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  1. Is this STRANGE????
  2. End of the world? LET THE DEBATE BEGIN!
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  4. Physostigmine Salicylate searching
  5. Subutex training?
  6. salt problem
  7. Question about throat
  8. new glasses and dizzy attacks
  9. Percocet and UA Help
  10. CATSMEOW You still out there???
  11. Day 21 on subs. Can I safely reduce from 16 to 8 mgs then begin taper schedule?
  12. Help with my Mom's Dry Mouth
  13. Reminder of why to stay off drugs...
  14. Sulphur Allergy
  15. I need to change my medication.
  16. As my sn says "DISABLEDLEO"
  17. Hit to neck, difficulty swallowing
  18. Bad eating habits
  19. Can't seem to hold weight on?
  20. Acne tips at best
  21. Robert and Melinda
  22. u/a drug testing
  23. Will Oxycodone show as an Opiate?
  24. Just one 10mg Methadone
  25. Doctors/insurance and pain medication
  26. is there any place on here that is equiv to an NA meeting?
  27. Methylin in kids
  28. Allergies
  29. global presence of Ceftriaxone+sulbactam
  30. Pharmacy Tech
  31. Pain Managment Lortab
  32. Healthy ways of reducing weight:
  33. Few Fat Burning Foods!!!!!!!
  34. Too much Concerta?
  35. Night-time Noshing and Insomnia
  36. 20 Simple Juice Recipes
  37. lithium and pregnancy
  38. 2 Ways To A Flat Belly
  39. Simple And Useful Tips For Quitting Smoking
  40. Mental Health Resource List
  41. Hiv, Aids And Conspiracy Theories
  42. Tapering down off lortabs Help!!!
  43. Healthcare needs government support
  44. Burning feeling in knees
  45. Using reasearch chemicals to help stop alcohol use Read more: http://www.drugs-forum
  46. Question about insurance and prescriptions
  47. Starting Adderall XR any precautions or helpful tips?
  48. Early refill on Valium?
  49. Tooth Extractions & Painkillers
  50. Failed screen by mistake.
  51. Wisdom Teeth
  52. Emotional hurt on the forum
  53. Have you heard about Heatlh Care reforms
  54. getting off codeine
  55. Need help... Emergency question
  56. Root Canal
  57. Getting pregnant and endocet..
  58. Have bad sleep problems and Need advice
  59. Lying about medical history for narcotics
  60. HELP PLEASE: can pharmacies refuse to fill prescriptions?
  61. Need help with oxycotin withdrawal please!
  62. The vital detoxification of the gut
  63. Maryon Stewart working for banning GBL.
  64. Hello all
  65. Vitamin C - Which Form to Take?
  66. Detoxification Diet?
  67. Constipation a fuss to millions
  68. False Positive for Opiates
  69. Subutex
  70. antibiotics
  71. hello guys
  72. Long way from Meth to Sub
  73. endocet vs hydrocodone
  74. What's the proper way to ask a pharmacist to order a specific generic or brand medica
  75. Urine test
  76. Mixing of 2 medications
  77. cortisone injections
  78. Lexapro, I have questions.
  79. Major Hip pain
  80. Oxycontin and methadone
  81. New to the Forum
  82. Drugs in Europe
  83. Cancer Testing Question
  84. what to expect?help
  85. Moving and need to locate new doc plz help
  86. my mom is suffering terribly
  87. Real OxyContin at Walgreen pharmacies??
  88. Memory loss with Wellbutrin?
  89. Who should take Lexapro?
  90. Offered methadone by pain doc
  91. Can leaving Lisinopril out of prescription bottle effect the medication?
  92. hi everyone need help with norco withdrawal and staying clean
  93. Need help!!
  94. Hypothyroidism and TSH levels
  95. Pharm in Det area with real OC's
  96. Yet another thread on Suboxone Taper
  97. Need to know if Subs is an option
  98. how do you increase member status?
  99. False Assumptions
  100. Trouble with my bowel
  101. Arthritis Pain Relief Creams
  102. Rapid heart beat, b/p up some/Toviaz ???
  103. Possible medication sensitivities?? Or something else?
  104. Cymbalta side effects
  105. Mirtazapine
  106. I’m FatCat and this will be my journal DAY 19
  107. My body jerk/jumps
  108. Just looking for a quick answer please
  109. Robert_325....Please Assist
  110. Seeking Advice
  111. Pain Management in San Francisco
  112. Klonopin,Depekote,and Anti-Seizure medications and is there a 24 hour medication??
  113. What should I be warned about the most with Concerta??
  114. Please help! Keeping prescription medication safe when travelling?
  115. Oxycodone and vicodin
  116. Methylphenidate Ritalin
  117. Oxycodone show up as meth in a urine test?
  118. Various Possible Medical Causes of Eye Twitching - Brief Explanations
  119. Tapering Off Methadone Quite Nicely
  120. brain lesions and dizziness
  121. Sore wrist
  122. Need help with cravings...
  123. Embarrassing Medical Exams
  124. Immediate withdrawal due to taking Suboxone too early
  125. Methadone to Hydromorphine
  126. Pregnancy and overwhelming nausea!
  127. Vistaril not working after less than a week?
  128. Someone plaese help i am desperate!!
  129. Drug testing question...need help ASAP please!!!!
  130. Changes to prescribed pain medications?
  131. Not happy with pain clinic doctor
  132. Trazodone adverse reaction
  133. Lipitor question
  134. Oxycodone & weight gain.
  135. So much pain, little help..
  136. Can you safely split capsules?
  137. Board Problems
  138. New here and kinda shy....
  139. Prayers
  140. paxil short term start up symptoms and withdrawal
  141. getting off subutex
  142. oxycontin to methadone to suboxone
  143. What state does your prescription get reported to?
  144. Hydromorphone
  145. New here! New diagnosis and medication
  146. infected tattoo
  147. HCG weight loss
  148. Hair drug test for Oxycontin
  149. suboxone
  150. Saphris
  151. Drug testing questions. Need help asap!
  152. Bayer Aspirin in a Tramadol Perscription
  153. 90 mgs. Oxycodone per day..I need to stop or cut back
  154. throwing away my OC addiction
  155. A question of Aspirin
  156. opiate use/stomach problems
  157. Deadliest Catch
  158. Do I need to worry about the pharm/DEA and my medications?
  159. taking lorazepam with methylin?
  160. dementia
  161. Question about dosage
  162. Possible Job Loss Due To Xanax???
  163. Nurse denied my pain meds.Is that legal?
  164. Laboratory test results
  165. Questions about Methadone
  166. Update!!
  167. Pharmacy/Doctor question
  168. Paxil to Lexapro Question
  169. New here, with question about my 6yr old
  170. 6 mg daily clonazepam
  171. Chantix
  172. Idiot Pharma Packaging?
  173. Two Decongestants?
  174. Medication causing Hallucinations?
  175. libido doctor
  176. methodone question
  177. new to drugs.com/forum
  178. Anyone had experience with a particular pharmacy?
  179. Need Help: Current med's working but..
  180. Legal Herbal Blends
  181. Happy holidays!!!
  182. Duodenitis gastritis diagnose
  183. Have I been Red Flagged for narcotic Medications
  184. Hyzaar
  185. Prescription Question...
  186. Methadose 40mg
  187. Research->Production->Market Information
  188. Cold-Turkey Lexapro Withdrawal
  189. Holiday Blues
  190. Hydromorph Contin
  191. Pain Specialist in SE Michigan
  192. propecia 1mg
  193. Lyrica-do not even try this drug-my advice
  194. bang
  195. Norepinephrine problem
  196. vaccine allergic reaction
  197. Advil
  198. seperate drugs from life how?
  199. drug reaction
  200. durg interactions
  201. I need help in Jackson, TN
  202. Adderall vs Methylphenidate(ritalin?) / Prozac interactions
  203. Familial periodic paralysis or hypokalmic PP
  204. question about Phenytoin
  205. Getting prescription filled twice--Is this unusual?
  206. I don't want to get flagged, Question,,
  207. Addiction warning!!
  208. Norco vrs percocet
  209. over 40-IUD or ESSURE??birth control?
  210. Measurement conversions
  211. spinal fusion in neck c 4-5,5-6
  212. Estratest off the market?
  213. Need Help: Medication
  214. Possible hump in my back
  215. Can the following drugs/conditions result in a false positive result for pcp?
  216. Im kinda young... could I be prescribed pain meds?
  217. Xanax & a Diet Pill.Is this possible?
  218. Drug test soon, help please!
  219. Drug disposal
  220. Paying for prescriptions
  221. Scoliosis
  222. Miserable; can anyone help?
  223. Quick Brand Name Medication Rebates
  224. labcorp urine test ?
  225. please tell me what i found in my childs room
  226. Writing a research paper, need help
  227. Need advice for addicted sibling. PLEASE!!
  228. Beta-Sitosterol Supplements
  229. Treatment for scleritis?
  230. trazodone
  231. new to community know nothing!! help!
  232. Severs hoarseness after taking Fluoxetine
  233. Amitiza
  234. Devil's Claw
  235. Signing up for Medicare Part D
  236. Robert:re Ambien CR
  237. Help! Need Suboxone/Subutex Dr. in Seattle
  238. switching from Methadone to Tramadol
  239. Savella question
  240. Quikclot for first responders and consumers
  241. Weening Off Drugs - Important Notes from a Dr.
  242. By what brand name or generic name is ATIVAN known as in BOLIVIA
  243. Pass the most important health test. Learn about HIV.
  244. Never get addicted to painkillers!!!!!!
  245. Herbal Medications
  246. safe high
  247. Problem...Ambien doesn't work!!
  248. Adipex Vs Phentramine HCL?
  249. Why is clozapine no longer available?
  250. benzodiazapine withdrawal