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  1. norco/lortab/methadone for SERIOUS anxiety!?!
  2. methadone..detoxing alone..help..scullcap..herbs..perscript drug help withdrawal??
  3. Newly prescribed Paxil. Xanax making it worse?
  4. Left Temple Swollen and Painful
  5. 4 days clean
  6. pill
  7. help
  8. percocet withdrawal vs. oxycontin withdrawal
  9. Oxycodone withdrawal as bad as >>>>>>e?
  10. Lexapro withdrawal
  11. Help
  12. Effexor+Lamictal no longer working
  13. Army drug testing for Xanax and Suboxone
  14. Trazodone for Hydrocodone Withdr??
  15. confused methadone prescribed... addiction
  16. My Suboxone Experience-Just Talking
  17. 215mg Oxycodone Per Day. Addicted or needed? 3 Herniated disks, any other options?
  18. Lexapro Withdrawals and weight
  19. I really need some advice/help.
  20. Beating the Temptation
  21. Liittle cousin
  22. wanting to quit oxycontin
  23. Suboxone Taper
  24. How can you get a thread deleted
  25. Ultram (Tramadol) and Suboxone
  26. Confused...?
  27. My Addiction to Tramadol 60+ Pills Per Day
  28. My Beginning to End- A Hydro and Oxy Story/Diary
  29. Been off vics a week now what?
  30. Theysay change your friends if you change your life...how do u do that
  31. Weaning off of vicodins yuck help
  32. Wean off of Vicodin??
  33. need answers
  34. day 3 no methadone no withdrawl
  35. sub wd after 12 days?
  36. Any experience or opinions about Ibogaine Treatment?
  37. Mental problem or just a druggie?
  38. Anyone with these symptoms ??
  39. Need help getting off of Suboxone
  40. My first dose of Suboxone
  41. Klonopin
  42. Questions about Xanax use.
  43. Eczema Help
  44. My Ugly Story
  45. psoriasis
  46. Update/Suboxone x 60 days/Appreciate thoughts
  47. Diplomate of American Board of Addiction Medicine
  48. Anything to reduce Subutex Withdrawal?
  49. Wellbutrin
  50. codeine craving - my will power is vanishing
  51. Hi Melinda - A little update, thanks for asking
  52. Hi Melinda
  53. Lithium and Buspar
  54. One year down...a lifetime to go!!!
  55. Risks to being on suboxone the rest of your life (age 26)?
  56. detoxing from pain meds
  57. feel like giving up and just saying the hell with it
  58. Opiate W/Draws--Off 5mg suboxone cold turkey
  59. Things we need to know...
  60. drug detox at home"
  61. Codeine Phosphate addiction + withdrawal
  62. wife needing help
  63. I need HELP! quick
  64. My Appologies
  65. Suboxone taper - Is it really that easy.....?
  66. Length of Time on Percocet regarding Withdrawal
  67. Neuralgic pain meds
  68. Doctor changed Xanax MG's..?
  69. Microgestin FE 1/20 & Breast Lumps
  70. trying to quit
  71. Vicodin not working...
  72. Is Oxycodone a good alternative to Methadone??
  73. Smoking pot for withdrawls?
  74. Time to get off
  75. Tapering and insomnia
  76. tough time coming off Suboxone..
  77. Need To Stop Oxycodone Addiction - Only Take Once Per Day - Please Read
  78. Over-Focused ADD?
  79. Tired of Suboxone
  80. cymbalta side effects
  81. xanax and seizures.
  82. Ritalin for treatment of MS fatigue.
  83. ADDerall confusion
  84. Started Suboxone-Dosing Question
  85. need help getting off norcos
  86. Chronic pain and wanting to get off my pain meds
  87. Suboxone and Klonopin
  88. HELP GUYS - little accident (mags)
  89. Day 2 of no methadone...
  90. What non opiod painkillers are available?
  91. Do I still need Citalopram ?
  92. Impatient Methadone User
  93. ima major screw up
  94. ok back. take 2 but need advice asap - suboxone
  95. need help pleaseee can somas help with vic w/d
  96. Help vicodin wds please
  97. im addicted to 10milg vics
  98. Please Help!!! Suboxone withdrawals
  99. 11 days off Oxy, now to kill my last vice
  100. About to switch over to Suboxone...
  101. I have bad anxiety, and can no longer sleep
  102. what will the DR prescribe?
  103. Need Some Bfore I go to the Dr
  104. What thieves...
  105. 1 Subxone then a broken finger
  106. Antianxiety NON-DROWSY med
  107. Anxiety issues
  108. Felt Better on the day I forgot to take my pristiq!
  109. Percocet/oxy withdrawal advice, please!
  111. Toe Nail
  112. Beginning withdrawal today-Sorry I got so upset guys
  113. changing from norco to fentnyll
  114. Beginning Withdrawal 3/25 - last post
  115. Was looking for some support-But Guess this wasn't the place to find it
  116. Beginning withdrawal 3/25 methadone to suboxone (beachlvr, cindybug, Robert)
  117. Lyrica/Dilaudid
  118. Need Help!! Buspar not working for my anxiety!
  119. elderly addicted to vicodin
  120. Day 3 of withdrawls from going cold turkey quitting percs-oxys, help!
  121. at home Lorazapam detox
  122. ******** it all
  123. day 11- except alcohol
  124. Please help
  125. Pain control for chronic back pain
  126. Questions about Detox/Drug Rehab
  127. Taking Suboxone during Suboxone withdrawal
  128. Effects of Methadone usage-starting Suboxone
  129. Chronic Pain Garbage
  130. Nine days off oxycontin, and less pain!!!
  131. Doing Great!
  132. Last OC usage need help
  133. depression from Chantix
  134. depression from Chantix
  135. oc with done
  136. hitting bottom
  137. Transitional questions from Methadone To Suboxone.......
  138. for anxiety
  139. What to do when life throws you a curve?
  140. My first attempt at Withdrawal from Atavan
  141. Addicted day 4 withdrawls
  142. day 2 no vics
  143. going cold turkey, need some advice please
  144. Needing some help/support
  145. Going from lexapro to wellbutrin
  146. Ultram Contraindications...help please
  147. Cymbalta and increased blood pressure
  148. generic soma?
  149. getting my last vic refill tomorrow, i need help
  150. knee pain
  151. adipex, anyone having side effects?
  152. How much longer will this last?
  153. If your looking for Robert ...
  154. Help, my new granddaughter is going through withdrawal from methadone
  155. Effexor XR Withdrawals
  156. im on oxycontin should i switch to patches/or methodone
  157. skin 'sores'/hives as a reaction?
  158. Percocet w/d help??!!
  159. Isoniazid causes diarrhea
  160. >>>>>> Home Withdrawal--pls help!
  161. Cold meds causing severe anxiety
  162. tension headache
  163. Beware of roxicodone
  164. ThANKS Robert, Zenith and ?Freedom?
  165. I'm finally off vicodin after 3 years. I GOT MY LIFE BACK!
  166. Help with w/d from Oxycodone
  167. Can you share your story?
  168. New here - want to get off methadone!
  169. I wish I didn't have to take pills to be happy..
  170. Chronic Pain- Percocets No Longer Working, Fentanyl Patch Next Step- Need Help
  171. maybe someone can help
  172. I'm back and I'm an addict...I need advice!
  173. fell off the wagon after 10 days
  174. Life going cold turkey of Percocets
  175. tapering off percocet need help!!!
  176. Tramadol and Restless Arm Syndrome
  177. vic addiction..day 9
  178. YAZ for PMDD
  179. New to sub - advice plx
  180. Suboxone Treatment in Ontario
  181. solution to counteracting weight gain from seroquel
  182. My anxiety is keeping me from sleeping.
  183. Problems with anxiety, depression and breathin
  184. I'm addicted to Percocet, can you help me?
  185. Anyone go on anti depressants after ending a painiller addiction?
  186. Just started Suboxone maintence, questions.
  187. Diuretics and Pregnancy
  188. Help! Can Oxycodone cause depression?
  189. roxi/ oxycodone addiction
  190. a question about the Thomas Recipe
  191. Question for Live2Ride about the tapering with Vicoden
  192. Anything to minimize Klonazepam cravings?
  193. Percocet withdrawl
  194. prices ?
  195. lower back pain
  196. addicted to everything..mostly vics
  197. TO ROBERT_325!! Sub W/d
  198. Klonopin And Xanax...Help would be nice
  199. 180mgs oxycodone/day personal cold turkey experience
  200. going from durgesic to methadone bad idea?
  201. Anxeity, Paxil, Xanax?
  202. Pain and Sleep Meds in Jail
  203. From Dones, to Oxy to Dones, now Subox?
  204. Clean sober n ready to freak out
  205. Suboxone withdrawal question...
  206. Klonopins loosing there efectivness...help please...
  207. just diagnosed with fibromyalgia along w/other problems-sub doseing part 2
  208. Clonopin
  209. mood disorders in children
  210. Will I get Addicted?
  211. Suboxone and Pregnant
  212. about lexapro
  213. Question: workplace attitudes towards rehab
  214. I need help.........
  215. Please Help - Depression
  216. Question reguarding Oxycontin VS Oxycodone
  217. wife in detox
  218. A Couple of Questions
  219. Percocet and Ambien Withdrawls. Help Please!
  220. New Percocet / Alcolol Question - HELP!
  221. Robert if you are there -Please help-opite metabolite issue-oxy-suboxone
  222. Blood pressure skyrocketing from WDs
  223. Suboxone-Questions and Answers-but more questions
  224. Tramadol addiction---help???
  225. Percocet and Alcohol Question - Help!
  226. How long will suboxone be in my system?
  227. Robert, MMan; HELP! Problems with Sub!! Scared!!
  228. subo withdrawl
  229. Suboxone Questions
  230. I Have MS, Live In Burbank CA. Need Doctor
  231. Opiate addiction
  232. I'm back...and Merry X-Mas!!!!
  233. suboxen
  234. any success in treating paranoria web cams
  235. i cant get to featuered conditions index?
  236. Where are the Withdrawals?
  237. Need Help with Drepession & Anxiety
  238. need someone to help/ Suboxone questions
  239. Cold turkey with a bit of bread, and a little mayo..
  240. progressive polyneuropathy
  241. Need help, starting Suboxone tomorrow morning
  242. Trying to Taper; Need some experienced advice...please...
  243. Klonipin? Good, bad?
  244. back pain relief for an addict & major depression
  245. Lyrica side effect?
  246. Wondering if I have become addicted
  247. XANAX & Prenancy
  248. For everyone out there on Suboxone or previously on it
  249. To Robert 325
  250. Help:Is it Addiction/Dependency or just talking to much