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  1. lyrica pregablin
  2. Prilosec to Aciphex doseage question
  3. Refusing to fill controlled prescriptions
  4. xanax
  5. Why do people generally go for generic drugs then branded drugs?
  6. Question about Oxycodone refills.
  7. Topamax safety??
  8. How would you improve patient medication compliance?
  9. Question about Prednisone
  10. Did I do something really wrong without realizing it?
  11. Ever think about a pharmaceutical supplies vending machine?
  12. Is it ok to store benzodiazepines in the fridge?
  13. menopause
  14. Looking for ideas for community service project!!!
  15. I need a help! :)
  16. Zoloft Synthroid and risperidone is it safe :confused:
  17. Have bad reaction to the Niacin in Oxycodone ER, is there an alternative w/o????
  18. Advice from a Pharmacist
  19. Pharmacies and NASPER?
  20. Ritalin Methylphenidate......
  21. Xanax
  22. Lortab (I think) pharmacy won't fill RX
  23. Question about Ultram
  24. C.O.P.D, Anxiety, and Asthma
  25. Phentermine
  26. how to get into pharmacy school?
  27. do N.J. Pharmacies Share patient Info
  28. What would happen...
  29. What's your opinion?
  30. percocet 10/325 questions?
  31. Just what is your "OPINION" PLEASE
  32. Pharmacy Techs that are Addicts
  33. Help manage taking medicines before meal
  34. Latisse use for post chemo patients
  35. IV certification
  36. California Pharmacy Technician
  37. how to go about getting anxiety meds?
  38. False Positive for Opiates????
  39. Brand Neccessary
  40. Problem with transferring prescriptions
  41. Timentin
  42. 2 scripts for percocet different strengths
  43. Need help reading
  44. Do Norco and Lortab metabolise into the same thing?
  45. How long is a script good once filled?
  46. Alternate source for IV Bactrim?
  47. pharmacy technicians
  48. Melatonin use by Ischemic Stroke Victims...Is it Safe?
  49. Potassium Cl and Anticholinergics
  50. Looking for a good pharm tech forum
  51. narcotic reconciliation question
  52. kentucky
  53. Suboxone versus naltrexone.
  54. Suboxone - Proper Dose
  55. Prescription help, pleeeeeeese.
  56. alcohol and prescription drugs....
  57. Took a lot of suboxone, how long until opiates will be effective?
  58. trying to understand difference b/ 2 generics of ritalin
  59. questions
  60. looking for an answer
  61. Qs related to (generic) ritalin for extreme exhaustion
  62. RX Drug Review
  63. Metro taste side effect relief
  64. Institutional Pack?
  65. Mebendazole
  66. (from pt/caregiver): best way to sort out possib med interactions
  67. Questions about Pharmacy Tech education
  68. Not your typical early refill thread..
  69. Extremely Inportant Refill information
  70. interactions
  71. Desoxyn has no effects--why?
  72. refill at walgreens question...need answers soon please!!
  73. oxy vs hydro
  74. Doribax - 250mg dose preperation
  75. please help - forged script at wal-mart
  76. New on Lyrica ????
  77. please answer
  78. Quinine vs. Soma
  79. How long does Suboxone stay in system
  80. vicodin-steroids combo ???
  81. Why no 30mg OC?
  82. Extended Release Oxycodone...how many manufacturers?
  83. Methadone Re-Fills
  84. what pill is this
  85. Pro-Cons of Topomax for Migraines
  86. HELP! Methlphenadate HCL & ADHD Statistics of useage
  87. tegretol/carbamazepine
  88. Nortriptyline side effects!
  89. Depo shot help
  90. Friend plans to take 6 drugs, is this safe?
  91. ativan and valium dosages
  92. oxycondone
  93. Confusion over generic versus not
  94. what pill do i have?
  95. Gout...
  96. Can i ask a doctor or pharmacist this question?
  97. Differences between Wellbutrin SR and Wellbutrin XL
  98. GENERIC adderal XR
  99. Can Lexapro cause a severe rash?
  100. Adderall Prescription
  101. Help about MUCINEX D
  102. Paxil cr/ ultram er interactions
  103. please i want solution for this problem
  104. Baclofen: Blood-brain barrier
  105. Baclofen Side Effect Studies
  106. Question Please need answers
  107. Need an honest opinion...
  108. i want to ask
  109. Lithobid lithium levels
  110. Why would they let me take it
  111. Gabapentin(Neurontin)
  112. Gabapentin(Neurontin)
  113. Higher Blood Pressure Due to Meds?
  114. Generic vs name brand
  115. naravam
  116. Can you interpret this?
  117. ruminated thinking
  118. Manufacturer of Pharmaceutical Bulk Drugs
  119. Attention all pharmacist or anyone who knows RX related questions??(RG..OXYCONTIN)
  120. Yasmin-birth control??
  121. Drug interaction between Pioglitazone and Glimepiride
  122. Name brand or generic? Why?
  123. dihydroemetine injection urgently
  124. Ultram 50mg alternative
  125. new ethex 10mg oxycodone??question
  126. IR over 40 white,round pill
  127. Looking For Fungizone(Re: Amphotericin- B )
  128. Found in my sons room please help asap triangle shaped pill..
  129. need help reddish orange long oval pill 44-393
  130. Need help getting a pill I.D.
  131. identify pill looks like kidney bean
  132. identify round white/yellow pill
  133. identify green triangle pill
  134. identify pink flower pill
  135. chemical composition
  136. coil for 10 years
  137. 4812 V round Blue Pain meds
  138. generics
  139. Severe Depression After Stopping Lexapro
  140. Help! Drug Test Results
  141. coughing up blood
  142. help with the PTCB exam
  143. Dea# and Lic.# on prescriptions
  144. help identifying three pills
  145. Are Soma & Valium the same?
  146. I have this pill i need to know really quick what it is
  147. (Provigil) modafinil improved my vision
  148. do mushrooms come up in a urine test??
  149. can you buy just a partial script at a time?
  150. Dermatitis
  151. Definition of closed door pharmacy
  152. SUboxone and blood screen
  153. How Long Does Vicodin Stay In Urine?
  154. Oxycontin/Oxycodone Drug test question?
  155. Accidentally took 2 soma (350 mg) please help!
  156. southern california pharmaceutical jobs
  157. Birth Control Advice
  158. I need to have a pill identified
  159. Duragesic Patch not sticking...can doctor prescribe "extras"
  160. FDA listing
  161. Pill or Patch?
  162. Question about prescription call-in
  163. script in LA -- can it be filled in TX?
  164. My parents cant afford the meds we need
  165. unable to get meds.
  166. found a pill
  167. Merr
  168. oxycotin and percocets
  169. Symbicort
  170. Schedule 2 pharmacy procedure
  171. What does evt stand for?
  172. is it possible to get a bad batch of meds?
  173. I found long skinny white pill
  174. I found this pill in my daughters room and need to know what it is
  175. quality different with different generics
  176. vytorin taken with lovastatin
  177. mixing Prednisone and Carisoprodol
  178. right prescribation wrong name on bottle
  179. peach colored microbeads from a capsule found on teen son
  180. Med vs Med?
  181. What's the difference between endocet and percocet?
  182. hyperthyroid
  183. Ativan error
  184. medicine
  185. Website for the Pharmacy Technician
  186. Question about lisinopril
  187. Hypertension medicines
  188. Need Prescription Help ASAP
  189. Drugs with Estrogen
  190. Questions about Namenda as prophylaxis for Alzheimer's
  191. need help please
  192. Please help! I am overseas and running out of my medication!!!!!!! :(
  193. Reliv Nutritional Sup & Drug Interactions?
  194. Need advice on Perscription taking ASAP
  195. Question about side affects
  196. need to find out pill type quick
  197. very concerned friend, need pharmacist knowledge, please
  198. Need to identify a pill ASAP
  199. RhIG
  200. back probs
  201. Chlorhexidine Gluconate
  202. Imodium/Loperamide: Regular Basis?
  203. Peridex Mouth Rinse
  204. Hello! I'm new:)
  205. seizure med help?
  206. switching over to subutex
  207. Thyrolar: Problems With It?
  208. Hydrocodone and acetimophen question?
  209. pharmacist please help!
  210. Rehdralyte/oral fluid replacment solutions
  211. Pharmacy calculation
  212. peridex
  213. Help Identifying a pill
  214. I can't identify this pill...
  215. Lexapro related suicide?
  216. question about pain meds
  217. question about pain meds
  218. big white oval shape pill w/ no markings just a line to devied the pill in ahalf
  219. penicllin VK & bactrim DS
  220. Codeine vs propoxyphene--are they the same??
  221. Questions about Depo-Provera
  222. off-patent drugs
  223. what is this pill
  224. levobupivacaine or chirocaine
  225. I hopeI can get some direction
  226. Metabolites from methamphetamine
  227. Generic vs. brand name
  228. xanax
  229. i've been of fentanyl for a while and was recently put on xanax's
  230. Antihistamines
  231. tooth abscess--HELP!!
  232. pill idinification
  233. side effects
  234. weight loss
  235. SUBOXEN
  236. Could anybody helps me in my report?
  237. ****..amphetamine on any lab test..help
  239. glass ampoule manufacturers
  240. suboxone and med records
  241. pill >>
  242. GERD medication, 'Ze-vir-ed' or 'Ze-var-ed' ??
  243. anti-depressant w/effect of weight loss not gain?
  244. is it ok to request different brands of same scrip
  245. ropinirole
  246. Question to all Pharmacists
  247. cant fine anything about this pill
  248. methadone
  249. Medication Interactions and Side Effects
  250. expired pills