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Homeopathic Medications - pro's and con's
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    Question Homeopathic Medications - pro's and con's

    Have heard a lot about homeopathic medications over the years, have tried them on occasion, but never got a any results, guess that is good, no bad effects, lol, but would have love to had some good effects. Anyone else have any comments on the subject?

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    It takes time to get the result of homeopathic medications. After 6 to 7 months the result can see but not completely. the pros are
    * Homeopathic medicine is 100% safe. There are no side effects when you use this therapeutic method of treating an illness. Even pregnant women and babies can take homeopathic remedies without fear of getting side effects.
    * It is very effective.
    * It is easy to take.
    * It is not addictive.
    * It does not suppress the immune system.
    * It is holistic.

    * The right remedy may not be available at any pharmacy.
    * Finding out the right remedy takes a bit longer than traditional medicine.
    * Although there are many homeopathic practitioners, only a few are experts on the field.

    Deciding whether to adopt homeopathy as your way to prevent and cure diseases can be a tricky one. But since it is safe, why not give it a shot?

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    Yes, homepathy, alternative, herbs, natural remedies. They all work for me. I have tired many already but now it is about finding which ones have worked the best.

    Valerian, helps with sleep and low anxiety.
    La Dopa, helps with mood and emotions
    Gingko Biloba, helps with memory and focus. I think it helps more with focus but i also take other herbs along with it in the morning. Some days I just drink herbal teas, but I like my combination from all my testing.

    As far as the time length in which people can see results have been much less than 1 month for me personally. I was working out my anxiety, stress and headaches. As far for pain and other such ailments, I have taken some for my adhd. I have not yet found some for pain but I'll find some and post it up somewhere.

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    Homeopathy has one great advantage over other forms of therapy. Because its indicated remedy is chosen only by the symptom pattern of the patient, a remedy can be found for every possible condition, irrespective of whether a definitive medical diagnosis can be established or not. In allopathy, even with the finest modern methods of examination, the causes of many disorders are not readily found and, not finding a cause, the allopath is unable to offer adequate treatment. Such a deficiency can't occur with homeopathy. Because a remedy choice is made exclusively on the symptom pattern, one can always be found for every patient, because even an un-diagnosable disease will have symptoms. If this remedy is wisely chosen, an improvement in the patient's condition is almost sure to follow, assuming the problem is among those susceptible to homeopathic treatment.

    The disadvantages of homeopathy are few for the patient, but somewhat greater for the physician. This method takes time and dedication on the part of the physician. It isn't easy to find the proper remedy from among the thousands available. It takes great skill and much time in complicated cases for the physician to properly prescribe for and treat each patient. It generally isn't possible for him to command fees commensurate with the time involved, and homeopathy thus hasn't become popular.

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    Homeopathic medicines are beyond any doubt very effective, this conclusion is based on my personal experience for years. But the catch is you take the correct medicine in correct strength ( potency as they call it ), only an experienced practitioner can do it for you. Self prescribing or over the counter medicines are wrong practice in homeopathy, that is why most of the time no result. Also this is a myth that it takes long time to cure, mostly positive cure is achieved in minutes but again proper prescription is required which is very difficult these days.

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    Homeopathy is a system of medicine which involves treating the individual with highly diluted substances, given mainly in tablet form. Based on their specific symptoms, a homeopath will match the most appropriate medicine to each patient. It doesn't have much side effect but if taken overdoses can result to adverse effect. So, take this medicine under doctor's care.

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    Don't confuse "natural" with homeopathic. It's not unusual to see homeopathic concentrarions of 12c to 30c. That means the dilution is decimal point twelve to thirty zeroes and a "1" or one molecule per gallon. Sorry, I don't buy it! H2O "memory" is a farce. Random studies have shown homeopathy to be wishful thinking. OTOH, natural products have real quanties with proven results. Nuf sed!

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