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Would Toradol be better for pain than Vicodin?

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13 May 2011

years back i got toradol for mirgraines headaches now they laugh at the toradol!i remeber the name cause my youngest daughters name is tora!lol!anyway i believe vicodin is better suited for heavy pain!but again it depends where and how much you are hurting !we all do different with meds!it might work for me but not for you!

good luck& God bless

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14 May 2011

Toradol cannot usually be prescribed for long term use as it was found to cause liver problems back in the ninties, I was on it at that time every 4 hr. & was called in to be tested, & was told no more scripts for long term use.

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12 May 2011

It depends on how it works for you. I know a lot of people who swear by Toradol. I know of a patient who gets more relief from a dose of Toradol than she gets from Morphine. I dont agree with the above poster. Toradol can be a very powerful medication, especially when given by IV.

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12 May 2011

Hey SamuelT,

It really depends on the source of the pain. The toradol relieves pain by regulating the hormones that cause inflammation while the vicodin is an opiate which attaches to the brain recpeptors interrupting the pain signal. They both will decrease pain but in different ways. If your pain is from inflammation then the toradol might be better while if the pain is not inflammatory in nature than the vicodin might be better.

Best wishes,


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14 May 2011

I just read that Toradol and Vicodin can be used in combination for pain. I didn't know that. I haven't medicated with Toradol. For a very long time I have been medicating with Vicodin off and on. When I think of it now, I remember that Vicodin is a narcotic. pickles503

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12 May 2011

i think its working depends on what type of pain you have it is a non steroidal anti-inflammatory, I have only had it one time and it was through the emergency room, We were just talking about it I wonder if they even prescribe it long term? but if its not injury or bone I tink the Vicodin is probably better just be careful with the Tylenol no more than 4,000mg per 24 hours if we can help further please let us know

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11 May 2011

No toradol is a very weak drug the vicadin work much better

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9 Feb 2012

what drugs are better

for long term pain then hydrocodone

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