Why does it take so long for xanax to hit me?

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20 Mar 2011

It may be as simple as you have a low metabolism. Does it always hit you slowly, or just sometimes? If you have been on it for quite awhile, you may be developing a tolerance for it and this might make it seem like it takes a while to hit you.

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20 Mar 2011

Hey dut2121,

Xanax is readily absorbed and takes one to two hours to reach peak blood levels. Are you a smoker? Xanax concentrations may be reduced by up to 50% in smokers compared to non-smokers.

Not sure why you might not experience relief within a short amount of time unless you have built up a tolerance from long usage or are a smoker.


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21 Mar 2011

Hi dut2121
Depending on the quantity of xanax you are on and for how long you've been taken it,you may have built a tollerence to it as mentioned before.
If its doing nothing for you then you should contact your gp/pysc and he/she will maybe review your meds,either increase them if needed or try you with something else.
Good luck to you whatever the case may be
Take care

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21 Mar 2011

dut2121, trying to send you private question but not working, see if you can send me private message. I have added you as a friend.

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