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What is the difference between white xanax 2mg bars verses the yellow 2mg r039 xanax bars?

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5 Aug 2011

No difference, they are manufactured by two different manufacturing companies.

However, please do check it with a pharmacist, take care, best wishes.

caringsonbj 5 Aug 2011

Good day my friend, Rajive I hope its been a good one and a good week`Billy

Rajive Goel 5 Aug 2011

Thanks, Billy, indeed, you have a good day ahead, take care.

19 Mar 2013

Both white nd yellow xanax are 2mg. The only difference is the yellow ones are time released, the white are'nt. Be careful buying the white xanax, some people are selling Buspar as white xanax. The look very similar but the white xanax has the letters GG249 on one side bck side is flat.

greed222 20 Feb 2015

The only time released xanax are the 3 mg.ones i was prescribed in 2004.

golfpro78 6 May 2015

No time released Xanax except for Xanax XR Srry.

8 May 2013

There is absolutely no difference

subluv 25 Jan 2014

I have tried both white & yellow Xanax bars hundreds of times & think there is a distinct difference .A lot of people agree that the yellow bars are much stronger & almost seem to have a sleep element to them. In other words they will knock you out much quicker than the white ones especially if mixed with alcohol.

Rocee 24 Aug 2014

For over 5 years I have taken Xanax white bar. When i take the yellow bar it hits right away that within 10 minutes im falling asleep but it wares off sooner then the white.

23 May 2014

I've been taking #4-6 two (2) mg bars for over 20 yrs. I always thought the yellow were stronger than the white ones, but anymore I can't tell any difference. I've done extensive research on it & honestly there is NO difference in the effect, only the color & the manufacturer it's made by. I've also noticed that there's 2 or 3 white bars out on the market. The ones that kinda look like a mini skateboard are the best of the white ones. But if your insistant on the yellow one's, just call the pharmacy & ask if they have the yellow one's made by "PURPAC." Hope this helps...

snowboy9 3 Sep 2015

The green one as timerelease the yellow hit u right away and the whit one r just like the yellow just not inteants the blue bars are off the hook like yellow but stronger they have xaxan right one the front four lil cubes lol I know all have allll of them right now

Stubeans 30 Nov 2015

Green ones are 2 mg and 3 mg extended release yellows are 2 mg instant release

10 Jun 2015

I've been taking the white 2mgs twice a day then got my script filled at Walmart and got the yellow 2mgs - I can tell a difference I just don't know why. Should I just ask the pharmacist I never thought the strength of white or yellow would be different bc of color...

10 Aug 2015

Even though they have the same active ingredients, the inactive ingredients from the different manufacturers can have an effect on absorption, which may account for the differences you feel between the two.

Jh20man 11 Aug 2015

There is DEFINITELY A DIFFERENCE! Everyone reacts different to each kind too. Some just flat out suck or don't work nearly the same. Good answer tho!

30 Sep 2015

I've taken both the yellow and the white bars, many times for my social anxiety disorder over the years. Ro be quite frank, I've never seen much of a discernable difference between the two. It's all the colour thst is different, and it's just because they are manufactured by different pharmaceutical companies.

BabyB0Y 18 Jan 2016

There is no difference between them. Cvs 2mg Xanax bars are white but from Safeway, they are green, from another pharmacy is yellow. Stop the bull. These are all generic but the white ones with Xanax on them are the real non generic ones but the same things as the others. They get rid of your panic attacka

SammyJ420 20 Feb 2016

No sweetie the yellow ones r extended release. The one n green are instant release.

14 Dec 2015

WHats the difference

Ckyler22 3 May 2016

Yellow is time release and white is not . Same mg tho

Vinny_Vega_X4N4X 11 days ago

The ONLY Difference Is The Company That Makes Them,That's Why They're Different In Color. Not Any Of The Xanax That Are In Bar Form Are NOT Time Release!

28 Dec 2015

In my opinion the new ones out shaped like a snowboard blow gg249s out of the water. Stronger less powder. And no the yellow sticks are not time release or they dont seem that way too me. Im def no doctor just a chick who likes em.

4 Jan 2016

The yellow bars are extended release, the white bars you feel instantly.

I have some bars that say XANAX on them. Are they real

Mtanksley 15 Apr 2016

Yellow bars are not extended release. They are just normal 2 mg pills. You can look up the various pictures on this site but most are round or rectangle and are 1 or 3 ml

20 Jan 2016

What's different between the two?

2 Mar 2016

From the bay sf. My friends and I have been taking bars for a Minute and the yellow ones are good (10min+α couple shots) they hit faster than hulks and white ones. I'm on one right now and it's been An hour and a half and I'm still feeling great. If you cop a legit r039 you will be satisfied. hope this helped

I have some bars that say XANAX ON them are they real

Jh20man 1 day 9 hours ago

People please stop giving false information on this matter. The yellow BARS ARE NOT TIME RELEASE... Yes there are yellow generic Xanax that are time released BUT THEY ARE NOT BARS! They are round or triangle shaped. Just look it up before you take it. Look at pictures. HUGE difference between time release and instant! The girl who keeps telling everyone on here the yellow bars are time release is FLAT OUT WRONG! Please don't listen to her she has zero clue what she's talking about. Like I said just look at pictures real quick before you throw them down your throat. God I hope you listen and not to the girl giving extremely wrong info. Enjoy your Xanax :)))

3 days ago

IMHO the best are the green bars aka green hulks. scored in 3 pieces, some people mistake them for a mg per section (3mg). this is false!. all Xanax bars are 2mg (.5 per section except in greens). The yellow ones made by activis are my second favorite followed by the white ggs. The ones imprinted with Xanax on one side and 2 on the other are good but beware! there are many home pressers who make their own with god knows what in them. 2mg is a heavy dose for some people but others can function perfectly normal. start slow and work your way up. They definitely take the edge off in social situations ;)

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