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Is toradol mor or just as potent to vicodin?

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11 May 2011

not more potent maybe the same as vicodin, but defenitly not more potent.

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11 May 2011

Hey SamuelT,

Toradol is a non steroidal anti inflammatory while vicodin is an opiate receptor pain killer. They act on pain in different ways. It is kinda like comparing apples to bananas, they are both fruit but totally different. The toradol will affect pain but by reducing inflammation through hormonal control while the vicodin blocks opiate receptors in the brain interrupting pain signals. So it really depends on the source of the pain as to which would work or is more potent. Toradol is generally only prescribed for short term use such as after surgery while vicodin can be taken long term.

Hope this helps,


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11 May 2011

I used to be on Toradol back in the 90's, & all of a sudden they had a big tado about people being on it long term. Apparently it can damge the liver (is what I was told), had to have blood tests done to make certain I was ok, but was taken off of it immediately. I agree that it helps with some pain as a anti-inflammatory, but is used only as a short term medication. This is usually done by injection in an ER or hospital setting. (At least where I live)It is not related to Vicodin at all, & may well be given with Vicodin. Hope this helps...

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11 May 2011

I was given it once it seems no stronger than Vicodin but I think if I remember correctly it has anti-inflammatory properities if we can be of further help please let us know

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caringsonbj 11 May 2011

non-steriodal anti-inflammatory

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