribed 30mg methadone and 4mg xanax a day, how will a 50mcg/hr patch mix in
  203. need help posting from cell
  204. How ARE people getting these drugs?
  205. I need help for a story...
  206. Have no clue where my doctor is or how to reach him
  207. Obtaining a Script (legit condition)
  208. How To Prevent the Progression of Arthritis
  209. Looking for fibromyalgia buddies
  210. Opiates make me extremely hyper - help
  211. Need suggestion about healthy diet.
  212. What type of drug test do pain management doctors use?
  213. How to remain slim without exercise.
  214. Hi Everybody.
  215. Dukan diet...
  216. New to birth control! Any help/advice?
  217. Expired tylenol 3s
  218. Is America Prospective For Trained Physicians?
  219. Fluttering, twitching feeling in my back, any ideas what this could be?
  220. narcotic perscription
  221. Giving me skincare tips ?
  222. Question
  223. Soma AKA Carisoprodal addiction
  224. Hi Friends
  225. Pain Medication
  226. Where Can I have My Pills Independently Tested?
  227. norco pre-employment drug screen PLEASE NEED ADVISE ASAP
  228. Hydrocodine test kits
  229. Going on vacation to Mexico, Suboxone patient, what do I do?
  230. Statin is horrible-often permenent damage
  231. Energy drinks
  232. pill/ medication reminder
  233. ms contin
  234. Can rehab centers chare info w/ doctors?
  235. Does California State Medi-Cal cover Alcohol Rehab?
  236. Just moved to california - Need Rx Help
  237. False positives on drug tests
  238. DaTscan
  239. This forum is neat!
  240. My Pain Doc raided ......
  241. Can a fasting blood test detect amount of Tramadol use?
  242. Paranormal , telepathy , Schizophrenia ?
  243. refusing adequate treatment to a patient
  244. how long does diladid stay in ur system?
  245. Drug test question
  246. slimming tips
  247. Signs of an Unhealthy Heart
  248. benefits of vitamin E?
  249. Benefits of vitamin C
  250. False Positive for Methadone