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Will albuteral show up in a drug test?

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1 May 2011

Michellelhi, are you talking about the albuterol inhaler? Then no, most test only look for opiates, pot, amphetamines, Benzo's like Ativan or Xanax . Why do you ask? just curious! NIK

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michellelhi 1 May 2011

I take random drug test for work and have been suffering with a chest cold . I was coughing the other night and couldn't stop and I used a co workers . It worked .

Nik.Nikita 2 May 2011

Michellelhi, Alrhough I'm glad you are feeling better, I do not recommend you using another persons inhaler just because of the random germs that you can pass back and forth through saliva which you may not even be aware of on the inhaler. The Albuterol inhaler does work fairly well though to open up your bronchial airways. good luck to you, and don't worry about your drug test for something like that. trust me, they are looking for mind altering substances, that is all. NIK

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