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  1. Am I going through Tramadol withdrawal?
  2. Amitrptyline(elavil) and Xanax Fasciculations
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  5. Effexor upped to 450 mg
  6. Celecoxib for relentless and frequent muscle spasms
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  8. short suboxone taper
  9. mephedrone lasting paranoia
  10. Need help with a taper plan for Suboxone.
  11. Oxycodone Withdraw
  12. Tramadol or Percocet - Weird Behavior
  13. Cold Turkey from Suboxone
  14. 40 mgs methadone to suboxone
  15. Down to 0.6ml/3mg Methadone withdrawals are intense
  16. Clonazepam Help/Questions
  17. My First Day on Suboxone and I Need A Plan
  18. Lightheaded ALL DAY do I go to hospital? Stopped taking Wellbutrin, Zoloft, and subox
  19. best medication/treatment for anxiety, overthinking rumination
  20. From morphine to methadone - Looking for support
  21. Lexapro questions
  22. 1st Time Poster Wellbutrin/Adderall Terrifying Experience Please Help!
  23. Suboxone process help needed
  24. suboxone taper help
  25. Hi to all newbie with taper questions and in need of encouragement
  26. ultrams and the aftermath!!
  27. Went off methadone thank god!!
  28. open letter to my addiction
  29. Just starting saphris from zyprexa.... Scared!!! Starting at a very low dose
  30. First tab this morning of Lexam
  31. Methadone Taper problem
  32. tapering off suboxone getting back to normal
  33. Suboxone withdrawal - a little hope
  34. Trying 2 Taper OFF of SUBS
  35. New to fentanyl
  36. Enhance male sexual function which is good medicine ?
  37. what medicine dog to take it
  38. Vyvanse (lisdexamphetamine)
  39. Suboxone - Another question
  40. Suboxone - How do I know I am stable?
  41. antidepressant
  42. Alzumab for Rheumatoid Arthritis
  43. Lexapro 5mg enough?
  44. Want to stop taking Suboxone with Baclofen
  45. Transferring from lexapro to seroquel issue
  46. Update on previous post...
  47. Question and scared about SSRI'S
  48. Problems with subutex after only a few days of methadone.
  49. Suboxone Taper Questions
  50. Lexapro and memory loss
  51. w/d from effexor have ?'s please help if you can
  52. low dose effexor for anxiety disorder
  53. Hey What Do You Think ?
  54. Head Pressure on Serequel and Prozac
  55. Short term memory loss while on benzos, need advice and to hear about others
  56. Suboxone Taper help
  57. Prednisone
  58. Have you also been swtiched BACK to the ORIGINAL oxycontin/ oxycodone formula?
  59. On Effoxor 150mg for six months - still dealing with depression - up my dose?
  60. I need help with extreme pain caused by rare form of Crohn's Disease.
  61. Are my side effects while taking ADHD medication 'normal?
  62. Opana er nausea, sweating
  63. Please help me tramadol/diazapam
  64. New adderall making me sick
  65. prevastatin causing muscle weakness, dizziness, imbalance
  66. My story on Adderall XR and Lexapro.
  67. Fentanyl Patch dose too high? Starting at 100mcg! Is this normal?
  68. suboxone/subutex... need advice
  69. suboxone/subutex... need advice
  70. Post-Op Pain Medication Suggestions
  71. Zoloft and can't sleep
  72. Prolia for Osteoporosis
  73. Testosterone Med Side Effects
  74. Oral T2 Diabetes Meds
  75. Metformin Side Effects
  76. ADD doctors in Birmingham, Alabama
  77. Effoxor - its working amazing for social axiety - but the vivid dreaming!
  78. Anyone taking votrient?
  79. Methadone taper idea
  80. vyvanse side effects
  81. Dr. just bumped me from klonopin to ativan. Any thoughts
  82. Methadone drug interations.
  83. methadone to sub
  84. Concerned about damage from Abilify
  85. Methotrexate-does it lower a persons immunity to get other illnesses?
  86. Back to Elavil
  87. Need help - sexual side effects remain after discontinuation! Valdoxan (agomelatine)
  88. olanzapine - how long will doubling my dose take to work?
  89. Quitting Suboxone - Need Some Help Please
  90. Suboxone Tapering Help Robert_325
  91. Omg!!!! What next???
  92. anybody know why Phrenilin 325-50 tablet is not available in market?
  93. My Detox Journey from Oxy to Methadone to Suboxone to freedom (hopefully)
  94. Need answer on Oxycontin 40
  95. New Opana another sad story.
  96. How to come off of Lexapro
  97. Generic Lexapro
  98. My Doctor is recommending transition from Suboxone to Vivitrol injection
  99. Have You had SEVERE Muscle Spasms from Use of Trazodone?
  100. Dolobid for someone going off ops?
  101. ms contin
  102. 1,500mg of Tramadol HELP!?!?
  103. Counterfiet Adderall or just poor quality?
  104. Lexapro and Aloe Vera Juice
  105. How long does Seroquel last?
  106. Xanax - Tolerance
  107. suboxowned - are you out there?
  108. to Robert_325
  109. suboxowned - are you out there?
  110. quick ? on clonidine
  111. to robert_325, Fedup, ddave45 and anyone else: I need some words of comfort
  112. Drug comparable to Adderall for higher dose?
  113. Quitting Lexapro Cold Turkey....very worried
  114. Effexor - missed dosages effects?
  115. Skin Cancer
  116. One SSRI vs another
  117. Adderall Stopped Working?
  118. sudden delayed effects/onset of adderall
  119. Adderall Side-Effect Mitigation ?
  120. Zarontin and weight loss
  121. How long for Suboxone to be out of your system @ 2mg a day
  122. Wellbutrin and Lump in Throat
  123. Lexapro side effects months later?
  124. Adderall + Effexor + Wellbutrin Combo
  125. Robert 325
  126. Seroquel
  127. Robert 325, need your help on Sub taper
  128. Depression - What do I do for doctors to describe the medications I urgently need.
  129. Methadone question.
  130. Lunesta long term issues??
  131. Question on Brand Adderall
  132. No More Lies..I need some help weaning..any info or encouragment would be a priceles
  133. Can a high dosage of Adderrall cause high liver enzymes?
  134. lexnomore
  135. My nuvigil stopped working after only 5 days! Whats going on?
  136. Has anyone used Butrans? (buprenorphine)
  137. implanon and facial numbness
  138. Temazepam shortage??
  139. Cymbalta
  140. Depression, Anxiety, Panic disorder, and PTSD medication combo ?
  141. ADDERALL ON BACKORDER says Pharmacist
  142. Lexapro: 12 years on, Now 7 months Off
  143. Lexapro
  144. HELP---Adderall Is Not Working Today
  145. Chronic Fatigue Drug Treatment
  146. Lots of sub induction trouble
  147. Nexium bone fractures and Osteoporosis
  148. Should Ambien work the first night?
  149. Help Please I was just prescribed Prozac
  150. One Week Off Sub and Great News!!
  151. Prescription Drug Addiction
  152. Need some advice
  153. Ativan dosage question
  154. percocet vs. pain patches
  155. Levothyroxene Side Effects (Synthroid)
  156. Doctor told me Subutex will not longer be available in US due to abuse
  157. Suboxone Detox Dosing
  158. co codamol withdrawals
  159. Need help asap
  160. Quick question about Lisinopril
  161. Need Robert one more time please! SO SORRY!
  162. NEED ROBERT_325 PLEASE!! Ativan TAPER?
  163. Need roberts_325 help if hes not to busy!!!
  164. Talwin
  165. Rising Adderall Prices?
  166. I'm new and this is my story.
  167. Robert_325, NEED HELP!
  168. Steroid Pack?
  169. Phentermine - how long between cycles & what can I take in between?
  170. Robert 325 taper questions
  171. Adverse Reaction to Suboxone OR anxiety?
  172. Off of Methadone 5 days! Wanted to Share
  173. Venlafaxine (Efexor) Withdrawal
  174. Robert pls help..9 wks pregnant and down to 1 mg of sub after quick taper
  175. Robert...I have a question
  176. 4 Day rule and does this site have Private Messaging capability?
  177. Seroquel
  178. Lexapro and weight gain
  179. venlafaxine
  180. Robert_325 and anyone else....need help finishing suboxone
  181. Going from Suboxone to Methadone
  182. Tramadol Extended Release
  183. 5.5 yrs on Sub and want off!
  184. Generic Ambien/zolpidem Brands
  185. seroquel withdrawal insomnia
  186. Having withdrawal from Subutex please help me someone
  187. Suboxone acute withdrawal please help!
  188. Getting On Sub, not too confident in Dr. Need info plz.
  189. Friend in trouble
  190. Taking Suboxone/Subutex and having Major Surgery. Please help.
  191. New Job, still on Methadone, freaking out!
  192. please help
  193. Has xanax ever did this...
  194. quitting vics switching to subutex
  195. Adderall XR VS Vicodin for Concentration/Motivation
  196. worse anxiety on Lexapro
  197. Lexapro and insomia
  198. selling prescription drugs
  199. buspirone
  200. Off Cymbalta cold turkey
  201. help-need new subutex doctor
  202. Suboxone Help Please...Suicidal Thougts!
  203. Having Suboxone in my System before going to a Dr. for suboxone script
  204. Is this typical of Xanax?? Please help!
  205. robert_325 Ready for help with taper
  206. Suboxone Taper - Help Please - Not right :(
  207. Taking too many meds.
  208. cymbalta
  209. Trying to stabilize on subutex for detox - help please Robert !
  210. Pristiq
  211. Trying to get off Xanax
  212. Gabapentin for Oxycodone w/d? Working! Why? How? Anyone have experience ?
  213. waiting for induction
  214. Penicillin V potassium - found in boyfriend's nightstand HELP!!!
  215. What my doctor has prescribed me.
  216. 100mg Adderall Overdose! What The Hell Did I Do To Myself!?
  217. Last night had to go to 6mgs xanax
  218. Last Suboxone this morning
  219. Robert and Melinda
  220. Tapered down my Subs, about to quit!! Suggestions?
  221. My Struggle with Lexapro
  222. Weight lose tips,..
  223. Do I really need Lexapro?
  225. Suboxone long term effects
  226. Is there life after opiates? Yes, there is.
  227. Cutting Mylan Fentanyl Patches in half?
  228. Fentanyl Patch Question and Advice need, Please! :)
  229. Afraid of Abilify
  230. Effexor vs Elavil
  231. Asentra(zoloft,sertraline) stomach problem
  232. Started my Suboxone treatment today
  233. Wellbutrin.
  234. Any idea of what my psychiatrist might prescribe?
  235. Adderall Generic Help
  236. I messed up my sub taper and need help....
  237. Adderall question. Possible adderall overdose!
  238. I'm on Subutex and need help
  239. waiting for Suboxone withdrawls
  240. Need help getting off Suboxone
  241. Kickking the poppy tea habbit is suboxone a good idea for me?
  242. Lexapro and Double Vision?
  243. Suboxone and Vitamins
  244. Lexapro withdrawal
  245. Vyvanse
  246. Sub detox begins next week
  247. I want help weaning off subs!! Please! Robert_325!!
  248. Valdoxan (Agomelatine)
  249. Paroxetine Hallucinations
  250. Fentanyl Injection