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Arava Dosage

Generic name: leflunomide 10mg
Dosage form: tablet, film coated

The information at is not a substitute for medical advice. ALWAYS consult your doctor or pharmacist.

Loading Dose

Due to the long half-life in patients with RA and recommended dosing interval (24 hours), a loading dose is needed to provide steady-state concentrations more rapidly. It is recommended that ARAVA therapy be initiated with a loading dose of one 100 mg tablet per day for 3 days.

Elimination of the loading dose regimen may decrease the risk of adverse events. This could be especially important for patients at increased risk of hematologic or hepatic toxicity, such as those receiving concomitant treatment with methotrexate or other immunosuppressive agents or on such medications in the recent past. (See WARNINGS - Hepatotoxicity.)

Maintenance Therapy

Daily dosing of 20 mg is recommended for treatment of patients with RA. A small cohort of patients (n=104), treated with 25 mg/day, experienced a greater incidence of side effects; alopecia, weight loss, liver enzyme elevations. Doses higher than 20 mg/day are not recommended. If dosing at 20 mg/day is not well tolerated clinically, the dose may be decreased to 10 mg daily. Due to the prolonged half-life of the active metabolite of leflunomide, patients should be carefully observed after dose reduction, since it may take several weeks for metabolite levels to decline.


Hematology parameters and liver enzymes should be monitored (see PRECAUTIONS – Laboratory Tests; WARNINGS – Hepatotoxicity; WARNINGS – Immunosuppression Potential/Bone Marrow Suppression).