Whats a good drug for phlegm? and severe cough?

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30 May 2010

Mucinex DM is really good for a phlegm issue and even for coughing too. The Mucinex loses and thins the phlegm so you can get rid of it therefor stopping the coughing episodes. It is kind of expensive and they do make a generic of it so I would definately encourage you to try that and see how you do. Good luck and hope you feel better soon.

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ishfakccc 2 Jun 2010

thank you vry vry much
i ll try this one for my bro
he s having the phlegm and cough
thank you again

30 May 2010

ishfakccc, Try Muisinex DM, my mom had to use it. She felt it helped alot. There are alot of others though, ask the pharmacist when you go, I have always found them to be helpful. Do not forget your I.D. as alot of pharmacies are requireing them now for certain OTC cold meds. I hope you feel better. Fall Queen

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marjorie zych 2 Jun 2010

Oh yah, I forgot about the ID's issue especially anything that has DM or is labelled decongestant on it thanks for the reminder.

31 May 2010

Some may slap my hand for suggesting this but hydrocodone and codeine helps with both phlegm and coughs. If you have to use an OTC, please follow Marjorie and Fall Queens advice.

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31 May 2010

The best cough pill I've ever had prescribed for me is called "Benzonatate " 100mg . It also comes in 50mg capsules. It is non-narcotic and has few side effects / Oh, and BTW. I swear by this for my cough. I wish I had an answer for the phlegm problem. I do use warm honey and it does help break up the phlegm for some folks. Give it a try, after all what can it hurt> unless of course you're allergic to honey. Of course I'm not allergic to "My Honey" LOL.. sorry had to a little humor~

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christineATU 31 May 2010

Humor CAN be the best medicine sometimes!

marjorie zych 2 Jun 2010

You got that right chris. Humor is alot of times the best medicine.

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