Can you give tramadol to a severly injured dog who weighs 65lbs. ? And if so what is the dosage?

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10 Nov 2012

I know they can have tramadol but I have no idea what the dose is.

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doggytears911 10 Nov 2012

Thank you for your help.

Lisa01 10 Nov 2012

Girl, you are amazing. I swear your knowledge knows no bounds! Have a great weekend!


10 Nov 2012


Call a Vet.

Take care

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10 Nov 2012

kaismama is a pro, if she says dogs can take Tram, you can believe her!
maso is right, you should call a vet, yet if you are broke and cannot afford a vet, try splitting a 50 miligram pill in half, for your beloved canine.
This may be terrible advice, but desperation calls for advice that perhaps should not be followed.
Good luck and best wishes to Fido

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kaismama 10 Nov 2012

You're right on that one. I know how I'd feel if I couldn't get my dog pain relief. I forgot to say that they make aspirin for dogs, and it really helps my old dogs arthritis so this may help out too. Even a baby aspirin or 2. I give my 15 lb dog the equivalent of one baby aspirin, he just won't eat the orange, lolol... doggy ones are meat flavored, and didn't cost me alot at petsmart.

kaismama 10 Nov 2012

Whoops forgot that some tramadol had tylenol in it and tylenol is not good for dogs. I did find the starting dose for dogs, for plain tramadol, believe it or not. Its 1 mg / lb, so I would start with 50mg since you can't easily come up with 65.


10 Nov 2012

Hello doggytears. Certainly you can and to calm the dogs nerves, phenobarbital 0.5mg can be given once per day (going by the 65lb's) If he/she weighed more, 80 pounds and up the phenobaribital (0.5)could be given in the am and the pm. Regards pledge

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11 Nov 2012

Hi, yes you can, i had my dog on it when he was suffering due to gastric carcinoma. You need to check with your vet about the dosage as it will change with weight obviously but it also makes a difference what you are using the Tramadol for/what you are treating as this also needs to be taken in to account. Also if your dog is taking other medication... Because of my dogs condition we had to use another drug alongside Tramadol to offset any side effects to his stomach. Be safe and ask you vet for advice

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12 Nov 2012

Tramadol dosage for a dog weighing 65 lbs can be up to two pills max, three times a day.

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1 Jul 2014

Yes you can. Dosage is .95mg per kg of weight.
Here's a little help. 1 lb is equal to 0.45359237 kilogram so you're dog weighs 65 lbs. 65lbs times 1 lb is equal to 0.45359237 is 29.48350405 kg times .95 is 28.0093288475 mg of Tramadol for the dog. So get the 50mg tabs and a pill cutter and cut them in half. I think you can also buy it in 25mg tabs. Not sure. You look that part up.
A little over dose is OK for a healthy animal. Last Sunday a friend's little 5 lb dog ate one of her 50mg tabs. They did the right thing other than gong to the vet right away. They stayed up all night with her and kept her awake.
From what they said I think she might have had some mild seizures. They can have very bad seizures so best to go to vet emergency room right away if you know the dog ate it. Just for a relationship of dosage to weight.
The dog took almost a ten times her normal dosage. They were a bit lucky on that one. Good healthy dog. Could have been much worse.

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