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Related terms: Chronic Cough, Cough - chronic


Our support group for Cough has 695 questions and 203 members. Updated 27 Jul 2014.

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Too Much Codeine Still Prescribed to U.S. Kids: Study

MONDAY, April 21, 2014 – Emergency room physicians still hand out hundreds of thousands of codeine prescriptions for children every year, despite warnings that kids' responses to codeine vary wildly ...

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Propatuss Expectorant, Hycotuss Expectorant, Vicodin Tuss, Tussiden C, Guiadrine G-1200, Calmylin Expectorant, Muco-Fen 800, Scot Tussin Expectorant, Muco-Fen LA, Fenesin, Guaifenex LA, Fenex-LA, Breonesin, Guaifenesin LA, GG 200 NR, Glytuss, Lotussin, Guiatuss, Humavent LA, Guiacough, Mucobid-LA, Amibid LA, Pneumomist, Ganidin NR, Touro EX, G Bid, Diphenmax, Hydrostat IR, Iofen-NF, Humibid Pediatric, Aquamist, Q-Bid LA, Guaibid-LA, Iodrol NR, Organ-1 NR, Altarussin, Anti-Tuss, Diabetic Tuss, Naldecon-EX Senior, Duratuss G, Altorant, Sinumist, Sorbutuss, Phanasin, Guaifenex G, Liquidbid 1200, Benylin E, Liquidbid LA, Muco-Fen 1200, Iophen NR, GG-Cen, Humigen LA, Gua-SR, Mastussin, Q-Tussin, Halotussin, Guaiatussin, Diabetic Expectorant, Genatuss, Ri-Tussin, Robafen, Tusscidin, Tussin Expectorant, Siltussin, Siltuss DAS, Robichem, Medcodin

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